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A. D. 57. eiles, I magnify mine and founded upon the Rejection

I office:

of the Jews. But my only Aim 14. If by any means in so expressing myself, is to raise I may provoke to e. the Spirit and Emulation of my mulation, them which Countrymen, and bring them the my flesh, and

sooner (at least some of them) to might save some of them.

accept of the Gospel Salvation; not

to give you Gentile-Converts the least Occasion to insult over that obftinate and unhappy People. For tho' I be your Apostle, and glory that I am lo, vet would I give you no Encouragement to such Behaviour against my own Nation. 15. For if the cast

15. You will have infinitely ing away of them be more Reason to triumph and rethe reconciling of the joice at their general Conversion, world: what Mall the than you have now at their Rereceiving of them be, jećtion. For though the latter has but life from the dead? been an Occasion of_bringing some of you (the sooner) into the Christian Faith, yet the former, whenever it shall happen, will fo enlarge and fill the Christian Church from all Quarters, that the whole world will seem, as it were, to rise from the Dead to a new State of Life and Happiness.

16. For if the first- 16. You must not look upon fruit be holy, the them as finally and entirely reJump is also holy; and jected. God has still an Eye upon if the root be holy, them as a People in Covenant so are the branches.

with him from Abraham, and as Branches sprung from the Root of the pious and holy Patriarchs. And tho' their present Infidelity has nozu justly deprived them of the Privileges belonging to that noble Relation ; yet whenever they repent of it, they are sure to be favourably accepted of him, as the whole Product of the Harvest was consecrated by the Firstfruit Offering, and as they are the genuine Branches of so good a Root. 17. And if some of

17 & 18. And if many of them the branches be brok

now broken off, like the en off, and thou be- fruitless Branches of a good Tree, ing a wild olive-tree, and you Gentiles put into their wert grafted in a Place, yet remember, 'tis but likę

. mongst



from you.

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mongst them, and Cions of another Tree grafted A. D. 57.
with them partakes upon their Stock; you grow by
of the root and fatness their Sap, and are nourish'd from
of the olive-tree: their Root; for you are saved by

18. Boast not against Virtue of the Promise made to
the branches ; but if

boaft, thou bear. Abraham, but Abraham's natural
eft not the root, but Seed have received no Advantages
the root thee.

19. Thou wilt say 19. You may perhaps alledgs, then, The branches That since they are cut off to were broken off, that make Way for us, we may as I might be grafted in. well infult over them now, as they did over us before.

20. Well : because 20. Well, but pray remember of unbelief they were it was Infidelity and Disobedience broken off, and thou that lost them; and 'tis only finstandest by faith. Be

cere Faith and Obedience that not high minded, but

puts you in Possession of their fear.

happy Privileges. Take Warning by them therefore, and don't insult, but rather endeavour to avoid their Fate, by an humble, modest, and conftant Perseverance in the Duties of your Profession. .

For if God 21. For if God [pared not his spared not the natural

own chosen People, the Seed of branches, take beed Abraham, upon their Infidelity, left he also spare not much less will he spare you who thee.

never had any such Relation to him, should you relapse, and be guilty of the same Miscarriage.

22. Behold there- 22. Consider then the perfect
fore the goodness, and Mixture of Severity and Misery Mercy
severity of God: on

in the divine Dispensations! How
them which fell, fe- severe he has been even to his own
verity; but towards "People, that fell from their Obe.
thee, goodness, if thou dience to him; and how merci-
continue in his good-
ness: otherwise chou ful toward you Gentiles in now
also lhalt be cut off giving you the Gospel Salvation :


But 'tis no further, and for no longer than you continue to live worthy of that Mercy.

23. Nay


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A. D. 57. 23. And they also, 23. Nay, if the Jewish Nation

if they abide not ftill shall yet return and embrace the in unbelief, hall be Gospel, God will again engraft graffed in : for God them into his Church: For tho is able to graff them they seem to you to be cut off, in again.

and quite wither’d; yet is he both able and willing, upon their true Repentance, to reduce them again to a flourishing Church and People.

