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Résolu, Que s'il appert qu'une personne Corrup a été élue Membre de cette Chambre, ou a cherché à l'être, par corruption ou au moyen d'intrigues ou de manoeuvres frauduleuses, la Chambre procède avec la plus grande sévérité contre toutes personnes qui ont pris une part volontaire à cette corruption ou à ces manœuvres ou intrigues.


Résolu, Que l'offre d'argent ou de tout Offre d'ar autre avantage à un membre de cette gent à un Chambre, dans le but de faciliter la passation d'une mesure quelconque qui dépend du Parlement ou qui doit y être décidée, est un grand crime et nn délit, et tend au renversement de la Constitution.


Absence of Members. Not permitted without leave, Rule


Adjournment of the House. For want of a quorum, Rule
4 -Without disposing of Orders, 26-Or of Motion
under discussion, 27.

Adjournment of the House, or Debate. Motions for, always
in order, Rule 30.-May be made without giving No-
tice, 31.

Agreements. Bills for confirming, Rule 57.

Aid and Supply. See Supply.

Amendments of the Senate to Bills. Rules 23, 68.

Amendments to Private Bills. Notice to be given of any
important amendment proposed in Committee, or at
Third Reading, Rule 67- Amendments of the Senate

to be referred, 68.

Annual Reports to the Legislature.-List of, to be prepared
by the Clerk, Rule 106.


Precedence in daily Routine, regulated, Rules 19-23-
Rules as to introduction of, and proceedings upon, 39-48
To be printed before Second Reading, 93.

See also, Private Bills.

Bribery Practices. Standing Orders relative to, Pages 76-78.



Business of the House. Ordinary daily routine, Rule 19.
-How disposed of, 20-28.

Casting Vote. To be given by Speaker on an equal
Division, Rule 9-By the Chairman, in Private Bill
Committees, 62.


To certify readings of Bills, Rule 44-To publish Rules
respecting applications for Private Bills before every Ses-
sion, 50- To post up lists of Committee appointed, 74-
To pay witnesses before committees, 81.


His responsibility and jurisdiction, Rule 104---Certain
duties required of him, 105, 106 To employ Extra
Writers, as required, 110- His authority with respect to

the News room, 119.

Commitment, Motion of. Precludes amendment of Main
Question, Rule 36.

Committees of the Whole House. How formed and regulated,
Sules 75-77-On Bills reported from Committees,
22-Proceedings in Committee on Bills, 46-Proceed-
ings on Report, 47.

Committees, Select. How appointed, Rule 78-Quorum,
79--Reports from, 80--Payment of Witnesses, 81
--Lists of Committees to be posted up, 74.

Committees (Standing) on Private Bills and Standing Orders.
Their duties, Rules 53-56, 59-66--Mu: t report on every
Bill referred, 64.

Conferences with the Senate. How appointed, Rule 99.


Rules regulating, 9-15--No_Member to speak twice
except in certain cases, 15--To cease, after Members
called in for Division, 82--Accommodation for Senators
attending Debates, 100.

Divisions. Rules concerning, 82, 83.


Double Returns Members returned upon Double Returns
to withdraw till their Elections are determined. Stand-
ing Orders, page 76.

Dropped Orders of the Day. How disposed of, Rule 25.


A Member to withdraw during the discussion
of any question touching his election, Standing Orders,
page 76.

Employés: See Officers and Servants of the House.

Evening Sittings of the House, Rule 2.

Extra Writers. To be employed as required, Rule 110.
Fee on Private Bills. Payment thereof, Rule 18.

Fee to the Serjeant. For custody of Strangers, Rule 108.

First Reading of Bills. Questions for, to be decided with-
out amendment or debate, Rule 42.

Government Orders. To have precedence on certain days,
Rules 19, 24.


No member to speak disrespectfully of, Rule 13—A
copy of the Journal to be sent to him daily, 91-To orig-
inate, by Message, Supply Votes, page 58- -To have
access to the Library, Rule 112.

House of Commons of Great Britain. Rules of, to be fol-
lowed in unprovided cases, Rule 120.

Journal, Certified copy to be sent daily to the Governor
General, Rule 91-May be searched by Senate, 92.

Journal, Matters to be specially entered therein Names of
Members present at adjournment for want of a quorum,
Rule 4 Reasons given by the Speaker on a Casting
Vote, 9- Yeas and Nays upon a Division, when de-
manded by five Members, 83.


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