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Like all other elements of utterance, it must be practiced judiciously or the effect will be injurious rather than beneficial,

Like Pure Tone, Orotund, and Oral, it has its Effusive, Expulsive, and Explosive Forms.

To acquire control of this quality, practice in a whispered tone the elements, words, and sentences in which the element h predominates.

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Contrasting Aspirate and Pure Tone, Efusive Form.
Repeat the above sounds, words, and sentences with

1. Effusive Aspirate.
2. Effusive Pure Tone.

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ASPIRATE, EFFUSIVE FORM—WHEN Used. The Aspirate in the Effusive Form is the quality appropriate for the expression of quietness, secret thought, suppressed fear, and profound repose.


Aspirate, Efusive Form.

Parting Words.


“One struggle more, and I am free."-BYRON. Leave me! O, leave me! Unto all below

Thy presence binds me with too deep a spell;
Thou mak'st those mortal regions, whence I go,
Too mighty in their loveliness. Farewell,

That I may part in peace!
Leave me! thy footstep with its lightest sound,

The very shadow of thy waving hair,
Wakes in my soul a feeling too profound,
Too strong, for aught that lives and dies to bear;

O bid the conflict cease!

I hear thy whisper—and the warm tears gush

Into mine eyes, the quick pulse thrills my heart; Thou bidd'st the peace, the reverential hush, The still submission, from my thoughts depart:

Dear one! this must not be.

The past looks on me from thy mournful eyes,

The beauty of our free and vernal days; Our communings with sea, and hill, and sky0, take that bright world from my spirit’s gaze!

Thou art all earth to me!
Shut out the sunshine from my dying room,

The jasmine's breath, the murmur of the bee;
Let not the joy of bird-notes pierce the gloom!
They speak of love, of summer, and of thee,

Tuo mucli--and death is here!

Doth our own spring make happy music now,

From the old beech roots flashing into day? Are the pure lilies imaged in its tow? Alas! vain thoughts! that fondly thus can stray

From the dread hour so near!


If I could but draw courage from the light

Of thy clear eye, that ever shone to bless! –
Not now! 'twill not be now!-my aching sight
Drinks from that fount a flood of tenderness,

Bearing all strength away!
Leave me!-thou com'st between my heart and Heaven;

I would be still, in voiceless prayer to die!--
Why must our souls thus love, and then be riven.
Return! thy parting wakes mine agony!

O yet a while delay!

QUESTIONS. 1. What Quality is presented in this lesson ? 2. Define the Aspirate Quality. 3. To which class does it belong? 4. What styles of thought and feeling can be expressed only with LESSON XIII.

the Aspirate Quality ? 5. What is the effect of the Aspirate when blended with the Oro

tund ? 6. In what Forms may it be given ? 7. When is the Aspirate, Effusive Form, appropriately employed ? 8. Why does the selection require Aspirate Effusive.


1. Exercises....


2. Element-Quality.


3. Topic-Effusive Aspirate.......

How Acquired.
Class Exercises.


4. Selection. “Parting Words."

1. Exercises in Position.
2. Exercises in Gesture.
3. Exercises in Breathing.


ă, as in add.
bad, battle,


1. That will be justice.
2. What will satisfy you?
3. Add to your faith, virtue.
4. The scaffold has no terrors for me.
5. Back to thy punishment, false fugitive!

ASPIRATE EXPULSIVE. The quality is the same as in the last lesson, but the form is changed to Expulsive.

3. ě,


1. ē, as in me.
2. 7, hope.


4. ,, up.
home, steps, enemy, scouts,
slumber, swept, noiseless, advance,
resist, guard, death, instant.

1. Tread softly, bow the head!
2. Soldier, advance quietly, but quickly.


Contrasting Pure Tone and Aspirate, Effusive and Expulsive Forms. Repeat the foregoing sounds, words, and sentences with

1. Effusive Pure Tone.

2. Expulsive Aspirate.
3. Effusive Aspirate.

4. Expulsive Pure Tone.

ASPIRATE, EXPULSIVE FORM-WHEN USED. The Aspirate in the Expulsive Form is the quality appropriate for the expression of suppressed command, sudden fear, alarm, and terror. Combined with the Orotund, it gives intensity to awe, horror, and dread.

Aspirate, Expulsive Form.

Military Command.


Soldiers, you are now within a few steps of the enemy's outposts! Our scouts report them as slumbering in parties around their watchfires, and utterly unprepared for our approach. A swift and noiseless advance around that projecting rock, and we are upon them -we capture them without the possibility of resistance. One disorderly noise or motion may leave us at the mercy of their advanced guard. Let every man keep the strictest silence under the pain of instant death.


1. Define the Aspirate Expulsive.

2. When is it used?

3. Give an example from nature.

4. Why does the selection require Aspirate Expulsive?

5. With what qualities may the Aspirate be combined?
6. What is the effect of the combination?

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