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That close the pestilence are broke,
And crowded cities wail its stroke;
Come in consumption's ghastly form,
The earthquake shock, the ocean storm;
Come when the heart beats high anal warm

With banquet song and dance and wine;
And thou art terrible:-the tear,
The groan, the knell, the pall, the bier,
And all we know, or dream, or fear,

Of agony, are thine.
But to the hero when his sword

Hath won the battle for the free,
Thy voice sounds like a prophet's word.
And in its hollow tones are heard

The thanks of millions yet to be.


1. What is the element in this lesson? 2. What is the topic ? 3. What is the principle ? 4. Detine Very Low Pitch. 5. With what Qualities can it be given ? 6. With what Forms. 7 When is the Very Low Pitch properly used ? 8. Why does the fifth stanza in the above selection require Very

Low Pitch ? 9. What combination does the first stanza require ? 10. What conibination does the fourth line of the third stanza

require? 11. What combination do the three lines next to the last line of

the third stanza require ? 12. What does the last line of the third stanza require ?

No further diagrams on Pitch will be given, but teachers should require pupils to prepare them.

[blocks in formation]

1. Fast bind, fast find.

2. Fortune favors the brave.

3. Firm is his faith, he falters not.

4. Fast by the throne fickle Fame resides.
5. Fasting he went to sleep, and fasting waked.

Very High Pitch.

Very High Pitch is five, six, or eight notes above the High. Practice the sounds, words, and sentences in as high a pitch as you can command. In this exercise be careful not to continue the practice too long, lest the voice may be strained and thus temporarily injured.


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mists, freedom.




1. Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

2. Quick! man the life-boat!

3. Go ring the bells and fire the guns.


Combining Form, Quality, Force, Stress, and Very High Pitch. Repeat the above sounds, words, and sentences with

1. Expulsive Form, Pure Tone, Impassioned Force, Thorough Stress, and Very High Pitch.

2. Expulsive Form, Orotund Quality, Impassioned Force, Thorough Stress, Very High Pitch.

VERY High PITCH_WHEN USED. Very High Pitch is the key appropriate for the expression of ecstatic joy, rapturous delight, impassioned shouting, calling, and commanding.


Illustrating various combinations of Pitch, Stress, Force, Quality, and

Form. Repeat the sentence, “The world is full of poetry," with

1. Expulsive Form, Pure Tone, Moderate Force, Radical Stress, Middle Pitch.

2. Effusive Form, Aspirate Quality, Subdued Force, Thorough Stress, Low Pitch.

3. Explosive Form, Orotund Quality, Impassioned Force, Radical Stress, High Pitch.

4. Effusive Form, Pectoral Quality, Energetic Force, Thorough Stress, Low Pitch.

5. Expulsive Form, Aspirate Quality, Energetic Force, Final Stress, Low Pitch.

6. Effusive Form, Pure Tone, Subdued Force, Median Stress, Low Pitch.

7. Explosive Form, Falsetto Quality, Energetic Force, Radical Stress, Very High Pitch.

8. Expulsive Form, Guttural Quality, Impassioned Force, Final Stress, Low Pitch.

9. Effusive Form, Oral Quality, Subdued Force, Intermittent Stress, Low Pitch.

10. Expulsive Form, Orotund Quality, Impassioned Force, Thorough Stress, High Pitch.

Repeat the same sentence so it will express
1. Pathos.
2. Scolding.
3. Secret Thought.
4. Awe and Dread.
5. Didactic Thought.
6. Suppressed Command.
7. Calling or Commanding.
8. Sudden and Violent Alarm.
9. Great Weakness and Suffering.



Very High Pitch, Thorough and Radical Stress, Impassioned Force,

Pure Tone, Expulsive and Explosive Forms.

“The Life-Boat.”.



Quick! man the life-boat! See yon bark,

That drives before the blast!
There's a rock ahead, the night is dark,

And the storm comes thick and fast.
Can human power, in such an hour,

Avert the doom that's o'er her ?
Her mainmast's gone, but she still drives on
To the fatal reef before her.

The life-boat! Man the life-boat!

Quick! man the life-boat! hark! the gun

Booms through the vapory air;
And see! the signal flags are on,

And speak the ship's despair.

That forkèd flash, that pealing crash,

Seemed from the wave to sweep her;
She's on the rock, with a terrible shock-
And the wail comes louder and deeper.
The life-boat! Man the life-boat!
Quick! man the life-boat! See-the crew
Gaze on their watery grave:
Already some, a gallant few,

Are battling with the wave;

And one there stands, and wrings his hands,
As thoughts of home come o'er him;
For his wife and child, through the tempest wild,

He sees on the heights before him.

The life-boat! Man the life-boat!

Speed, speed the life-boat! Off she goes!

And, as they pulled the oar,

From shore and ship a cheer arose

That startled ship and shore.
Life-saving ark! yon fated bark
Has human lives within her;

And dearer than gold is the wealth untold
Thou'lt save if thou canst win her.

On life-boat! Speed the life-boat!
Hurrah! The life-boat dashes on,
Though darkly the reef may frown;
The rock is there—the ship has gone

Full twenty fathoms down.

But, cheered by hope, the seamen cope

With billows single-handed:

They are all in the boat!-hurrah! They're afloat!

And now they are safely landed

By the life-boat.

Cheer the life-boat!

Hurrah! Hurrah for the life-boat!


1. Define Very High Pitch. When is it used?

2. Why does the selection require Very High Pitch?

3. What combination does the first word of first stanza require?

4. What combination first word of last stanza?

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