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UNDER the head By-laws, in Part I. of this Analysis, the original appointment and powers of the Committee are described. It consists of fifteen members, chosen in General Court out of the Proprietors, each possessing £2,000 stock. The Committee are required to meet twice in the year, and to be summoned by the secretary for the time being, on the requisition of any two of its members.

No By-law can be effectual which shall alter the constitution of the Company, as provided for by the charter, or which shall be contrary to any act of parliament.

No By-law can be suspended, altered, or repealed, without the consent and approbation of two General Courts, of the first of which fourteen days' public notice at the least must be given.

The present Committee, consisting of the following members,
was chosen on the 18th June 1828, viz.
The Hon. DougLAS KINNAIRD (Chairman of the Committee).

John H. Tritton, Esq.

Sir Henry STRACHEY, Bart. William BURNIE, Esq.
John DARBY, Esq.

John Hodgson, Esq. The only alteration which has been made in the By-laws since 1826 is in the By-law, chap. iv, sec. 3, which alteration vests in the Court of Directors the power, should they see fit, of ordering sundry payments to be made at the Bank of England, in such manner as shall be arranged between the Court of Directors and the Bank. The By-law as it now stands is as follows, the alteration being in italics.

BY LAW. Item, it is ordained, that for every sum drawn out of the Bank of England, a write-off, or draft, shall be signed by the Chairman or Deputy-Chairman for the time being, and one other Director of the Committee of Treasury, and countersigned by the principal cashier or his deputy, or by such other officer or officers as the Court of Directors shall appoint for that purpose ; and that no other person but the principal cashier or his deputy shall present the said write-off or draft for payment; excepting nevertheless that all bills of exchange accepted by order of the Court of Directors, and the dividends on the Company's capital stock, and also orders for monies made payable to others than the cashier or his deputy, may, if the Court of Directors should think fit so to direct, be paid at the Bank of England, in such manner as may

be arranged between the Court of Directors and the Bank.



CARNATIC. In Part I. of the Analysis, pages 129 and 708, the origin of the Carnatic and Tanjore Commissions is given in detail. The former was appointed under an agreement between the EastIndia Company and the private creditors, on the 10th July 1805: the latter under an agreement dated the 11th February 1824. The

aggregate amount of Carnatic claims which had been preferred in 1825, was £30,216,707, of which £27,163,979 had been rejected, and £2,485,630 admitted; since that period the further sum of £483,516 has been investigated, of which £362,403 has been rejected, and £121,113 admitted.

The following is an abstract of the amount of adjudications to the date of the last report from the Carnatic commission, dated 15th February 1828, and also the close of the Commissioners' Report.

£. Aggregate of absolute adjudications in

2,585,821 4 103 favour of parties........... 66 Aggregate of provisional adjudications

20,923 2 0] “ in favour of parties......

S. d.

2,606,744 6 11

“ Aggregate of absolute adjudications

« against the parties, including the “ portions disallowed on claims fa“ vourably adjudicated

27,526,382 2 87

Total... £30,133,126 9 73 Brought forward... £30, 133, 126 9 73 66 Estimated balance of the amount of

“ claims already reported to this Ho« nourable House, which remain to be adjudicated, exclusive of the amount

268,824 8 “ of a further number of small claims

(between five and six thousand) form“ ing the subject of the arrangements 6 noticed in the following paragraphs.

“ £30,401,950 17 45


66 Since the date of the last Report which we had the honour “ to lay before this Honourable House, we have received from " the Commissioners at Madras the whole of the Reports from 66 Mr. Lacon, who was, in the first instance, employed on the

part of the East India Company, to settle, upon certain terms, 6 at that time offered by their Government of Fort St. George, a

portion of the small claims on the fund provided by the deed

of the 10th July 1805, by which the Carnatic Commission was “ appointed. The several parties who accepted those terms “ withdrew, in consequence, their claims from our jurisdiction, “ and we have thereby been enabled to adjudicate against them “ absolutely, as having accordingly nothing due to them from 66 the said fund.

“ We have the satisfaction to report to this Honourable 66 House, that we have recently received a communication “ from the Honourable Court of Directors of the East-India “ Company, informing us of the complete success of the further arrangement, so far as it has hitherto been carried 66 into effect, which they had directed with a view to the

release of the said fund from the whole of the said class 6 of small claims. None of the particulars have yet reached 6 us from the Commissioners at Madras : but we expect to “ receive from them, in succession, the Reports necessary to “ empower us finally to liberate the said fund from all the 66 said claims which have been withdrawn under the said “ further arrangement, so soon as the Commissioners shall

66 have



“ have completed the details relative to the identity and the " title of this numerous class of claimants.

66 We have further the honour to state to this Honourable “ House, that we have passed awards (one, provisionally; the

others, absolutely ;) on all the claims (including those under 6 the Relief Act, 59 Geo. III., No. 294), which the Returns “ made by the Commissioners in India have, since the date of

our last Report, enabled us to adjudicate; and the Commis“ sioners at Madras have given assurances of their intention to “ transmit, with as little delay as the nature of the inquiries will “ admit, their further Reports on the remaining claims which “ have been referred by us for their investigation.

66 We have further the honour to report to this Honourable “ House that, in consequence of the reference to the Bengal “ Government, noticed in our last Report, the Governor-Gene“ ral in Council has adopted measures to secure, in future, “ due regularity in the execution of the duties of the Carnatic “ and Tanjore Commissioners at Madras.


“ THOMAS COCKBURN, 6 Carnatic Office, 66 Robert HARRY INGLIS," “ Manchester Buildings, Westminster,

“ 15th February 1828."

TANJORE. The Tanjore Commissioners have made four Reports of their proceedings:

The 1st dated 21st February 1825.

2d ......... 22d February 1826.
3d ............ 6th December 1826.

4th and last, 15th February 1828. by which it appears that the aggregate amount of claims is Star Pagodas 3,578,345, or £1,431,338. The conclusion of the fourth and last Report is as follows:

" In our second Report to Parliament, under date the 22d of “ February 1826, we had the honour to present to this Honour“ able House a list of claims preferred to us, and to state, " that in regard to them, we had obtained all the evidence

or recoverable

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