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5. The pastor came: his snowy locks

Hallowed his brow of thought and care; And calmly, as shepherds lead their flocks,

He led into the house of prayer.

6. The pastor rose; the prayer was strong;

The psalm was warrior David's song;
The text, a few short words of might-
“ The Lord of hosts shall arm the right!"
He spoke of wrongs too long endured,
Of sacred rights to be secured;
Then from his patriot tongue of flame
The startling words for Freedom came.
The stirring sentences he spake
Compelled the heart to glow or quake,
And, rising on his theme's broad wing,

And grasping in his nervous hand

The imaginary battle-brand,
In face of death he dared to fling

Defiance to a tyrant king.
7. Even as he spoke, his frame, renewed

In eloquence of attitude,
Rose, as it seemed, a shoulder higher;
Then swept his kindling glance of fire
From startled pew to breathless choir;
When suddenly his mantle wide
His hands impatient flung aside.
And, lo! he met their wondering eyes

Complete in all a warrior's guise. 8. A moment there was awful pause,

When Berkley cried, “Cease, traitor! cease!
God's temple is the house of peace ! ”

The other shouted, “Nay, not so,
When God is with our righteous cause;
His holiest places then are ours,
His temples are our forts and towers

That frown upon the tyrant foe;
In this, the dawn of Freedom's day,
There is a time to fight and pray! "



9. And now before the open door

The warrior priest had ordered so—
Th’ enlisting trumpet's sudden roar
Rang through the chapel, o'er and o'er,

Its long reverberating blow,
So loud and clear, it seemed the ear
Of dusty Death must wake and hear.

10. And there the startling drum and fife

Fired the living with fiercer life;
While overhead, with wild increase,
Forgetting its ancient toll of peace,

The great bell swung as ne'er before:
It seemed as it would never cease;

word its ardor flung
From off its jubilant iron tongue

Was, “War! WAR! WAR!”

11. “Who dares ”—this was the patriot's cry,

As striding from the desk he came

“Come out with me, in Freedom's name,
For her to live, for her to die ?”
A hundred hands flung up reply,
A hundred voices answered “I!”


1. What is the topic of this lesson ? 2. What is the difference between Orotund Expulsive and Pure

Tone Expulsive? 3. When should the Orotund, Expulsive Form, be used ? 4. What style of thought should be given with the Pure Tone

Expulsive which should not be given with the Orotund Expul

sive? 5. Why does the selection require the Orotund Quality ? 6. Why Expulsive Form ? 7. If the selection were given with the Pure Tone Expulsive, what

elements of expression would it lack ?

[blocks in formation]


1. Change from first to second position by stepping forward with the left foot.

2. From second to fourth by stepping forward with the left foot.

3. From fourth to first by stepping forward with the right foot. Repeat.

EXERCISES IN BREATHING AND GESTURE. 1. Inhale slowly and quietly, extend the arms horizontally and lower them slowly, and at the same time exhale. Repeat two or three times.

2. Inhale slowly, extend the arms horizontally, quickly, and at the same time exhale.


į, as in ill.
will, inch, risk,

fill, iuk, till.
1. Ill-mannered wretch.
2. I'll risk my life upon it.
3. Rid me of these vagabonds.
4. If I can catch him once upon the hip.
5. Inch by inch we will dispute the ground.

Repeat the following elements, words, and sentences in
the Explosive Form, fullest Orotund Quality. Be careful
to give each exercise the sudden, startling explosive.
1. ă, as heard in add, fat.

end, met. 3. 1,

ill, fin.

odd, not.
5. ů,

end, add, odd,
lie, admit, push, back,

pick, hack, mock, luck, 1. Tell them we need no change, 2. Now set the teeth and stretch the nostrils wide.

2. ě,

[ocr errors]

4. ,

[ocr errors]

Us, tub.


Contrasting Pure T'one and Orotund in all the Forms.
Repeat the above sounds, words, and sentences, with

1. Effusive Pure Tone.
2. Expulsive Orotund.
3. Explosive Pure Tone.
4. Effusive Orotund.
5. Expulsive Pure Tone.
6. Explosive Orotund.


OROTUND, EXPLOSIVE FORM_WHEN USED. The Orotund, in the Explosive Form, is the quality appropriate for the expression of courage, warning, alarm, terror, and abrupt exclamation.



Orotund Explosive Form.

The Bells.
Hear the loud alarum bells

Brazen bells!
What a tale of terror, now, their turbulency tells!

the startled ear of night
How they scream out their affright!

Too much horrified to speak,
They can only shriek, shriek,

Out of tune,
In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire,
In a mad expostulation with the deaf and frantic fire

Leaping higher, higher, higher,
With a desperate desire,

And a resolute endeavor,
Now-now to sit or never,

By the side of the pale-faced moon.
O the bells, bells, bells,
With tale their terror tells

Of despair!
How they clang, and clash, and roar!
What a horror they outpour

On the bosom of the palpitating air!
Yet the ear, it fully knows,

By the twanging

And the clanging,
How the danger ebbs and flows;
Yet the ear distinctly tells,

In the jangling

And the wrangling,
How the danger sinks and swells,

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