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over all, is rich unto now pleased in much Mercy, to A. D. 57. all that call upon him. accept and receive every Man of

13. For whosoever what Nation soever, upon his true Thall call upon the Faith in Chrift; whom he hath name of the Lord, appointed the universal Lord and Thall be saved.

Saviour of Mankind, according to the antient Promises of Ifai. xxviii. 16. Joel ii. 32. concerning the State and Kingdom of the Meffiah*. 14. How then shall

14 & 15. And if it be so, How they call on him in

can you Jews be thus disgufted
whom they have not and enraged at our preaching the
believed ? and how Gospel to the Gentile World, and
shall they believe in ordaining and sending others to do
him of whom they

it? For how should Men embrace
have not heard ? and
how thall they hear this Religion, unless they be con-
without a preacher ?

vinced of the Truth of it? And
15. And how shall how should they be convinced of
they preach, except that without some Persons to teach
they be fent ? as it is them the Doctrines and Evidences
written, How beau- of it? And who should do that
ciful are the feet of but Men ordained and sent for
them that preach the that Purpose ?. Your Indignation
gospel of peace, and therefore at us upon this Account,
bring glad tidings of is very contrary to those words
good things?

of your Prophet (Ifai. lii. 7, 8.) For he speaks of the Welcome and Acceptableness of the Gospel Ministers to the Gentiles.

16. But they have 16. And tho' indeed the Sucnot all obeyed the gor- cess of our Ministry has not been pel. For Efaias faith, answerable to the Evidences that Lord, who hath be

have attended it, nor the Pains lieved our report? we have taken in it; 'tis no more than what the same Prophet foretold, Ifai. liii. 1.

17. So then, faith 17. Yet it is still our Duty to cometh by hearing, and preach to all Nations; for tho? hearing by the word Men's Repentance and Conversion of God.

do not always proportionably follow this our preaching; yet without it there could be no converting of Men at all.

18. In Lord, in and through whom we are to call, agreeably to Aas X. 36. I have expressed both Senses.

See Rom. ix. 33. Aks ii. 16.

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A. D. 57

18. But I say, Have 18. In the mean Time, neithey not heard? Yes. ther Jew nor Gentile People can verily, their * sound excuse their Infidelity, by pretendwent into all the ing a Want of sufficient Instrucearth, and their words tion. Not the Gentiles, for our unto the ends of the

preaching to them may be comworld.

pared to what the Psalmist says of the Beauty *, Harmony and Regularity of the Heavens and the Stars, Pfal. xix. 4. It is gone out into all Lands, and even as a Voice unto the Ends of the World.

19. But I say, Did 19. And can the Jewish Nation not Israel knowi First, plead, this Reception of the GenMoses saith, I will pro- tile World into the Kingdom and voke you to jealousy Religion of Christ, to be a perby them that are no fectly new and unheard-of Docpeople, and by a fool- trine, and such as may well preith nation I will anger judice them against coming into you.

it? Nay, but even Mofes, at the very first Delivery of their Law, foretold it should be so Deut. xxxii. 21.) telling them, That upon their obftinate Infidelity, God would vex and provoke them by taking the very Gentiles for his Church in their Stead. 20. But Efaias is

20. And Efaias yet more exvery bold, and faith, prefly, Ijai. lxv. 1. I was found I was found of them of them that knew me not, &c. i. e. that sought me not; my Religion, and the true Way I was made manifest of Salvation shall be graciously ofunto them that asked fered to, and accepted and emnot after me.

braced by the Gentiles, who have been hitherto Strangers to it.

21. But to Israel he 21. And as to the Jewish Nafaith, All day long I tion, their

Rejection, and their obhave stretched forth ftinate Infidelity, as the juft Reason my hands unto a diso- of it, are plainly expressed in the bedient and gain-lay- 2d Ver. of the fame Chap. All the ing people.

Day long have I stretched out my Hand to a disobedient and gainsaying People.

CHAP. * Ver. 18. Their Sound is gone out. In the Hebrew it is, aip, Their Line or Direction, i.e. the Order of their Motions; instead of which, 'tis thought the Septuagint read abip, their Voice, whose Translation the Writers of the New Testament generally follow. But our learned Dr. Pocock in his Miscellany, cap. 4. p.48. has hewn the Word to fignify a loud Voice as well as a Line.

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c H A P. XI.

