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LETTERS to and from Dr. ATTERBURY,

Bishop of ROCHESTER.

From 1716 to 1723.
I. From the Bishop of Rochester, Concerning

Mr. Pope's general preface to his works.
II. From the fame.
III. From the Bishop of Rochester. On occa-

fion of the death of Mr. Pope's father.
IV. The Answer.

V. On the fate of the South-Sea.
VI. From the Bishop of Rochester. Of Mr.

Dryden's monument : The Arabian Tales :

The South-Sea scheme.
VII. From the same. On a manuscript of

Huetius, and the epitaph on Mr. Har

court. VIII. From the Lord Chancellor Harcourt, on the

epitaph of bis son. IX. From the Bishop of Rochester. On bis ill

health. Waller's verses on fickness. Mr.

Prior's funeral.
X. From the fame. His love of the country.

A pasage in Tully. Of Shakespeare, and

the publication of Mr. Addison's works. XI. To the Bishop of Rochester.

XII. From

XII. From the Bishop. On a character drawn

by the author. XIII. To the Bishop in the country : Wishes for

his quiet. XIV. From the Bishop of Rochester, bis defire of

quiet, and love of books. XV. An invitation to Twickenham : The va

nity and emptiness of the world. XVI. From the Bishop of Rochester. An an

swer to the former. His dislike of great men : Preparation for his burial-place in

Westminster-Abbey. XVII. From the same, on the same subje&t. The

state of his mind, and the world's mia

ftake of his character. XVIII. From the same. More concerning men of

quality. Of Milton's manuscript, and

Agonistes. XIX. The Duke of Marlborough's funeral.

The author's resolution to keep clear of

flattery. XX. From the Bishop. Answer to the for

mer. Application of some verses of Horace to the Duke of Marlborough's fu

neral. XXI. From the Bishop of Rochester in the

Tower. XXII. The answer. b 2


XXIII. The author's last letter to the Bishop of

XXIV. From the Bishop of Rochester.
XXV. On the death of his daughter.

LETTERS to and from Mr. GAY, &c.

From 1712 to 1732. p. 142, LETTER I. The author's opinion of Mr. Gay's merit and

modesty. II. His desire to do him service, and advice as to

the study of poetry. III. Concerning painting ; Mr. Gay's poem of

the Fan. IV. TO Mr. Gay on his return from Hanover

after the Queen's death. Advice about po

litics. V. After the death of the author's father, and

the sale of his estate. Mr. Gay's poem to Mr. Lowndes, and his expectations at

court. VI. From Mr. Gay at Bath; on the remark

able death of two lovers by lightning, with

their epitaph. VII. To Mr. Gay at Bath; the commitment of the Bishop of Rochester to the Tower.

VIII. Of disappointments from great men:

Friends commemorated.
IX. Assurances of remembrance in absence.
X. XI. XII. TO Mr. Gay in a dangerous

fickness. XIII. On his recovery, and Mr. Congreve's

death. XIV. To the Hon Mrs. XV. Excuse for not writing. Of Mr. Fen

ton's death. XVI. A congratulation to Mr. Gay, on the

end of his expectations at court. The innocence of a private life, and the happiness

of independency. XVII. From Mr. Gay, in the country. Thoughts

of buying a farm, and about the Dun

ciad. XVIII. To Mr. Gay, in the country. Wishes to

to serve him. XIX. Complaints of bis absence, and some envy

at his htuation. XX. The author more and more inclined to re

tirement. XXI. More of the same. Concern for his friend's

absence, affection to his person, and wishes for his happiness.

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