Transactions of the Manchester Geological and Mining Society, 28. köide

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Page 696 - Institution remains unpaid, and that you are in consequence in arrear of subscription. I am also directed to request that you will cause the same to be paid without further delay, otherwise the Council will be under the necessity of exercising their discretion, as to using the power vested in them by Article 10, Section V., of the By-Laws and Regulations.
Page 318 - To my mind, the really appalling thing is not that the Germans have seized this or the other industry, or even that they may have seized upon a dozen industries. It is that the German population has reached a point of general training and specialised equipment which it will take us two generations of hard and intelligently directed educational work to attain.
Page 329 - To give a stronger impulse and a more systematic direction to scientific inquiry, — to promote the intercourse of those who cultivate Science in different parts of the British Empire, with one another, and with foreign philosophers, — to obtain a more general attention to the objects of Science, and a removal of any disadvantages of a public kind which impede its progress.
Page 696 - Institution as far as shall be in my power, and will attend the Meetings thereof as often as I conveniently can: provided that, whenever I shall signify in writing to the Secretary that I am desirous of withdrawing from the...
Page 322 - If we cannot make up what we have lost, matters cannot mend. I have done what I feel to be my duty in bringing the present condition of things before you. It is now your duty, if you agree with me, to see that it be put right. You can if you will.
Page 321 - All this refers to our industries. We are suffering because trade no longer follows the flag as in the old days, but because trade follows the brains, and our manufacturers are too apt to be careless in securing them. In one chemical establishment in Germany, 400 doctors of science, the best the universities there can turn out, have been employed at different times in late years. In the United States the most successful students in the higher teaching centres are snapped up the moment they have finished...
Page 694 - ... duly called for the purpose, of which meetings the second shall be held at an interval of not less than two nor more than thirteen months after the first.
Page 414 - Paper a very able one, involving a large amount of labour in its preparation, and he had much pleasure in moving a vote of thanks to Mr. MATHEWS for his interesting contribution to the
Page 319 - The facts show that in this country we cannot depend upon private effort to put matters right. How about local effort ? Anyone who studies the statistics of modern municipalities will see that it is impossible for them to raise rates for the building and upkeep of Universities. The buildings of the most modern University in Germany have cost a million. For upkeep the yearly sums found, chiefly by the State, for German Universities of different grades, taking the incomes of seven out of the twenty-two...
Page 320 - ... able shall we be, thus armed at all points, to compete successfully with other countries along all lines of national as well as of commercial activity. It is obvious that the power of a nation for war, in men and arms and ships, is one' thing; its power in the peace struggles to which I have referred is another ; in the latter, the source and standard of national efficiency are entirely changed. To meet war conditions, there must be equality or superiority in battleships and army corps. To meet...

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