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Being above all beings! Mighty One.

Whom none can comprehend and none explore,
Who fill'st existence with thyself alone,
Embracing all, supporting, ruling o'er;
Being whom we call God, and know no more!

2. Thou from primeval nothingness didst call

First chaos, then existence; Lord, on thee Eternity hath its foundation; all

Sprung forth from thee-of light, joy, harmony. Sole origin-all life, all beauty thine;

Thy word created all, and doth create;
Thy splendor fills all space with rays divine;

Thou art and wert and shalt be! Glorious! Great!
Light-giving, life-sustaining Potentate!

3. Thy chains the unmeasured universe surround

Upheld by thee, by thee inspired with breath!
Thoy the beginning with the end hast bound,

And beautifully mingled life and death!
As sparks mount upward from the fiery blaze,

So suns are born, so worlds spring forth from thee;
And as the spangles in the sunny rays
Shine round the silver snow,

the pageantry
Of heaven's bright army glitters in thy praise.

4. A million torches, lighted by thy hand,

Wander unwearied through the blue abyss—
They own thy power, accomplish thy command,

All gay with life, all eloquent with bliss.
What shall we call them? Piles of crystal light-

A glorious company of golden streams-
Lamps of celestial ether burning bright-

Suns lighting systems with their joyous beams?
But thou to these art as the noon to night.

5. Naught! But the effluence of thy light divine,

Pervading worlds, hath reached my bosom too;
Yes, in my spirit doth thy spirit shine

As shines the sunbeam in a drop of dew.

Naught! But I live, and on Hope's pinions fly

Eager toward thy presence; for in thee
I live and breathe and dwell; aspiring high,
Even to the throne of thy divinity.

I am, O God! and surely thou must be. 6. Creator, yes. Thy wisdom and thy word

Created me. Thou source of life and good.
Thou spirit of my spirit, and my Lord,

Thy light, thy love, in their bright plenitude
Filled me with an immortal soul, to spring

Over the abyss of death, and bade it wear
The garments of eternal day, and wing

Its heavenly flight beyond this little sphere,

Even to its source—to thee-its Author there. 7. O thoughts ineffable! O visions blest!

Though worthless our conceptions all of thee,
Yet shall thy shadowed image fill our breast,

And waft its homage to thy Deity.
God! thus alone my lowly thoughts can soar,

Thus seek thy presence—Being wise and good !
'Midst thy vast works admire, obey, adore;
And when the tongue is eloquent no more

The soul shall speak in tears of gratitude.

QUESTIONS. 1. What is the topic of this lesson ? 2. Define Orotund Quality. 3. What is the difference between Pure Tone and Orotund? 4. Is it a natural or acquired quality ? 5. What does Dr. Rush say of it? 6. Mention some of the advantages of the Orotund. 7. Should it be constantly used when acquired ? 8. What mistake is frequently made by teachers and students of

Elocution ? 9. How can it be acquired ? 10 When should it be used ? 11. Where in nature is the principle taught? 12. Why does the selection require Effusive Form? 13. Why Orotund Quality ?



Gesture. 1. Exercises....


Articulation. 2. Review Sixth Lesson.

3. Element Quality-Orotund.

4. Topic-Orotund Effusive.....

How Acquired.
Class Exercise.

6. Selection. “God.”


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EXERCISES IN PositioN. First Position.

1. Change from first to third position by stepping back with left foot.

2. From third to first by bringing up the left foot.

3. Change from first to fourth by stepping forward with the left foot.

4. From fourth to first by bringing up the right foot.

EXERCISES IN BREATHING AND GESTURE. Inhale quickly, extend the arms horizontally, draw them back quickly, and at same time exhale.

Repeat several times.


o as in ooze.
who, loom,



1. Thy doom is fixed.
2. You denied me this.
3. The fool hath said, No God.
4. Soon we shall join the kindred dead.
5. The blood oozed from his ghastly wound.

Repeat the following sounds, words, and sentences
in the Expulsive Form with the fullest Orotund
Quality. Inflate the lungs fully before each effort.

1. á, as heard in ale, hale.
2. ă,

add, have.
ice, fine.

old, bold.
sword, down, head, army,

never, ambition, spurn, amuse, above, present, forever. 1. The war must go on, we must fight it through.

2. It is my living sentiment, and, by the blessing of God, it shall be my dying sentiment.

3. i, 4. 7,


Contrasting Pure Tone Expulsive and Orotund Expulsive. Repeat the above sounds, words, and sentences with

1. Pure Tone, Expulsive Form.
2. Orotund, Expulsive Form,

OROTUND, EXPULSIVE FORM_WHEN USED. The Orotund, in the Ecoprilsive Form, is the quality appropriate for the delivery of earnest, bold, grand, and lofty thought in the form of argumentative and oratorical speeches and sermons, and impassioned poetic thought.


Orotund, Expulsive Form,

The Rising of 1776.


1. Out of the North the wild news came,

Far flashing on its wings of flame,
Swift as the boreal light which flies
At midnight through the startled skies.

2. And there was tumult in the air.

The fife's shrill note, the drum's loud beat,
And through the wide land every-where

The answering tread of hurrying feet;
While the first oath of Freedom's gun
Came on the blast from Lexington;
And Concord roused, no longer tame,
Forgot her old baptismal name,
Made bare her patriot arm of power,
And swelled the discord of the hour.

3. Within its shade of elm and oak

The church of Berkley Manor stood;
There Sunday found the rural folk,
And some esteemed of gentle blood.

In vain their feet with loitering tread
Pass'd 'mid the graves where rank is naught;
All could not read the lesson taught

In that republic of the dead.

4. How sweet the hour of Sabbath talk,

The vale with peace and sunshine full,
Where all the happy people walk,

Decked in their homespun flax and wool !
Where youth's gay hats with blossoms bloom,

And every maid, with simple art,

Wears on her breast, like her own heart,
A bud whose depths are all perfume;

While every garment's gentle stir
Is breathing rose and lavender.

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