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The matter comprised in the following pages originally appeared in detached numbers in the Wexford Herald, the Editor of which respectable Paper prefixed to its insertion the following remark :-Sensible as we are of the importance to Ireland of a simple and economical system of husbandry, and aware of the reluctance with which, habits familiarised by time, give place to improvements of less ancient standing, we accede with pleasure to the request of the writer of the following communication, and hope that his efforts to improve the condition, and increase the comforts of his humbler Countrymen, may be attended with success




No. 1.

Condition and quality of land.

Hence let wise Farmer's understand,
The need of draining swampy land ;
The soil which too much wet has got,
Is worthless as the guzzling sot.

If your

The first thing which you have to consider next to the rent, is the nature and condition of your land. If it be of prime quality, even at a smart rent, you are fortunate; your return will be good in proportion; but if wet, or dry hungry land, should fall to your share, you must look sharp, or you will find it hard to make the two ends of the year meet.

land be wet, the wetness proceeds from one, or all, of the following causes :

1. A close undersoil, or bottom, which prevents the surface water from soaking through it.

2. Land springs, bursting from the bowels of the earth, wanting a free passage.

3. Water from higher lands oozing downwards.

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