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IV. The existence of a distinction between language concerning

a person and language concerning a thing, and in what the distinction consists.

V. “Slander of title,” so called, is within the class of language

concerning a thing. VI. The right to give what is termed “a character to a servant,"

does not arise out of any relation of master and servant, but out of the general right to communicate one's belief, in

a bona fide desire to protect one's own or another's rights. VII. The right of “criticism” is within the class of language

concerning a thing. VIII. Malicious prosecution is the publication of defamatory lan

guage in a court of justice. The present edition differs from the preceding in containing several hundred additional references to decisions in the American, English, Irish, Scotch, Canadian and Australian reports, and also in the addition of a chapter upon “ Malicious Prosecution.”

The numbering of the sections corresponds with previous editions.

A strenuous effort has been made to secure accuracy in the citation of authorities, and while it is known that many errors have occurred, it is believed that more than ordinary correctness has been attained.

The references to Holt on Libel, are to the American edition, and as the third edition of Starkie on Slander, by Folkard, has not been reproduced in this country, the references to Starkie on Slander are to the second American edition by Wendell.


New York, July, 1877.

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