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A large and varied Stock of the above, including all the Reports from the earliest period, always on Sale at

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Law Books Bought or Exchanged in any quantity. All Communications by Post answered by return. Miscellaneous Literature supplied. Valuations for Probate and Legacy Duty promptly made. Bookbinding in every style executed.

Just Published, price 7s. 6d.:

The Stannaries Act 1869.-Edited with notes explanatory of its several Sections, and with Introductory Chapters on the Jurisdiction of the Stannaries Court; The Cost Book System and Similar matters, and also an Appendix containing Forms of Rules and Regulation for the Government of Cost Book Mining Companies and a full Index by John Batten, Junr. Esq., B. A. Barrister-at-Law. 1873.

In the Press and shortly will be Published: Ayckbourn's Forms of Practical Proceedings in the High Court of Chancery, with all the existing Orders of Court, Rules, and Regulations, brought down to the present time, anew Edition in the Press.

A Treatise on the Hindu Law of Adoption, by William Henry Rattigan, M.A., Ph. D., of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., author of the Leading Cases in Hindu Law,

Moore (Henry)- Instructions for Preparing Abstracts of Titles after the most improved system of eminent conveyances, to which is added a collection of precedents, 3rd edition, by the Author, with considerable alterations, 12mo, 1873, in the Press.

Arbitration.-The Law and Practice of Arbitration and award, with Forms by J. F. Archbold, Esq., 1861. 1s. Bankruptcy.-The Practice of the Court of Bankruptcy as altered by the Act of 1869, with reference to the Statute and Rules of 1870 and 1871, together with the Practice in Liquidation by Arrangement and Composition with Creditors, with an Appendix comprising the Rules, Costs, and Forms by St. Pierre Butler-Hook, Esq., Solicitor. Just Published, price 10/6.

Catalogue No. 1.-A Catalogue of all the most recent Legal Publications, from 1860 to 1873, with Index of Subjects, and prices,-sent gratis.

Catalogue No 2.-A Catalogue

esting collection of Trials, Ancier
1872,-sent gratis,


Catalogue No. 3. is in preparation, containing the first portion of their Stock of Second-Hand Text Books, Works of Reference, Statutes, Reports, &c., English and Foreign,-sent gratis.

Chancery.-Ayckbourn's Chancery Practice,as altered by recent Statutes, and by the Consolidated and other General Orders of the Court. 9th Edition, carefully revised and brought down to the present time, by the Author. 1870, 8vo, cloth, 21s. Chancery.-Barry's Statutory Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, with an appendix of precedents, 8vo, 1861, 158. now reduced to 5s.

Chancery Costs.-A Book of Chancery Costs, comprising The Costs of Plaintiff and Defendant of Suit by Bill, Original Summons, on Special Motions, Special Petitions, and Special Cases; Appeals, including Appeals to the House of Lords; Appointment of a Receiver and Passing his Account, by W. Shaen, M.A., and Eden Kaye Greville, Solicitors. Second Edition, carefully revised and considerably enlarged, by J. J Bunning, Managing Chancery Clerk. cloth, price 10s. 6d.; interleaved 12s. 6d.; uniform with Ayckbourn's Chancery Practice and Forms. Conveyancing.-Wharton's Principles of Conveyancing:-I. Estates; both as to Quantity and Quality. Copyholds, Customary Freeholds, and Demesnes. III. Uses, Trusts, and Powers. IV. Title; Abstract of the Title, and Registration, with Copyhold Forms and Precedents, and a Copious Index, 1851, 8vo, 2s 6d.


Costs.-A Practical Treatise on the Law of Costs in Suits and Proceedings in all the Courts of Common Law Civil and Criminal, and Probate and Matrimonial, with an appendix. by W. Marshall, Second Edition, 1862. 3s. 6d. published at 16s. Crown Practice.-Grady and Scotland's Law and Practice on the Crown Side of the Court of Queen's Bench, with the Alterations and Rules made and adopted in pursuance of the 6th and 7th Vict., c. 20, and an Appendix of Forms. 12mo, 1844, 14s. cloth.

County Courts.-Sladen's County Courts Equitable Jurisdiction Act, 28 and 29 Vicc. 99, with all the Orders, Rules, Forms, Costs, Fees, &c., relating thereto, and copious Notes and References. 1865, 12mo, cloth, 5s..

Coke's Reports in Verse, wherein the name of each Case, and the principal points, are contained in two lines. 1826, 12mo, 1s.

This is an attempt to versify the principal points decided in the XI parts of Coke's Reports.

Elections. On the Theory and Practice of Representative Elections by Ernest Neville, translated from the French 1872, 1s.

Elections.-Droop on Proportional Representation as applied to the Election of Local Governing Bodies, 8vo. 1871. 1s.

d. Eng. 158€.

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