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Contrasting Expulsive Falsetto and Orotund.

Repeat the words, sounds, and sentences with

1. Expulsive Falsetto.

2. Expulsive Orotund.


The Falsetto in the Expulsive Form is appropriately employed in calling, scolding, burlesque, command, and utterance of severity.

Falsetto Expulsive.

The Charcoal Man,


Though rudely blows the wintry blast,
And sifting snows fall white and fast,
Mark Haley drives along the street,
Perch'd high upon his wagon seat:
His somber face the storm defies,
And thus from morn till eve he cries,-
"Charco' charco' ! "

While echo faint and far replies,

"Hark, O! hark, O!"

"Charco' !" "Hark, O !".

Attend him on his daily rounds.

Such cheery sounds

The dust begrimes his ancient hat;
His coat is darker far than that:
'Tis odd to see his sooty form
All speckled with the feathery storm;
Yet in his honest bosom lies
Nor spot nor speck,-though still he cries,

“ Charco’! charco’!”
And many a roguish lad replies, –

“Ark, ho! ark, ho!”
“Charco'!” – “ Ark, ho!”. Such various sounds
Announce Mark Haley's morning rounds.

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Thus all the cold and wintry day
He labors much for little pay;
Yet feels no less of happiness
Than many a richer man,


When through the shades of eve he spies
The light of his own home, and cries, –

“ Charco'! charco'!”
And Martha from the door replies -

“Mark, ho! Mark, ho!”
" Charco'!”- Mark, ho! - Such joy abounds
When he has closed his daily rounds.

The hearth is warm, the fire is bright;
And, while his hand, wash'd clean and white,
Holds Martha's tender hand once more,
His glowing face bends fondly o'er
The crib wherein his darling lies;
And in a coaxing tone he cries,

" Charco'! charco'l"
And baby with a laugh replies, –

“Ah, go! ah, go!”
“Charco'!” –“Ah, go!” — While at the sounds
The mother's heart with gladness bounds.

Then honored be the charcoal man!
Though dusky as an African,
'Tis not for you, that chance to be
A little better clad than he,


His honest manhood to despise,
Although from morn till eve he cries, –

“Charco'! charco'!"
While mocking echo still replies, —

“Hark, O! hark, O!”
“Charco?!”. “Hark, O!” – Long may the sounds
Proclaim Mark Haley's daily rounds!

QUESTIONS 1. What parts of the selection require the Falsetto Expulsive ? 2. What do the other parts require ?


1. Exercises in Position.
2. Exercises in Gesture.
3. Exercises in Breathing.


g, as in gem.



1. Justly judge the cause.
2. Gems of richest ray serene.
3. Justice should join with Mercy.
4. Join, all ye people, in his praise.
5. Juno, the sister and wife of Jupiter.

The exercises which have been given under the Effusive and Expulsive will be quite sufficient for cultivating the Falsetto.


Contrasting Falsetto and Pure Tone Explosive.
Repeat the words, sounds, and sentences with

1. Explosive Pure Tone.
2. Explosive Falsetto.

FALSETTO EXPLOSIVE-WHEN USED. In the Explosive Form the Falsetto will be employed chiefly in scolding and burlesque.


Falsetto Explosive.
The Green Mountain Justice.
1. “The snow is deep,” the Justice said;

There's mighty mischief overhead."
“High talk, indeed!” his wife exclaimed;
“What, sir! shall Providence be blamed?"
The Justice, laughing, said, "O no!
I only meant the loads of snow
Upon the roof. The barn is weak;
I greatly fear the roof will break.
So hand me up the spade, my dear,
I'll mount the barn, the roof to clear."
“No!” said the wife; “the barn is high,
And if you slip, and fall, and die,
How will my living be secured ?-
Stephen, your life is not insured.
But tie a rope your waist around,
And it will hold you safe and sound.”
“I will,” said he. "Now for the roof-
All snugly tied, and danger-proof!
Excelsior! Excel But no!
The rope is not secured below!”
Said Rachel, “Climb, the end to throw
Across the top, and I will go
And tie that end around my waist.”
"Well, every woman to her taste;
You always would be tightly laced.

Rachel, when you became my bride,
I thought the knot securely tied;
But lest the bond should break in twain,
I'll have it fastened once again."

2. Below the elbows tied around,

She takes her station on the ground,
While on the roof, beyond the ridge,
He shovels clear the lower edge.
But, sad mischance! the loosened snow
Comes sliding down, to plunge below.
And as he tumbles with the slide,
Up Rachel goes on t'other side.
Just half-way down the Justice hung;
Just half-way up the woman swung.
“Good land o' Goshen!” shouted she;
“Why, do you see it?" answered he.

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3. The couple, dangling in the breeze,

Like turkeys hung outside to freeze,
At their rope's end and wit's end, too,
Shout back and forth what best to do.
Cried Stephen,“ Take it coolly, wife;
All have their ups and downs in life.”
Quoth Rachel, “What a pity 'tis
To joke at such a time as this!
A man whose wife is being hung
Should know enough to hold his tongue."
“Now, Rachel, as I look below,
I see a tempting heap of snow.
Suppose, my dear, I take my knife,
And cut the rope to save my life.”
She shouted, “Don't! 'twould be my death-
I see some pointed stones beneath.
A better way would be to call
With all our might, for Phebe Hall."
"Agreed !” he roared. First he, then she
Gave tongue: “O Phebe! Phebe! Phe-e-be
Hall!” in tones both fine and coarse,
Enough to make a drover hoarse.

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