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XXII. Desiring him to return to town and

resume the study of Poetry. The state

of wit at that time. XXIII. On the same subje&t. The death of

Wilks the player : Verses on the hermit

age at Richmond, &c. XXIV. From Mr. Gay. His ill state of

health. His opinion of writing pa

negyric. XXV. From Mr. Cleland to Mr. Gay. XXVI. Mr. Pope to the Earl of Burlington. XXVII. The author's bad health, complaints

of absence, and some advice to his

friend. XXVIII. On the death of Mr. Gay, his mother's

illness, and other melancholy inci

dents. XXIX. To Hugh Bethel, Esq; praise of hu

manity and good-nature. The benefits

of equality in friendship. . XXX. To the fame. On the death of the Earl

of CXXXI. On his mother's recovery: The me

lancholy offices of friends. A prospect of the town upon the death of the King


XXXII. On the publishing his Letters. The

situation of the author, his pleasures

and his friendships. XXXIII. To the Earl of Peterborow. His

love of gardening. Refle&tions on

Titles. Dearth. of news. XXXIV. From the Earl of Peterborow.

Stowe-Gardens : Temper of women :

His love of laziness, and the reason. XXXV. Answer to the former. XXXVI. From the Earl of Peterborow. His

dislike of coming to town: The Charitable Corporation ; more concerning


XXXVII. From the Earl of Peterborow from

his garden : his idea of the Golden Age, and unwillingness to come to

town. XXXVIII. From the same. Dehre to see Dr.

Swift. Alteration in his passions,

and from whence. XXXIX. From Dr. Swift to the Earl of Pe

terborow. XL. A consultation about designing a gar

den : Various opinions, and some

general refleɛtions. XLI. TO Mr. C- expoftulatory on the bardships done an unhappy lady, &c.


XLII. To Mr. Richardson.

XLIII. To the same ; after Mrs. Pope's


XLIV. To the same.

XLV. To Mr. B. concerning the Esay on

Man, &c.

XLVI. Concern for the loss of friends.
XLVII. From Dr. Arbuthnot in his last fick-

ness. His dying request to the author.

XLVIII. The answer.

The chara&ter of Katharine late Duchess of Buck-
inghamshire and Normanby.

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