24. For if thou wert 24. For if you Gentiles, that cut out of the olive

were never before in Covenant tree which is wild by with him, are now so freely and nature, and wert graff. readily taken into it, upon your ed contrary to nature Belief of the Gospel, how much into a good olive-tree: easier is it to conceive, God will how much more shall these which be the na

upon the same Conditions receive tural brancbes, be graff. them again, to whom the Promise ed into their own o

of the Messiah originally belong'd, live-tree?

and was at first made? 25. For I would

25. For, to prevent any proud not, brethren, that ye Conceit of your selves in Conshould be ignorant


tempt of them, I must now tell this mystery (left ye you, what you seem to be yet igshould be wise in your

norant of, That God never deown conceits) that blindness in part is figned to abandon this great Part happened to Ifrael,

of the Jewish Nation to this until the fulness of the Blindness and Infidelity, any lonGentiles be come in. ger than till the Christian Church

of the Gentiles is more fully compleated. 26. And so all Il

26 & 27. And then the whole rael shall be saved, as Nation shall be again received, it is written, There

upon their Repentance, accordfhall come out of Sion ing to those Words of Ifai. lix. the deliverer, and shall turn away ungodli

20, 21. nels from Jacob.

27. For this is my covenant unto them, when I shall take

away their fins.

28. As concerning 28. Their obstinate Refusal of the gospel, they are the Religion of Christ, has indeed enemies for your sake: caused God in just Judgment to



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but as touching the e- reject and cast them off, and you A. D. 57, lection, they are be- have the Advantage of coming loved for the fathers into their Place: But God has sakes.

still such a tender Regard to the eminent Virtues of, and the Covenant made with Abraham and the holy Patriarchs, whose Pofterity they are, that he has yet a merciful Eye toward them as his original Church and People.

29. For the gifts 29. For that great Promise to and calling of God are Abraham, That his Seed should be without repentance. the covenanted People of God, and enjoy the Blessings of the Mefiah, tho' suspended now upon their present Disobedience, God will certainly have a Respect to, and see effectually fulfilld at last, if ever they will come into the Conditions of it.

30. For as ye in 30 & 31. And as you Gentiles times past have not were once in a State of Idolatry, believed God, yet Vice, and Superstition, but now have now obtained enjoy the Opportunity of coming mercy through their into the Pale of God's true Church, unbelief:

31. Even to have by their casting themselves out of these alle now not it; so shall your Improvement of believed, that thro this great Advantage, provoke your mercy they allo and excite their Emulation, and may obtain mercy.

in due Time become an Occasion

* of bringing them again to Repentance and divine Favour. 32. For God hath

32. And thus has the divine concluded them all in Wisdom and Justice suffer'd you unbelief, that


Turns to revolt from might have mercy him, by the wilful Abuse of the

Light and Advantages bestowed on you; and by a most wise and wonderful Turn of providential Events, has given you both the free and fair Offers of Pardon and Salvation, in order to reduce both Jew and Gentile into one Church under Jesus Christ, our common Saviour and Redeemer.

33. O the depth of 33. Oh the deep Abyss of diche riches both of the vine Goodness and Wisdom, that


he both in

upon all.

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• Ver. 31. That they also may obtain Mercy, "Ira xj du?o jaindoor So as they also may per obtain Morog,

A. D. 57. wisdom and know- can thus order and dispose even ledge of God? how

its Judgments and Punishments, to unsearchable are his the Good of Mankind, by Ways judgments, and his absolutely surprizing and unsearchways past finding out? able to human Understanding ! 34. For who hath

34. Certainly nothing but infiknown the mind of nite Wisdom, that frands in need the Lord, or who hath of no Counsellors but itself, could been his counsellor ?

have thus disposed of Events so much to the Advantage of a sinful World. 35. Or who hath

35. Certainly as the Gentiles firit given to him, and can pretend to have had no Hand it shall be recompens themselves in these gracious Me-. ed unto him again ? thods of their Happiness, so cannot the Jews presume to say, that God is in their Debt, or any Way deals hardly by them, even in this fevere Punishment indicted upon their Infidelity.

36. For of him, and 36. Thus perfect are the Ways through him, and to and Dispensations of GOD, by him are all things : whose Power all Things were at to whom be glory for first created, by whose Providence ever. Amen.

they are govern'd and directed, and to whose Glory and Praise they all tend. To whom therefore be ascribed all Glory and Honour for ever.



Jewish and Gentile Believers being now united into one

Church under CHRIST, the Apostle exhorts them all
to such Duties as become their several Stations in the
Church. Warns them against undervaluing and despising
one another upon Account of spiritual and extraordinary
Endowments.' Excites every one to employ his own Gifts
nodeftly and well, and to attend diligently upon their re-
Spective Offices. Exhorts them to the Love of one ano-
ther, and to seek no Revenge, but do Good even to their
Enemies and Perfecutors.

Beseech " I

you cherefore bre

both Jews and Gentiles thren,


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HAving thus proved, that

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