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15. If the foot shall otherwise gifted Brethren, looks A. D. 57. say, Because I am not as if they thought there was but the hand, I am not of one Member (at least but one vathe body; is it there. luable one) in the Church's Body. fore not of the body? And it is absurd, as if because 16. And if the ear

the Hand cannot walk, nor the fhall say, " Because I am not the eye, I am

Ear see, that therefore neither not of the body; is Hand nor Ear had their Uses it therefore not of the and Functions as good and necefbody?

sary to the Body of Man, as ei

ther the Foot or the Eye. 17. If the whole 17 & 18. As therefore the nabody were an eye, tural Body would have been very where were the hear- defective, had it but one of the ing? if the whole Senses instead of the five; so were were hearing, where there no other spiritual Gifts, but were the smelling?

those particular ones upon which 18. But now hath God set the members

, some of your Teachers fo magnify every one of them in and extol themselves, the Christhe body, as it hath tian Church would be a very lame pleased him. and imperfect Society. Against

which God has now moft wisely provided, by such a proper and perfect Variety of his 1piritual Endowments.

19. And if they 19 & 20. So that it is Variety were all one member, that compleats the human Body, where were the body? and so it does the Christian

20. But now are tbey Church; one Member can claim many members, yet its Usefulness and due Respect as but one body.

well as another, because there is none but what would be defective without it. 21. And the eye

21. And as there is no one cannot say unto the Member of the human Body, but hand, I have no need what receives Benefit and Support of thee; nor again, from every one of the rest; so the head to the feet, I have no need of their particular Gifts, could ever

none of your Teachers, with you.

keep up and promote the Chriftian Church, without others to act in Confort with them. 2

22. And,

A. D. 57: 22.

22. Nay, much 22. And, to make the Parallel more those members perfectly compleat ; as in the huof the body which man Body there is not the least seem to be more fee- Vein, Muscle, Veffel, or Ligable, are necessary.

ment, but is in its proper Place as useful as the biggest Limb we have.

23. And those mem- 23. Nay, though some of its bers of the body, which Parts be called less honourable, as we think to be less not being fit to be exposed, as honourable, upon the rest are, to common View; these we bestow more

yet even that is abundantly fupabundant honour, and

plied by the Care we take to coour uncomely parts have more abundant ver them; and fo indeed they comeliness.

may be said to have more Regard

and Respect paid them than any others.

24. For our comely 24 & 25. [Nature and Proviparts have no need : dence having thus provided for but God hath tem- them all with an equal Care, by pered the body toge- a just Supply given to some, of ther, having given what others have no Want, so as more abundant ho

to leave no Difagreement or Parnour

to that part tiality between them.] which lacked :

25. That there should be no schism in the body; but ibat the members should have the same care one for another.

26. And whether 26. Then again, as no Memone member suffer, all ber of our Bodies can be afflicted the members suffer with Pain, but the Whole is out with it: or one mem: of Order, the Harm or Dishonour ber be honoured, all of the one affecting the whole the members rejoyce Frame: with it. 27. Now ye are the

27. So in like Manner is it body of Christ, and with you and your several Gifts members in particular, and Graces. You all make up one Church the mystical Body of CHRIST; you grow or decay, prosper or suffer with one another.

28. And God hath 28. This Body Christ has comset some in the posed of Variety of Members, church, first apostles, Officers, and Ministers, as Apolsecondarily prophets, tles, Prophets, Teachers, Workers thirdly


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thirdly teachers, after of Miracles, Healers of Diseases, A. D. 57.
that miracles, then Governors of several Kinds, with
gifts of healing, helps, Afftants under them, for Distri-
governments, diver- bution of Charities to the Poor,
fities of tongues. or for helping them in the Work
of the Gospel by any special Gifts or peculiar Talents for
which they are remarkable, and Speakers of divers
Languages. (See Ver. 8, 9, 10.)

29. Are all apoftles! 29 & 30. Now, it would be
are all prophets? are no Way proper to the Nature of
all teachers are all such a Body, for all these to exer-
workers of miracles ?

cise the same Functions; some
30. Have all the

are fitted for one, fome for ano-
gifts of healing? do all ther; fome to govern, others to
Speak with tongues ?
do all interpret ?

be governed; and these are all

excellent and useful in their way; and for any to neglect or despise another, is to act againft the Interest and Conftitution of this Body of Chrift.

