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A. D. 57. ther there be know. speaking unlearned Languages, and

ledge, it shall vanish such like present Endowments, away.

will one Day be laid aside and cease, as no further useful. But the Love of doing Good will be a Grace that will adorn you to all Eternity.

9. For we know in 9. For these present Gifts of part, and we prophe- the Spirit, are only suited and afie in part.

dapted to the present imperfect State of the Church, and of Mankind. Our best Knowledge and Abilities are but short and temporary.

10. But when that 10. Whereas, in the future State which is perfect is of Happiness and Perfection, there come, then that which will be an End of these more imis in part shall be done perfect Ways of Information, and away.

gradual Means of Knowledge.
11. When I was a II. And there is as much Dif-
child, I spake as a ference between the present and
child, I understood as future Accomplishments of the
a child, I thought as Mind, as there is between the
a child: but when I Notions and Behaviour of a Child
became a man, I put

and a Man.
away childish things.
12. For now we see

12. Our very best Attainments through a glass dark- and Gifts here, being but a narly; but then face to row and cloudy Apprehension of face: now I know in Things : But that of the heavenly part; but then shall State will be direct, clear, and I know even as I am full, like that of the Angels and known.

blessed Spirits. 13. And now 13. Nay, and when those two bideth, faith, hope, admirable Graces of Faith and charity; these three; Hope (which are indeed needful but the greatest of for us while we continue in this these is charity. imperfect State) shall then ceale ; the one being turned into perfect Vision, the other into Enjoyment. This Love of GOD, and of our Fellow Saints, being, indeed, the Sum and Substance of all real Virtue, of effential Obligation, and of eternal Ufefulness, will continue for ever even in Heaven itself.

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Follow after cha



The Apostles continues his Advice to the gifted Persons in

their Church, particularly with respect to their inspir’d

Performances in the publick Assemblies of divine Wor-
Ship. He instances in such as prayed, sung, or prophe-
fied in strange Languages. Orders all parts of publick
Worship or Teaching, to be performed in a Language
known to the Congregation, or else interpreted to them.
Shows the Vanity of Speaking a strange Language for
mere Oftentation. Gives Rules for the more edifying and
orderly Management of their publick Performances. For-
bids Women to teach in the publick Asemblies, and ex-

horts them all to observe his Directions.
1. Tollow after cha- I.

ET the Good and Edifica- A. D. 57. rity, and desire

tion of the Church then * spiritual gifts, but ra- be

your chief Aim in the Exer- * Cb. xiii. ther that ye may pro- cise of your spiritual Gifts; and phesie.

be not forward to use them in your publick Assemblies of Worship, but in such a Manner as the People may understand and profit by them.

2. For he that speak- 2. I shall instance particularly eth in an unknown in the Gift of speaking strange tongue, speaketh not Languages, which some of your unto men, but unto

new Teachers are apt to do for God: for no man un.

mere Oftentation, and without derstandeth him; how

For though beit in the spirit he any good Effect.

such People may speak very good
speaketh mysteries.

and great Things, yet it is all be-
tween God and themselves ; for the People, that do not
understand them, are not a whit the better for it.
3. But he that pro-

3 & 4. Whereas to speak, or
phefieth, speaketh un pray in a known Language, is to
to men to edification, do some Good toward the further
and exhortation, and Instruction of fome, and the Con-

firmation and Comfort of others : 4. He that speak. But to speak in an unknown

eth Cc 2


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A. D. 57. có in an unknown Tongue, is to instruct Nobody

tongue, edifieth him- but yourself.
self: but he that pro-
· phelieth, edificth the church.

5. I would that ye 5. To be able to speak divers
all spake with tongues, Languages, is a Gift very desira-
but rather that ye pro- ble and useful to the Church, for
phesied: for greater spreading the Gospel Doctrine the
is he that prophesieth, farther and wider. But in a par-
than he that speaketh ticular Congregation, the most
with tongues, except useful Speaker is be that speaks so
he interpret, that the
church may receive

as to be understood by the People.

6. Now, brethren, 6. For suppose I my self, or if I come unto you, any

other Teacher whatever, were
speakingwith tongues, to come among you, to declare
what shall I profit you, something to you that God had
except I shall speak to specially revealed to me, or to ex-
tion, or by know- plain any Prophecies of the Old
ledge, or by prophefy- Teftament relating to the Christian
ing, or by doctrine? Religion, or to teach any Doc-

trine of Faith and Manners, would
it do you any Service, unless I delivered it so as you
could understand me?
7. And even things


& 8. Certainly it would fig-
without life giving nify no more to you, than a con-
found, whether pipe fused Noise of a musical Instru-
or harp, except they ment would direct a Dancer, or
give a distinction in the Trumpet a Soldier, when it
the sounds, how shall founded no Point of War.

piped or harped ?

