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3631 Stilling fleet's (Bp.) Origines Sacræ; or, a rational Account

of the Grounds of Christian Faith, 4to, neat, 5s. 6d. Ib. 1680 3631*

with an additional Book, on the same subject, fol. best edition, fine copy, port. neat, 12s.

Ib. 1709 3632 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 168.; cf. gilt, 11. 3s.

Clarendon Press, 1817 “ One of the ablest defences of revealed religion that had then

appeared in any language.”Chalmers.

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BT I. Initford. 1828.

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1817 To White Halle Chapel, and heard the fa

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Phy's the on. ll. p.264. he did make a most plain, honest,

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