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A. D. 57. Behaviour, before he presumes to attend so religious a


29. For he that eat- 29. For whoever uses it othereth and drinketh un. wise, deserves a severe Punishworthily, eateth and ment, as a contemptuous Prophadrinketh damnation to

ner of the Lord's Body and Blood, himself

, not discern- by handling the holy Symbols of ing the Lords body.

it as common and ordinary Meats. 39. For this cause 30. And indeed God has almany are weak and ready shown he will punish such Hekly among you, and Prophaners; for some of you are

already struck with Sickness for it, of which several have died. 31. For if we would

31. And if any of you, that judge our selves, we are not yet punish'd in so remarkMould not be judged. able a Manner, would avoid the Stroke, let them timely consider, and reform their Practice.

32. But when we 32. And let those that lie unare judged, we are der their present Punishment, rechastned of the Lord, member that God lays it on them

that we hould not for a fatherly and merciful Corbe condemned with rection, to bring them to a Sense the world.

of their Duty, and by their Reformation to prevent their final * Condemnation with obstinate Unbelievers at the Day of Judgment. 33

Wherefore, my 33. Let what I have said then, brethren, when ye persuade you all to eat this solemn come together to eat, Feast, in a sober, unanimous, and tarry one for another. charitable Manner.

34. And if any man 34. Eat for Hunger, or for hunger, let him eat mere Pleasure, at home, but do at home ; that ye not do thus in the Church-Alcome not togetherun; semblies, for fear of a just Judgto condemnation. And

ment upon you. As to your other the rest will I les in order when I come.


* Ver. 32. "Iya kein xalaxsandcöuer, That we should not be condemned with the World. This is a Demonftration, that the Word zgila, in the 29th Verse. does not fignify eternal and crtain Damnation.

Questions about this Matter, I will decide them when

I see you.


The next Thing the Corinthians desir'd to be resolved in,

was, the Case of spiritual Gifts, and of Persons ex-
traordinarily endowed with them. The Jewish Zealots,
retaining Nill too great a Veneration for the Mofaical
Law, concluded no Gifts of the Holy Spirit were ever
conferred upon any Gentile Christian, so long as he
continued uncircumcised. On the other Hand, the
Gentile as well as Jewish Converts were too apt to
magnify their own Gifts, and despise those of others,
The Apostle corrects thefe Mistakes. Lays it down as
a Rule, that whatever extraordinary Gift was exer-
cised, or Miracle wrought, for a Testimony of the true
Christian Religion, and for promoting and advancing
its heavenly Doctrines, was a true Miracle, and a
truly divine Gift, be the Christian that exercised it,
Jewish or Gentile. On the contrary, whatever was
wrought or said to invalidate the Christian Faith,
could be no better than a false and diabolicat Delusion.
He shows all spiritual Gifts to be derived from one and
the same Holy Spirit, directed all to one and the same
End, viz. the Good of the Christian Church; all spi-
ritual Persons being useful and beneficial in their several
Kinds, and therefore none are to be undervalued or
despised. This Argument is illustrated from an apt
Comparison taken from the human Body, and its Mem-
TOW concern-

UR next Enquiry is a- A. D. 57.
ing spiritual bout the true Nature of
gists, brethren,

I spiritual Gifts, and the due Bewould not have you haviour of such Persons as are enignorant.

dowed with them. In which, because I find there are great Debates among your

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A. D. 57. Jewish and Gentile Converts, I shall lay down some w Rules for your right Information in that Point.

2. Ye know that ye 2. That the Gentile Christians, were Gentiles carried then, may have a just and modest away unto these dumb Esteem of the Gifts they are quaidols, even as ye were lified withal, they ought to reled.

member themselves but just recovered from their State of Heathen Ignorance and Idolatry, newly made the People of God, and so ought by no Means to undervalue the Jewish Christians, who have all along been his peculiar Church.

3. Wherefore I give 3. And whereas the Jewish you to understand, Zealots are wont to assume all that no man speaking spiritual Gifts to themselves, and by the Spirit of God, would conclude, no Christian, calleth Jesus accursed: while he remains uncircumcised, and that no man can

to be worthy of say that Jesus is the

such Endowany

now assure
Lord, but by the ho-
iy Ghoft.

whatever Jew denies Christ to be

the true Meffiah, and would denounce him a false Prophet, let him pretend to what Gifts and Miracles he will, they are no better than diabolical Delusions * and Conjurations. And whatever Gentile Convert truly embraces the Christian Faith, and confirms it by Miracles, those Miracles could never be wrought but by the Spirit of God, whose true Religion it is; it being absolutely inconsistent to imagine the Devil would lend his Power toward confirming a Religion so opposite to his own Kingdom t.

