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THE sermons which are contained in this little volume were addressed to the children of my church. As I knew that they were interested in hearing them, I hoped that they and other children might be interested in reading them; and therefore I have caused them to be printed. I need not say how highly I shall be gratified, if they are read with favor and profit by those for whose use they are published.

In writing this series of discourses, I endeavored to adapt my style to the age and capacity of my audience, by making it as simple as it could be made, consistently with a due degree of solemnity. I resolved also to dispense with the advantage which might be derived from the introduction of illustrative

stories, as I thought that children were already in possession of abundance of that species of instruction, and that I would rather trust to the ideas presented in a plain didactic form, to fix their attention.

My hope is, that this book may be found an available addition to the Sunday reading of children, from about seven to twelve years of age, in the family, or in the Sunday school.

As I have referred, in the first sermon, to a Catechism, I have appended it to the volume. It is selected from other Catechisms, not because it claims superiority, but because it has been in use in the church to which I minister, for a term of more than fifty years.

I now humbly ask the blessing of our heavenly Father on this book, and on "little children.”


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