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[blocks in formation]

1. Time and tide wait for no man.

2. Tar, tin, tallow, and turpentine.

3. Touch not, taste not, handle not.

4. Turn their uprooted trunks toward the skies. 5. Tremble and totter, ye adamantine mountains.

Low Pitch.

Low Pitch will be the two, three, or four notes below the middle. To widen the compass and to cultivate the low tones, practice the following sounds, words, and sentences on a low key, in both Effusive and Expulsive Forms.

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1. There is no God but thee.

2. It is a religion by which to live.

3. The tears of a nation fall over the dead.


Combining Form, Quality, Force, Stress, and Low Pitch. Repeat the first of the above sentences with

1. Expulsive Form, Pure Tone, Moderate Force, Radical Stress, and Low Pitch.

The second and third sentences with

2. Effusive Form, Orotund Quality, Energetic Force, Median Stress, Low Pitch.


Low Pitch is the key appropriate for the delivery of serious, solemn, pathetic, grave, devotional, sublime and grand thoughts of a quiet and unimpassioned character.

EXAMPLE: SOLEMN, PATHETIC, AND GRAND. Low Pitch, Median and Thorough Stress, Moderate Force, Orotund Quality, Expulsive and Effusive Forms.

In Memoriam-A. Lincoln.


1. There's a burden of grief on the breezes of spring,
And a song of regret from the bird on its wing;
There's a pall on the sunshine and over the flowers,
And a shadow of graves on these spirits of ours;

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For a star hath gone out from the night of our sky,
On whose brightness we gazed as the war-cloud rolled by;
So tranquil and steady and clear were its beams,

That they fell like a vision of peace on our dreams. 2. A heart that we knew had been true to our weal,

And a hand that was steadily guiding the wheel;
A name never tarnished by falsehood or wrony,
That had dwelt in our hearts like a soul-stirring song;
Ah, that pure, noble spirit has gone to its rest,
And the true hand lies nerveless and cold on his breast:
But the name and the memory, these never will die,

But grow brighter and dearer as the ages go by. 3. Yet the tears of a nation fall over the dead,

Such tears as a nation before never shed;
For our cherished one fell by a dastardly hand,
A martyr to truth and the cause of the land;
And a sorrow has surged, like the waves to the shore,
When the breath of the tempest is sweeping them o'er;
And the heads of the lofty and lowly have bowel

As the shaft of the lightning sped out from the cloud. 4. Not gathered, like Washington, home to his rest,

When the sun of his life was far down in the west,
But stricken from earth in the midst of his years,
With the Canaan in view, of his prayers and his tears.
And the people, whose hearts in the wilderness failed,
Sometimes, when the stars of their promise had paled,
Now stand by his side on the mount of his fame,

And yield him their hearts in a grateful acclaim. 5. Yet there on the mountain our leader must die,

With the fair land of promise spread out to his eye;
Slis work is accomplished, and what he has done
Will stand as a monument under the sun;
And his name, reaching down through the ages of time,
Will still through the years of eternity shine,
Like a star sailing on through the depths of the blue,

On whose brightness we gaze every evening anew. 6. His white tent is pitched on the beautiful plain,

Where the tumult of battle comes never again,

Where the smoke of the war-cloud ne'er darkens the air,
Nor falls on the spirit a shadow of care.
The songs of the ransomed enrapture his ear,
And he heeds not the dirges that roll for him here;
In the calm of his spirit, so strange and sublime,
He is lifted far over the discords of time.

7. Then bear him home gently, great son of the West!

'Mid her fair blooming prairies lay Lincoln to rest,
From the nation who loved him she takes to her trust,
And will tenderly garner the consecrate dust.
A Mecca his grave to the people shall be,
And a shrine evermore for the hearts of the free.

QUESTIONS. 1. What is the element in this lesson? 2. What is the topic ? 3. What the principle ? 4. Detine Low Pitch. 5. Is it the same in all voices ? 6. Explain why. 7. Why does the selection require Low Pitch ? 8. Why does the selection require both Median and Thorough

Stress? 9. Are they both on the same word ? 10. Explain how both Effusive and Expulsive Forms can be given

in the selection.



Gesture. 1. Exercises.....


Articulation. 2. Element-Pitch.


Advantages. 3. Topic-Low Pitch....

How Acquired.
Class Exercises.
When Used.

Example 4. Selection. “In Memoriam-A. Lincoln."

[blocks in formation]

1. Kill a king.

2. Crown the victor.

3. Keep thy own counsels.

4. Kindness kills the cause of hate.
5. Come in consumption's ghastly form.

High Pitch.

High Pitch will be three, five, or eight notes above Middle Pitch. Practice the following sounds, words, and sentences on tones several notes higher than the Middle Pitch.


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5. ŭ,









1. And the landscape sped away behind.

2. I come, I come, ye have called me long.

3. And the earth resounds with the joy of waves.

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