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Debtors and their Creditors, including forms of Resolutions for
Compositions and Schemes of Arrangement under the Bankruptcy
Aet, 1883. Second Edition. With introductory chapters. By G. W.

LAWRANCE, Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1886. Price 78. 6d. cloth.
Carver's Law of Carriage by Sea.-A Treatise on the Law

relating to the Carriage of Goods by Sea. By THOMAS GILBERT

CARVER, Esq., Barrister-at-law. Royal 8vo. 1885. Price 11.12s.clotb.
Clerke and Humphry's Sales of Land.-A Concise Treatise on

the Law relating to Sales of Land. By AUBREY ST. JOHN
CLERKE and HUGH M. HUMPHRY, Barristers-at-Law. Royal

8vo. 1885. Price 11. 5s. cloth.
Blackburn's Contract of Sale.-A Treatise on the effect of the

Contract of Sale on the Legal Rights of Property and Possession in
Goods, Wares and Merchandise. By LORD BLACKBURN. Second
Edition. By J. C. GRAHAM, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo.

1885. Price 11. ls. cloth.
Bazalgette and Humphreys' Local and Municipal Govern-

ment. Comprising the Statutes relating to Public Health, Municipal
Corporations, Highways, Burial, Gas and Water, Public Loans, Com.
pulsory Taking of Lands, Tramways, Electric Lighting, Artizans'
Dwellings, &c., Rivers' Pollution, the Clauses Consolidation Acts, and
many others, fully annotated with cases up to date, a selection of the
Circulars of the Local Government Board, with Table of upwards of
2500 Casey Ad
M.A., and IBU



MR ,

BW., Esyrs, Barristers-at-Law. In 1 vol. (1798 pp.) Super Royal 8vo. 1885. *Price 31. 3s. cloth.


* A Cogue of Stevens and Sons' Publications GRATIS on application


Prideaux's Precedents in Conveyancing.–With Dissertations

on its Law and Practice. Thirteenth Edition. By FREDERICK
PRIDEAUX, late Professor of the Law of Real and Personal Pro-
perty to the Inns of Court, and JOHN WHITCOMBE, Esqrs.,

Barristers-at-Law. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1885. Price 31. 10s. cloth.
" The most useful work out on Conveyancing.”—Law Journal.
Fisher's Digest of the Reported Decisions of the Courts of

Common Law, Bankruptcy, Probate, Admiralty, and Divorce, together
with a selection from those of the Court of Chancery and Irish
Courts. From 1756 to 1883 inclusive Founded on Fisher's Digest.
By JOHN MEWS, assisted by C. M. CHAPMAN, HARRY H. W.
SPARHAM, and A. H. TODD, Barristers-at-Law. In 7 vols.
Royal 8vo. 1884. Price 121. 12s. cloth.

Supplement for 1884, price 12s.6d.; for 1885, price 159. boards.
Wurtzburg on Building Societies. — The Acts relating to

Building Societies, comprising the Act of 1836 and the Building
Societies Acts, 1874, 1875, 1877, and 1884, and the Treasury Regula.
tions, 1884, with an Introduction, copious Notes, and Precedents of
Rules and Assurances. By EDWARD ALBERT WURTZBURG,

Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1886. Price 78. 6d. cloth.
Pollock's Principles of Contract.— Being a Treatise on the

General Principles relating to the Validity of Agreements in the Law
of England. Fourth Edition. By FREDERICK POLLOCK, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law, Professor of Common Law in the Inns of Court, &c.

Demy 8vo. 1885. Price 1l. 83. cloth.
Ellis' Guide to the Income Tax Acts. For the use of the

English Income Tax Payer. :, Second Edition. By ARTHUR M.
ELLIS, LL.B. (Lond.), Solicitor. Royal 12mo. 1886. Price 78. 6d.

Ellis' Guide to the House Tax Acts. For the use of the

Payer of Inhabited House Duty_in England. By ARTHUR M.

ELLIS, LL.B. (Lond.), Solicitor. Royal 12mo. 1885. Price 6s. cloth.
Bourdin's Exposition of the Land Tax; including the Recent

Judicial Decisions, and the incidental changes in the Law effected by
the Taxes Management Act, with other additional matter. Third
Edition. By SHIRLEY BÚNBURY, Esq., Assistant Registrar of
Land Tax, Inland Revenue, Somerset House. Royal 12mo. 1885.

Price 6s. cloth.
Castle's Law of Rating.–A Treatise on the Law of Rating.

Second Edition. By EDWARD JAMES CASTLE, Esq., Barrister.

at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1886. Price 25s. cloth.
Daniell's Practice of the Chancery Division of the High

Court of Justice, and on Appeal therefrom. Sixth Edition, with
References to a companion volume of Forms. By LEONARD FIELD,
assisted by WILLIAM HENRY UPJOHN, Barristers-at-Law.

2 vols. in 3 parts. Demy 8vo. 1882-84. Price 61. 6s. cloth.
Daniell's Chancery Forms.-Fourth Edition. Forms and Pre-

cedents of Proceeding in the Chancery Division of the High Court of
Justice and on Appeal therefrom. Fourth Edition. With Summaries
of the Rules of the Supreme Court, Practical Notes and References to
the Sixth Edition of “Daniell’s Chancery Practice." By CHARLES
BURNEY, B.A. (Oxon.), a Chief Clerk of the Hon. Mr. Justice Chitty.

Royal 8vo. (1260 pp.) 1885. Price 21. 10s, cloth.
Pitt-Lewis' Complete Practice of the County Courts,

including Admiralty and Bankruptcy, embodying the Acts, Rules,
Forms and Costs, with Additional Forms and a full Index. Second
Edition. By G. PÍTT-LEWIS, of the Western Circuit, Esq., sometime
Holder of the Studentship of the Four Inns of Court, assisted by
H. A. DE COLYAR, Esq., Barristers-at-Law. In 2 vols. Demy 8vo.
1883-84. Price 21. 108. cloth.

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