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Chapter I. Historical Development of Public Regulation of

the Rate of Wages..
In England ..
In Australasia
In the United States.

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Chapter II. The Constitutional Aspect of Minimum Wage

Legislation in the United States...
The Police Power...
Health and Safety
Morals ...
Protection against Oppression
The Police Power and the Fourteenth Amendment..
Freedom of Contract.
Class Legislation
Delegation of Legislative Power to the Commission..

Legislative Discretion and Judicial Supervision..
Chapter III. The Test of Experience..

Effects on Industry
Effects on Wages ..
Effects on Efficiency and on Industrial Peace.

Chapter IV. A Résumé..
Appendix. An Analysis of Modern Minimum Wage Legis-

lation. Foreign Legislation.
New Zealand: The Industrial Conciliation and Arbitra-

tion Act. 1894-1901..
New South Wales
Victoria : Special Boards Act, 1896...
Great Britain: Trade Boards Act, 1909.

Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act, 1912..
The Victorian and the British Legislation.

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