The Rejection of the Jewish Nation is not universal, ab-

solute, and irreversible. Some remain yet the People
of God, by embracing the Faith of Christ, and rely-
ing wholly upon his Religion, without any Dependence
on the Jewith Law for Pardon and Happiness. The
obftinate and harden's Part of that people, not so given
over by God, as to have no Place left for Repentance
and Conversion. The Gentiles taken in to fill up their
Vacancy, and the Fulness of Gentile Believers will be
an Argument to incite and provoke the Jewish Nation to
acknowledge and believe in Christ, after their Example.
Wherefore the Gentile Christians ought by no Means to
insult wver the rejected Jews, who were the antient
Church of God, upon whose Stock they are, in a Man-
ner, grafted; and who are yet capable of becoming their
Brethren in Christ, and by whose After-Conversion the
Gentile Church will receive a vast and happy Addi-
tion, and Increase. For God has in their Turns suffered
them both, by wilful Transgressions, to become Objects of
his Displeasure, and in their Turns offered them both
the Means of Pardon and Redemption, and made them,
as it were, instrumental to the Conversion of each
other. A wise and wonderful Dispensation of Pro-

Say then, Hath I. UT what I have been dif-
God caft away

coursing about the Rejechis people ? God for- tion of the Jewish People, must bid. For I also am an not be understood, as if God had Ifraelite, of the feed absolutely and universally excluded of Abraham, of the them from his true Church. No, tribe of Benjamin.

by no Means, for then I should exclude myself who am a few born, of the Tribe of Benjamin; yet by being a Christian, I remain a Member of his Church.



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A. D. 57.

2 & 3.

A. D. 57

2. God hath not 2 & 3. God has not thus tomcast away his people tally cast off the Nation whom

which he foreknew. he once made Choice of to be
Wot ye not what the his peculiar Chirch and People.
scripture faith of Eli: 'Tis only now much as it was in
as ? how he maketh
intercellion to God a. Elijah's "Time, when he com-
gainet Israel, saying, plained to God against them (1

3. Lord, they have Kings xix. 14.) That they were
killed thy prophets, generally relapsed into Idolatry, that
and digged down bardly any of his true Worshippers
thine altars ; and I am were left but himself.
left alone, and they
seek my lise.

4. But what faith 4 & 5. But as God answered the answer of God him, then, That there were still unto him? I have se left seven Thousand that had not served to myself seven committed Idolatry; fo I say now, thousand men, who There are some of this Nation, have not bowed the who remain yet the Church and knee to the image of People of God, by embracing Baal.

5. Even so then at and accepting the gracious Relithis present time allo gion of the Gospel. there is a remnant according to the ele&ion of grace.

6. And if by grace, 6. Only let them remember, then is it no more they are to depend wholly upon of works: otherwise the Mercies of God in the Gospel grace is no

more Covenant, for their Pardon and grace. But if it be of works, chen is, it Happiness, and not all upon the no more grace, other. Privileges and Performances of wise work is no more

the Mofaical Law; for if the Ce

remonial Law would have saved work.

them, there had been no Occafion for the Gospel Religion.

7. What then? Il- 7. The Case therefore is shortrael hath not obtained ly this, The Generality of the that which he seeketh Jewish Nation pretend to, and for, but the election would fain have, that Pardon and hath obtained it, and Mercy which belongs to the Church the rest were blinded. of God, but have lost it by their present Infidelity ; but such of them as are true Be



lievers in Christ still hold that Privilege, while the rest A. D. 37, remain obdurate in refusing the Conditions of it.

8. According as it 8, 9 & 10. Such an Obduracy is written, God hath

as Isaiah describes God giving the given them the spirit fame People up to, as a Punithof llumber, eyes that ment upon their gross Infidelity, they should not see, Isai. xxix. 10. and Chap. vi. 9, and ears that they

1o. And the woful Effects whereshould not hear unto

of, are like what the Psalmist this day;

9. And David faith, speaks of, upon the Enemies of Let their table be God's Church, Pfal. lxix. 22, 23. made a snare, and a trap, and a stumbling block, and a recompense unto them.

10. Let their eyes be darkened, that they may not see, and bow down their back alway.

11. I say then, have 11. Yet, as I said, the unbethey stumbled that lieving Part of them are not so they should fall ? God utterly cast off, as to be out of all forbid : but rather Hopes of Recovery, upon their thro' their fall falva. Repentance and Conversion to tion is come unto the the Gospel. In the mean Time, Gentiles, for to pro during this their Infidelity, God voke them to jealousy. is pleased to declare the Gentiles to be his Church and People in their Stead, as a most proper Argument, and likely Means, the sooner to irritate and rouze them by Way of Emulation, to come in and embrace their MESSIAH as well as the Gentiles.

12. Now if the fall 12. A most happy and wise of them be the riches Proceeding for the Benefit of all of the world, and the Mankind ! For if such a confia: diminishing of them derable Part of the Gentile World che riches of the Gen- are, and will be brought to the tiles: how much more Christian Religion, by our leaving their fulness?

that Nation, and preaching to them, how much more will the World flow into it, whenever they see the Jews themselves repent and embrace their own MESSIAH?

13. For I speak to 13 & 14. I make the great you Gentiles, in as Blessing of the Gentiles being much as I am the a- called into the Church of Chrift, posle of the Gen- to be, as it were, first occafioned

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