31. But covet earn- 31. Wherefore although you eftly the best gifts : may * endeavour each of you to and yet Mhew I unto be qualified for the highest Deyou a more excellent

grees of these spiritual Gifts and way.

Offices of the Church; yet remember the only true Way of improving them to their moft worthy and proper Purposes, is not to value your felves upon them, but to use them to the Benefit and Advantage of your Fellow Chriftians; as I shall now further fhow you.


* Ver. 31. Zna87e 5, But covet earnefly, or ye de couet, or affel? zealously.

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Charity recommended. Its excellent Acts and Properties,

which render it the true End and Life of all spiritual
Endowments, and hows it to be, in itself, preferable
to them; and even to excel the Graces of Faith and

Hope. A. D. 57:1. THough I speak 1. with

HE true Way * then to the 1T

render your spiritual Entongues of men and dowments good and valuable, is of angels, and have to use them with Charity, i. e. not charity, I am be- with a constant and sincere Recome sounding brass, or a tinkling gard to God the Giver of them, cymbal.

and the Good of your Fellow

Chriftians, and the Benefit of the Church. For if, for Instance, I could speak all the Languages of the Earth, nay, could speak like an Angel, and yet had no Regard to God, and to the Good of others in these Improvements, they would be nothing but empty Noise and Oftentation.

2. And though I 2. And if I had never so clear have the gift of pro- a Knowledge in the Scripturephecy, and under- Prophefies, and in the Doctrines itand all mysteries, of the Christian Religion, and and all knowledge; could work never so many Miraand though I have all faith, so that I could

cles 7 to confirm the Truth of remove mountains,

them; yet if I improve these to and have no charity, my own private Applause, withI am nothing. cut a inain Eye to the Church's

Benefit, and the Good of others, pursuant to the Ends for which God bestowed his Power upon me; I become an infignificant Person.

3. And though I 3. Nay though I should perbeltow all my goods form never so many external Acts



* Cbap. xii. 31.

+ Mattb. vii, 22, 23.

to feed the poor, and of Charity to the Poor, and even A. D. 57. give my body to be become a Martyr for my Religiburned, and have not on, yet if these be done out of charity, it profiteth Vanity and Oftentation, and not me nothing.

from a pure Principle of the Love of GOD and of Mankind, I shall receive no Advantage from them, 4. Charity suffereth

4. This Christian Charity is a long, and is kind ! most comprehensive and fruitful charity envieth not; Principle. It takes in all our charity, vaunteth not Duty towards Men, founded in itself,' is not puffed a conscientious Regard to God, up

whofe Image Man is. It obliges us to be gentle and benign, without all Emulation or Uncasiness at one another's Advantages and Perfectia ons; without Pride, or Ambition of Dignity and Preheminence.

s. Doth not behave 5. It suffers us not to insult, or itself unseemly, seek- be Tharp upon the Weaknesses of eth not her own, is our Brethren, or to seek our own not easily provoked; Credit at the Expence of another thinketh no evil,

Man's; keeps us from Disgust and violent Resentments at ill Usage, and from putting the worst Construction upon Words of Actions.

6. Rejoyceth not in 6. It permits us not to take iniquity, but rejoy- Pleasure in the Slips and Failings, ceth in the truth.

the Vices and Frauds of out Neighbours; but makes us rejoice in all their good and fincere Behaviour.

2. Beareth all things, 7. It teacheth us to bear Injubelieveth all things, ries, to cover rather than expose hopeth all things, en- Failings ; to believe and hope the dureth all things.

best of every one, as long as there is any

Room left for a favourable Opinion.
8. Charity never 8. And as this Virtue thus gives
faileth: but whether Life and Efficacy to all your spi-
there be prophecies, ritual Gifts, so consider how much
they shall fail : whe. it excels them in Point of Dura-
ther there be tongues, tion. Your inspired Knowledge of
shey shall cease ; whe: the Scriptures, your Talents of



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