The Lover: Written in Imitation of the Tatler

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J. Nichols, 1789 - 92 pages
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Page 40 - O lovely maid, then will I think on thee! And, in the shock of charging hosts, remember What glorious deeds should grace the man, who hopes For Marcia's love.
Page 31 - Safe from the treach'rous friend, the daring spark, The glance by day, the whisper in the dark, When kind occasion prompts their warm desires, When music softens, and when dancing fires ? Tis but their sylph, the wise celestials know, Though honour is the word with men below.
Page 69 - There is, likewise, another inconvenience in this female passion for china, namely, that it administers to them great matter of wrath' and sorrow. How much anger and affliction are produced daily in the hearts of my dear country-women, by the breach of this frail furniture. Some of them pay half their servants' wages in china fragments, which their carelessness has produced.
Page 58 - ... and the groans of an afflicted wife. And when you are not (which sure by sympathy I shall know), I shall wish my own dissolution with you that so we may go hand in hand to Heaven. 'Tis too late to tell you what...
Page 60 - I desire you not to repine that I am first to be rewarded, since you ever preferred me to yourself in all other things. Afford me, with cheerfulness, the precedence in this.
Page 303 - It stands upon its own basis like a rock of adamant, secured by its natural situation against all conquests or attacks. There is no one place about it weaker than another, to favour an enemy in his approaches. The major and the minor are of equal strength. Its questions admit of no reply, and its assertions are not to be invalidated.
Page 224 - Love, the most generous passion of the mind, The softest refuge innocence can find, The safe director of unguided youth, Fraught with kind wishes, and secured by truth; That cordial drop heaven in our cup has thrown To make the nauseous draught of life go down...
Page 210 - ... can intimate to the heart. Such a pair give charms to virtue, and make pleafant the ways of innocence : a deviation from the rules of fuch a commerce would be courting pain; for fuch a life is as much to be preferred to any thing that can be communicated by criminal fatisfactions (to fpeak of it in the mildeft terms), as fobriety and elegant converfation are to intemperance and rioting, *»..* In a fhort time will be publifhed, " The Difference be" twcen an Abfolute and a Limited Monarchy, as...
Page 158 - The utmost inconveniencies are owing to the difficulty we meet with in being admitted into the society of men in years, and adding thereby the early knowledge of men and business to that of books, for the reciprocal improvement of each other. One of fifty as naturally imagines the same insufficiency in one of thirty, as he of thirty does in one of fifteen ; and each age is thus left to instruct itself by the natural course of its own reflection and experience.
Page 3 - The pitiful artifices which empirics are guilty of to drain cash out of valetudinarians, are the abhorrence of your generous mind : and it is as common with Garth to supply indigent patients with money for food, as to receive it from wealthy ones for physic.

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