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(Noti. In ibe following table of contents the number of be page is set down immediately

after ibe Sections that are contained in it. e. g. The firji eigbt Sections will be found in page 3.- From section 9 10 16 inclusive, in page 4, &c.

CHAP. I. The Perfections of God. Sect. I THAT there is a God, as-||37 God's knowledge of man and

1 serted, and proved by all his ways. Page 10 his works.

138 God knoweth the hearts of all 2 The perfection of God asserted men. 3 The unity of God asserted. 139 He knoweth the hearts of the 4 Is God alone.

righteous. 5 There is none else.

140 He knoweth the hearts of the 6 There is none besides him. wicked. 7 There is none with him. 41 He knoweth his people. 8 None before him. Page 3|42 God knoweth the religious 9 None like him.

principles and practice of his 10 None to be compared unto him|| people.

Page 11 11 No likeness of God.

43 God knoweth their works.“ 12 He is the living God.

He knoweth their wants, 13 The true God.

their sorrows, their wrongs 14 God is a Spirit.

from oppressors. Page 12 15 God is invisible.

144 God's knowledge of the wick16 God is unsearchable. Page 4 | ed and their sins. 17 The eternity God.

145 God knoweth the proud. 18 He is everlasting.

||46 He knoweth the impenitent. 19 He is for ever.

||47 He knoweth hypocritical pro20 He is the First and Last.

fessors. 21 He is immortal.

48 He knoweth liars and unchari22 He is incorruptible. Page 5 | table persons. Page 13 23 He is blessed.

149 God knoweth envious persons. 24 He is unchangeable.

||50 God knoweth wicked ways. 25 He is present every where. 151 God knoweth whoredom, na26 God's greatness. Page 6 tural and spiritual, 27 God is exalted.

52 He knoweth murderers. 28 God's excellency.

|| 53 The sins of the wicked against 29 God's majesty.

God's knowledge. 30 God's glory. Page 754 The wisdom of God in general. 31 God is glorious in favours spi-||55 The wisdom of God in crearitual and temporal to his tion.

Page 14 people.

Page 856 The wisdom of God in re 32 God's knowledge is perfect. demption by Jesus Christ. 33 God's knowledge is underived.157 The wisdom of creatures, no34 God's knowledge extendeth toll thing in comparison of God's all things.

wisdom. 35 Things which God alone | 58 The power of God. knoweth.

Page 9 | 59 He is the mighty God. Page 15 26 Secret things which God will 60 He is the Almighty God discover.

161 Gød's strength,

62 God's arm.

,90 Things of God called faithful 63 Hand of God.

are lis conimands, word, 64 Finger of God.

counsels, Christ.God is to 65 God called a Rock.. ; be praised for bis faithfulness. 66 Nothing hard to God. 1 91 God's faithfulness in fulfilling 67 All thing possible to God. l . his pronises. Page 30 68 God is able to do every thing. | 92 God's faithfulness in fulfil69 God's power in his wonderfull ling his threatenings.

doings. - Page 16|| 93 God's purity. 70 The prosperity and adversityof 94 God's holiness.

man in God's power. ' 195 Other words expressing God's 71 God's power in the creation of holiness.

Page 31 the heavens and earth.Page 17|| 96 God is the Holy One, by way 72 God's power in the govern-11 of eminence.

ment of heaven and earth. 1 97 Things pertaining to God cal73 Acts of God's power toward his led holy are, his name, church.

Page 18 throne, heaven, place, bill, 74 God's power toward the rigli & - Page 32 teous.

98 The goodness of God. 75 God's power in spiritual bles! 99 The Lord doth good.Page 33 • sings toward his people. ||100 The mercy of God. Page 33 76 God's power against the wick | 101 Mercy of God promised. : ed. Page 19

Page 36 77 Sins of the wicked against the 102 Persons to whom mercy is

attribute or power. Duties promised, are those who 0-
resulting from, or foundedi bey, repent, fear, love, and
upon the doctrine of God's trust in God.

Page 21103 Mercy prayed for. Page 37 78 God's power in miracles, re- 104 Mercy acknowledged in rari

corded in the Old Testa ous instances. Page 38 ment.

Page 22105 Thanks for mercy. 79 The righteousness of God. 106 Mercy in the pardon of Page 27 sin.