8. For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall

himself to the battle ?
9. So likewise you, 9. And thus, if your Teachers,

except ye utter by the that are gifted with divers Lan-
tongue words easy to


take not Care that the
be understood, how people they speak amongst, under-
Thall it be known what stand what they say, their Pray-
is spoken? for ye shall

ers or Discourses are nothing but
Speak into the air.
empty Air and Sound to them.

10 & II.

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10. There are, it 10 & 11. There are, indeed, A. D. 57. may be, so many kinds great Variety of Languages in the Cayenne of voices in the world, World, and each of them have and none of them are their proper Signification. But without fignification, for any two Strangers to converse

11. Therefore if I
know not the meaning

together, and know nothing of
of the voice, I Thail one another's Meaning, is to talk
be unto him that Gibberish to no Purpose.
speaketh a Barbarian,
and he that speaketh shall be a Barbarian unto me.

12. Even so ye, 12. Wherefore, Let not any
forasmuch as ye are of


affect to show and display
zealous of spiritual his Gifts with any other Design
gifts, seek that ye but to inform the Understandings
may excel, to the edi. of the People. Desire not to ex-
fying of the church.

cel, but in Endeavours after the
Church's Benefit.
13. Wherefore let

13. Let none pray in a strange
him that speaketh in Language, unless he be sure what
an unknown tongue, he says will be interpreted to the


14. For if I pray in

14. For to pray unintelligibly
an unknown tongue, to others, may indeed be to ex-
my spirit prayeth, but ercise your Gift, and perform
my understanding is

your own Devotion, but Nobody unfruitful.

else can be the better 'for it. 15. What is it then?

15. The Sum is this then. All
I will pray with the publick Prayers, Preaching, and
spirit, and I will pray divine Hymns, composed by Inspi-
with the understand. ration, ought to be performed in
ing also: I will fing a Language known or interpreted
with the spirit, and I

to the Congregation;
will sing with the un-
derstanding also.

16. Else when thou 16 & 17. Because otherwife,
thalt bless with the whatever Petitions or Thanksgiv-
fpirit, how fall he ings any inspired Man may offer
that occupieth the
room of the unlearn up to God, the People that know
ed, fay Amen at thy nothing of the Language he speake
giving of thanks, see in, can never join with him in

pray that he


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you all :

19. Yet in

A. D. he understandeth them. The Man may pray very

not what thou sayest? well as to himself, but the Auditory

17. For thou verily is nothing the better for such giveft thanks well, but

Prayers. the other is not edified.

18. I thank my 18 & 19. I bless GOD I have God, I speak with the Gift of Languages beyond atongues more than

ny your Teachers; but I am

so far from valuing myself upon the

mere Talking, and showing my church I had rather

Talent, that I think it much more speak five words with my understanding

Credit and Advantage, to speak that by my voice” i five Words that are intelligible might teach others als and useful, than to make a thoufo, than ten thousand sand fine Discourses that Nobody words in an unknown understands but my self. tongue.

20. Brethren, be 20. Brethren, be not like Chilnöt children in under- dren, affected with Novelties, and ftanding: howbeit, in valuing Things that appear great, malice be ye children, but are worth little. Act like but in understanding Men of Understanding, and imibe men.

tate Children in nothing but their innocent, undesigning, and harmless Disposition. 21. In the law it is

21. You remember those prowritten, With men of pherick Words of the Old Testaother tongues and o- ment (Isai. xxviii. 11, 12.) Forether lips, will I speak telling the Jewish Nation, That unto this people: and God would one Day send Prophets yet for all that will

to them, inspired with Variety of they not hear me, Languages for their Conviction and saith the Lord.

Reformation, but all to little Purpose. 22. Wherefore tongues 22. Where you cannot but obare for a sign, not to serve, That the natural Design of them that believe, but God's bestowing the Gift of Lanto them that believe not: but prophefying guages upon any Persons, is to be

à miraculous Evidence for conJerveth not for then that believe not, but verting Unbelievers; but those that for them that believe.

are already Christians, are to bę

instructed and edified in Languages they do understand.

23. And

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