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1. Thou slave! thou wretch! thou coward !
2. Independence now and independence forever.

3. Live or die, survive or perish, I am for the declaration.

4. Let the consequences be what they may, I am determined to proceed.


Combining Form, Quality, Force, Final and Radical Stress. Repeat the first and second of the above sentences with

1. Expulsive Form, Orotund Quality, Energetic Force, Final Stress.

2. Expulsive Form, Orotund Quality, Energetic Force, Radical Stress.

Repeat the third of the above sentences with

1. Expulsive Form, Orotund and Aspirate Qualities, Energetic Force, Final Stress.

2. Expulsive Form, Aspirate Quality, Impassioned Force, Final Stress.

Repeat the fourth sentence with

1. Expulsive Form, Pectoral Quality, Impassioned Force, Final Stress.

2. Explosive Form, Guttural Quality, Impassioned Force, Final Stress.

FINAL STRESS-WHEN USED. The Final Stress is employed in the expression of determined purpose, earnest resolve, stern rebuke, contempt, astonishment, horror, revenge, hate and similar passions. It is always combined with the Expulsive or Explosive Form of Voice, and, in the expression of violent passion, with the Aspirate, Pectoral, or Guttural Quality.


Final Stress, Energetic and Impassioned Force, Orotund, Aspirate, and Pectoral Qualities, Expulsive Form.

Hate of the Bowl.

1. Go, feel what I have felt;

Go, bear what I have borne;
Sink 'neath the blow a father dealt,

And the cold world's proud scorn:
Then suffer on from year to year,
Thy sole relief the scalding tear.

2. Go, kneel as I have knelt;

Implore, beseech, and pray;
Strive the besotted heart to melt,

The downward course to stay;
Be dashed with bitter curse aside,

Your prayers burlesqued, your tears defied.

3. Go, weep as I have wept

O'er a loved father's fall,

See every promised blessing swept,
Youth's sweetness turned to gall;
Life's fading flowers strewed all the way
That brought me up to woman's day.

4. Go, see what I have seen;

Behold the strong man bow,

With gnashing teeth, lips bathed in blood,
And cold and livid brow.

Go catch his withering glance, and see
There mirrored, his soul's misery.

5. Go to thy mother's side,

And her crushed bosom cheer;
Thine own deep anguish hide;

Wipe from her cheek the bitter tear;
Mark her wan cheek and pallid brow,
The gray that streaks her dark hair now,

Her failing frame and trembling limb;
And trace the ruin back to him
Whose plighted faith, in early youth,
Promised eternal love and truth;
But who, forsworn, hath yielded up
That promise to the cursed cup;
And led her down, through love and light,
And all that made her prospects bright;
And chained her there, 'mid want and strife,
That lowly thing, a drunkard's wife;
And stamped on childhood's brow so mild,
That withering blight, a drunkard's child!

6. Go, hear and feel and see and know

All that my soul hath felt and known;
Then look upon the wine-cup's glow,

See if its beauty can atone;
Think if its flavor you will try,
When all proclaim, 'Tis drink and die !

7. Tell me I hate the bowl

Hate is a feeble word;
I loathe, abhor; my very soul

With strong disgust is stirred
Whene'er I see, or hear, or tell
Of the dark beverage of hell.

QUESTIONS. 1. Define Final Stress. 2. Mention some of its advantages. 3. What styles of thought and feeling are expressed with the Final

Stress? 4. Why does the selection require Final Stress ? 5. Why Pectoral Quality?

[blocks in formation]

1. Long may it wave.

2. Dying, we will assert it.

3. Living, we will maintain it.

4. Bring flowers, sweet flowers.

5. Standing on the confines of another world.

Compound Stress.

Compound Stress is the application of the force to the first and last parts of the word, passing over the intermediate parts lightly.


The Compound Stress gives intensity to the utterance of surprise, contempt, mockery, railery, and sarcasm. "The use of this style of Stress belongs appropriately

to feelings of peculiar force or acuteness; but on this very account it becomes an indispensable means of natural expression and true effect in many passages of reading and speaking. The difference between vivid and dull or flat utterance will often turn on the exactness with which this expressive function of voice is exerted.”

To cultivate this form of Stress practice the following words and sentences, giving the force of the voice to the first and last parts of each word.


heaven, married,
canopy, traitor, convicted.

1. Gone to be married.
2. Banished from Rome.
3. Tried and convicted traitor!

Combining Form, Quality, Force, and Compound Stress.
Repeat each of the above sentences with

1. Expulsive Form, Pectoral Quality, Energetic Force, Compound Stress.

2. Expulsive Form, Orotund Quality, Moderate Force, Final Stress.

COMPOUND STRESS_WHEN USED. The Compound is appropriately employed in the expression of surprise, contempt, and mockery, and sometimes of sarcasm and railery.

There are few if any selections that will require Compound Stress throughout. The following scene from Hamlet is presented as containing several fine examples. The passages requiring the Compound Stress are printed in italics.

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