Page 39 80 — In punishing the wicked 107 Pardon and forgiveness pray81 win men's reaping as e d for.

Page 40 they sow.

| 108 Compassion ascribed to God. 82 In rewards to the righ-| _God excited to compas. teous.

sion toward his people. 83 Things of God called righte-109 Compassion to whom pro

ous are, his judgments, sta- mised.
tutes, precepts, testimonies, 10 Instances of God's compas-

commands, words, ways, &c.! sion exercised. Page 41 84 The justice of God. Page 28 --God excited compassion 85 Injustice and iniquity denied in enemies toward his people concerning God.

il Compassion ascribed 10 86 Truth ascribed to God. I Chrit. 87 Things of God called truth. 112 Fity ascribed to God toward

. Page 29 his people. 88 Lying denied concerning God'113 God will not pity the wicked. 89 The faithfulness of God. 1114 Long-suffering of God.Pa.42


115. Forbearance ascribed to God.| 148 God's anger threatened a. 116 Kin Iness ascribed to God, gainst the wicked. Puge. 54

pro:nised and exercised to-149 Wrath of God threatened awards his people.

gainst sinners. 117 Kindness prayed for. Page 43 | 150 God is wroth-Prayers and 118 Thanks for kindness.

promises against God's, 119 God is gracious. Page 44 wrath. 120 God's throne is a throne of|151 God's indignation against singrace.


Page 55 13 God's Spirit is a Spirit of 152 Fury ascribed to God. grace.

| 153 Vengeance., 1!2. Christ is gracious. . 154 God abhorreth. 123 The grace of God in man's sal-'|155 God lotheth, despiseth.

vation in election. . 1156 God hateth. 124 In calling

Page 45157 The Lord is a terrible God. 125 In justification.

1158 The dreadful God. 126 In pardon of sin.

1159 God's jealousy for his people. 127 Adoption through grace.

against sinners. 128 Sanctification through grace.

Page 56 129 The Gospel is of grace giv-160 Zeal ascribed to God. Pag. 57,

Page 46 130 Alms called grace in men. 131 Ministerial abilities through

CHAP. II. grace.

Sect. 132 Effects of the Gospel in a' i Creation of all things.

sanctified nature and prac-| 2 Of the heavens and earth.

tice called grace. Puge 47| i.... Page 57 , 133 Faith through grace. . 3 Sun moon and stars created. 134 Hope through grace. " 4 The sea.

Page 58 135 Prayer and praise through 5 Summer and winter. grace.

6 North and south. 156 Salvation is of grace.

7 Clouds, wind. 137 Grace prayed for. Page 48|| 8 Rain. 138 God's favour. Page 49|| 9. Creatures in the sea., 139 God's favour denied to the 10 Creatures on the dry land. wicked.

* Page 59 140 God giveth the favour of Grass, herbs and trees. 141 God with-holdeth the favour) 12 Man created, his body. of men.

113 His soul. 142 God is bountiful.

||14 Man's spiritual state after his 143 Men ought to be bountiful. I creation.. Page 60. 1:4 God's blessing, he blesseth 15 Man's disobedience and fail

his people. Page 50 from his happy state... 145 Persons pronounced blessed, 16. Man's first sin referred to. .

who they are. Page 51|17 Angels, their number. 146 God's blessing promised byli 18 Their names.

way of covenant, or cove. 19 Their nature. • nant blessings. Page 5320 Their excellency. 147 Anger ascribed to God. ||21 Their employment. Page 61

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22 Instances of care and scrvices || 3 God is the Judge of the earth.

of angels for God's people. || 4 Counsels of God. 23 Revelations of God's will, and| 5 Purpose of God. Page 70 directions given by angels. 6 God doth will.

Page 62|

17 Determinations of God. 24 Angels inflict God's judgments 8 Ordination of God, things or

on the wicked. Page 631 dained of God. Page 71 25 Angels their attendance on and 9 Decrees of God, things de.

services to Christ on earth. | creed by him. 26 Their attendance on Christ at||10 Appointments of God, things

his coming to judgment. I appointed by him. 27 Their employment at the day||11 Predestination, things predes

of judgment. Page 64|| tinated of God. 28 They are worshippers of God/12 Election of Jews. Page 72 the Father.

