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ST. MARTHA's is an inconsiderable parish in the hundred of Blackheath. The resident population in 1801 was 112 persons: the money raised in 1803 by the parish rate, at two shillings in the pound, was £102:12. The Chapel is extra-parochial, and annexed to Chilworth manor, which belongs to the Randylls, owners of the first consi. derable gunpowder works in England. St. Martha's Chapel is built in form of a cross, and stands on the summit of a hill, being the south-eastern extremity of a range of upland extending thence to Guildford. From this elevation the country appears beautifully diversified with lands richly cultivated, interspersed with villages and noble mansions; the prospect is bounded by hills almost ob. scured through their remoteness. The Chapel is a rude composition of flints and unwrought stones, mixed with hard mortar. In the west end is a circular arch, which has evidently been repaired of late to preserve it from entire demolition : above this is the appearance of another arch of the same form and dimensions ; the whole of the nave is in a most ruinous state, and without a roof. The choir and transcept are kept in repair, and divine service is still performed liere. No regular style of archi


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tecture is visible in the building; on the eastern side of the south transcept are the remains of a handsome Gothic window, now filled up; the great east window was likewise pointed: in the north transcept appears a low door with a circular arch. The length of the Chapel, from east to west, is about 105 feet, its breadth about twentyfour feet, the transcept projects on each side fifteen feet; the walls are nearly four feet in thickness. Some paces round the Chapel the ground is used as a cemetary, though not enclosed; there are no monumental stones, but the turf is here and there raised, where

« Each in his narrow cell for ever laid,
The rude forefathers of the hamlet sleep.”




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Church 5, Manor house Beddington, Furry.

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