4. Now there are 4. Then, as to the prudent and diversities of gifts, but modeft Behaviour of all gifted the same Spirit.

Persons, for preventing all Disorder and Divisions, let them consider, that though some Endowments may be greater than others, yet they are all equally derived from the same Original, viz. the Holy Spirit.

ment, I

you, that

5. And

* He speaks of the Exorcists or Conjurors among the Jews, of which see Aals xix. 13. and Dr. Lightfoot Heb. & Talmud. Exerc. on this place.

+ See Matth. xii, 25, 26. See also and compare i Jobm

iv. 1, 2, 3


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5. And there are 5. And tho' there be a Variety A. D. 57; differences of admini- of Offices in the Church, whereof ftrations, but the same fome are superior to others, yet Lord.

all Officers act under one and the fame Lord Jesus Chrif, and receive their Commissions equally from him only.

6. And there are di- 6. And so again, all the feveral
versities of operations, Degrees of Endowments that qua-
but it is the fame lify them for their several Func-
God, which worketh tions, are owing to the fame God,
all in all.

for whose Service they are be-
7. But the mani,


For none of these extraorfeftation of the Spirit, dinary Gifts are conferred upon is given to every man any of you for his own private to profit withal.

Advantage, Honour, or Applause, but for the Good and Benefit of the whole Churcb.

8. For to one is 8, 9 & 10. Thus for Instance,
given by the Spirit, some are endowed with an exact
the word of wisdom Understanding of the true Nature
to another the word and Design of the Christian Reli-
of knowledge by the gion * in general; others with the
fame Spirit ;

true Sense of several particular
9. To another faith
by the same Spirit ;

Prophecies of the Old Testament for
to another the gifts of explaining that Religion. Some
healing by the same are blest with a very high Degree

of Faith, as a Qualification for 1o. to another the performing several extraordinary working of miracles; Things at particular Junctures, to another prophecy; or such a full and firm Perfuafon to another discerning of Mind, as to the Truth of what of spirits ; to ano. they preached, as to enable them ther divers kinds of to deliver it with Authority, and tongues; to another without Hesitation ; others with the interpretation of the special Power of miraculously tongues.

curing Diseases. Some are enabled to work Miracles of several Kinds; others are in


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* As the Apoftles especially were, Ver. 28, 29. and are therefore placed in the forf Order of spiritual Officers.

D. 57. spired to foretel future * Things, to explain Scripture *

Doctrines, and sing divine * Hymns. Some are impowered to discern the very Hearts of other Men, and to diftinguish between true and false Prophets; others to fpeak Languages they never learned; and other to interpret those Languages to the People, as fast, and as readily as they speak them.

II. But all these II. And thus these various Enworketh that one and dowments come all from the same the self-fame Spirit, Holy Spirit, given to such Perdividing to every man fons, and in such Measures as he severally as he will.

sees them beft capable to improve to the Churches Benefit ; and therefore are not to be used as Arguments of Pride, and Self-Esteem, by either Jewish or Gentile Christians.

12. For as the bo- 12. For the Church of Chrift, dy is one, and hath like the Body natural, is commany members, and posed of divers Members, all useall the members of ful and necessary in their Kinds. that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Chrift.

13. For by one spi. 13. And as the several Memrit are we all baptized bers of the Body natural, are all into one body, whe- actuated by one and the same ther we be Jews or Soul, which makes up the Man, Gentiles, whether we so by our baptismal Profession we be bond or free ; and

are all united into one Christian have bein all made to drink into one Spirit.

Church; and, whoever of us have

any extraordinary Gifts and Graces, are endowed and actuated by one and the same divine Spirit, as Waters flow from a Fountain ; nourished by the same Doctrine ; and both Jews and Gentiles, Master and Servant, all Ranks and Degrees of Christians, made into one spiritual Body under Christ our common Head. 14. For the body

14, 15 & 16. For some of us is not one member, therefore to distinguish themselves, and despise and undervalue their


but many.

15. If

* Which are the three several Notions of the Word Pro pbery in the Scripture Writings.

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