13 Election of Christians. Page 74 29 They worship Christ and are 14 Persons chosen or elected of

subject to him- They are God to fill offices in church not to be worshipped.

and state. 30 Devils, angels that sinned. 15 Calling, God doth call, his peo31 What thier sin is supposed toll ple are called, Page 75 have been.

116 Particular persons called to 32 Names given to them in scrip-i offices. ture.

Page 65|17 Justification, God justifieth. 33 They are enemies to all good,|18 Men not justified by the works

and promoters of sin and mis-!! of the law.

119 Mankind justified freely, and 34 Instances of Satan's enmity to by grace through Christ. Christ and his servants.Pa.66||

Page 78 35 They believe that there is a 20 Sanctification, God sanctified

God ; they knew Christ. I the Jews. 56 They know Christ's servants. 21 Jews were commanded to sanc37 They know the sacred scrip- tify themselves, tures.

1|22 God doth sanctify Christians. 38 Satan was overcome by Christ.23 God doth sanctify Christians

Puge 671 by his word and Spirit. 39 Satan is overcome by Chris-24 Justification and sanctification,

tians through divine power otherwise expressed, God communicated.

doth wash. Our duty to wash 40 Promises to them that over ourselves.

Page 79 come Satan.

||25 God doth cleanse.-Duty to 41 Duties exhorted to in opposi cleanse ourselves Promises tion to Satan. Page 6811 to the cleansed.

|| 26 God doth purge.-Duty to CHAP, III, God's Government. purge ourselves. Sect.

127 God purifieth.-Duty to purify I God is the King, Ruler and ourselves.

Page 80 Governor of the world, hav: 28 God doth refine. ing a throne, dominion, gov-29 The Lord is a God unto his ernment.

Page 69|| people, he is with them and % God is the Law-giver,

among them,

30 God forsaketh not his people. terward.--Redemption of

Page 811 particular persons from evils. 31 Prayers that God would not

Page 93, 94 forsake his people.

51 God a counsellor to the right32 God forsaketh the wicked.

eous. 33 God doth not cast off nor re-52 God depriveth the wicked of ject his people. Page 82 counsel.

Page 94 34 Prayers against being cast off 53 God a teacher, he doth teach 35 God casteth off and rejecteth his people, teaching from the wicked.

God prayed for. 36 God is a father to his people. 54 Holy Ghost teacheth.

Page 83 55 God doth instruct. 37 How mankind become the 56 God doth direct. Page 95

children of God and he their 57 God doth lead. -Promises that Father.

Page 84 God will lead his people. 38 Blessings from God as a Father| 58 Christ doth lead. to his people as his children. 59 God doth guide his people.

Page 85/60 God doth strengthen. l'age 96 39 Marks and characters of God's! Strength promised.--Prayed

children in the exercise of for.-Obtained. Page 97, 98 the graces and practice of the 61 God doth uphold. Page 98

duties of religion. Page 86 62 God giveth safety. 40 Wicked stiled children of what-63 God called a shield, rock,

ever evil principle reigns in fortress, refuge. Page 99 them.

164 God is an helper to his people. 41 Under God their heavenly Fa-|

Page 100 ther Christians are brethren, --Help from God promisand sisters, and owe to each) ed.-Prayed for -Help acother the duties of that rela-ll. knowledged. Page 101 tion.

Page 87||65 Help from the creatures with42 Christ is the elder brother of out God is vain. Christians.

||66 God a deliverer, he delivereth 43 Salvation from God, he is the from sickness.

Saviour-God saveth his peo-167 God delivereth from enemies

ple from evils. Page 88,891 and oppression. Page 102 44 Persons to whom salvation is 68 Christ a deliverer.Deliver

promised.-Salvation prayed|| ance prayed for. Page 103 for,

Page 90, 91||69 Deliverance to the poor and 45 Salvation is of grace.

I needy. 46 Word of God a mean of salva-70 Prophets and apostles delivtion.

Il ered.

Page 104 47 Ministry a mean of salvation.171 All God's faithful servants 48 God is the defence of his peo-l shall be delivered.

Page 92 72 Deliverance from moral evil. 49 God is a Redeemer, redemp-173 God delivereth the wicked in

tion to his people is from him to their enemies hands. 50 God redeemeth his people Heathens delivered into the

from enemies and other hands of the Israelites.P.105 evils.--Threats against those 74 God is a keeper to his people. redeemed who apostatised af."

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