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Combining Form, Quality, Force, Stress, High and Middle Pitch. Repeat each of the last sentences with

1. Expulsive Form, Pure Tone, Moderate Force, Radical Stress, High Pitch.

2. Explosive Form, Pure Tone, Energetic Force, Radical Stress, High Pitch.

3. Effusive Form, Pure Tone, Subdued Force, Median Stress, Low Pitch.

High Pitch-WHEN USED.

High Pitch is the key appropriate for the delivery of animated, joyous, gay, earnest, and impassioned thought.

EXAMPLE: ANIMATED JOYOUS THOUGHT. Hiyh Pitch, Radical Stress, Energetic Force, Pure Tone, Expulsive and

Explosive Forms.

I'm With You Once Again.


1. I'm with you once again, my friends;

No more my footsteps roam;
Where it began my journey ends,

Amid the scenes of home.
No other clime has skies so blue,

Or streams so broad and clear;
And where are hearts so warm and true

As those that meet me here?

2. Since last, with spirits wild and free,

I pressed my native strand,
I've wandered many miles at sea,

And many miles on land:
I've seen fair regions of the earth

With rude commotion torn,
Which taught me how to prize the worth

Of that where I was born.

3. In other countries, when I heard

The language of my own,
How fondly each familiar word

Awoke an answering tone!
But when our woodland songs were sung

Upon a foreign mart,
The vows that faltered on the tongue

With rapture filled my heart.
4. My native land, I turn to you

With blessing and with prayer,
Where man is brave and woman true,

And free as mountain air.
Long may our flag in triumph wave

Against the world combined,
And friends a welcome, foes a grave,

Within our borders find.

QUESTIONS. 1. Define High Pitch. 2. When is it appropriately employed ? 3. With what combinations will it generally be found o 4. Can you have High Pitch with Effusive Form ? 5. Can you find an illustration in nature ? 6. Can you in art? 7. What is the combination of the railroad whistle ? 8. What the neigh of a horse ?



Gesture. 1. Exercises....


Articulation. 2. Element-Pitch.


Advantages. 3. Topic-High Pitch....

How Acquired.
Class Exercises.
Principle, or Whez Used.

Examples. 4. Selection. "I'm With You Once Again.”



ch, as in church.
choose, cheer, chat,

cherish, cherub.
1. Charge, Chester! charge!
2. Change cannot change thee.
3. Children choose trifling toys.
4. Chaucer's poetry charmed the chief.
5. Chaplets of chainless charity are for thee.

Very Low Pitch. Very Low Pitch will be two or three tones below the lowest notes of the Low Pitch; the range in the lower

.; notes being much less than in the High or Middle. To cultivate the Very Low Pitch practice the following sounds, words, and sentences in the lowest key possible.


1. 7, as in no.
2. ā,




3. ä, 4. é,


5. ū,


death, break, silence,

hollow, tones.
1. And thou art terrible.
2. Come in consumption's ghastly form.
3. No smiting hand is seen; no sound is heard.


Combining Form, Quality, Force, Stress, and Pitch. Repeat each of the last sentences with

1. Effusive Form, Pectoral Quality, Energetic Force, Thorough Stress, Very Low Pitch.

2. Expulsive Form, Pure Tone, Energetic Force, Radical Stress, High Pitch.

3. Effusive Form, Orotund Quality, Moderate Force, Median Stress, Low Pitch.

4. Expulsive Form, Pure Tone, Moderate Force, Radical Stress, Middle Pitch.

VERY Low Pitch-WHEN USED. Very Low Pitch is the key appropriate for the expression of deep solemnity, sublimity, grandeur, amazement, horror, despair, melancholy, awe, and gloom.


Thorough Stress, Energetic Force, Orotund and Pectoral Qualities,

Efusive and Expulsive Forms.

[Only the fifth stanza in the following selection requires the combination given above.)

Marco Bozzaris.


1. At midnight, in his guarded tent,

The Turk lay dreaming of the hour
When Greece, her knee in suppliance bent,

Should tremble at his power;
In dreams, through camp and court he bore
The trophies of a conqueror;

In dreams, his song of triumph heard;
Then wore his monarch's signet ring;
Then pressed that monarch's throne—a king:
As wild his thoughts, and gay of wing,

As Eden's garden bird.

2. At midnight, in the forest shades,

Bozzaris ranged his Suliote band,
True as the steel of their tried blades,

Heroes in heart and hand.
There had the Persian's thousands stood;
There had the glad earth drunk their blood,

On old Platæa's day;
And now there breathed that haunted air
The sons of sires who conquered there,
With arm to strike, and soul to dare,

As quick, as far, as they.
3. An hour passed on: the Turk awoke:

That bright dream was his last. He woke to hear his sentries shriek, To arms! they come! the Greek! the Greek!" He woke, to die 'midst flame and smoke, And shout, and groan, and saber stroke,

And death-shots falling thick and fast
As lightnings from the mountain cloud,
And heard, with voice as trumpet loud,

Bozzaris cheer his band :
“Strike!—till the last armed foe expires;
Strike!--for your altars and your fires;
Strike!—for the green graves of your sires;

God, and your native land!”
4. They fought like brave men, long and well;

They piled that ground with Moslem slain;
They conquered-but Bozzaris fell,

Bleeding at every vein.
His few surviving comrades saw
His smile when rang their loud hurrah,

And the red field was won;
Then saw in death his eyelids close,
Calmly as to a night's repose, -

Like flowers at set of sun.
5. Come to the bridal chamber, Death!

Come to the mother, when she feels,
For the first time, her first-born's breath;

Come when the blessed seals

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