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you took

23. If therefore the

23. And verily, you ought to A. D. 57; whole church be come be cautious how you exercise together into

one these Gifts in publick, for your
place, and all speak own and the Church's Credit. For
with tongues,

there come in those suppose a Heathen Stranger thould

come into any of your Congrega-
that are unlearned, or
unbelievers, will they tions, and hear you teaching and
not say that ye are praying, what neither he nor

your own People understand a

Word of; would not the Man
take you to be mad, and think your Religion ridiculous
and enthusiastical?

24. But if all pro- 24 & 25. Whereas if
phesie, and there come Care to have all such inspired
in one that believeth Discourses understood or interpre-
not, or one unlearned, ted, the Man might be so affected
he is convinced of all, and struck by the Power and
he is judged of all.
25. And thus are.

Prevalency of them, as to be con-
the secrets of his heart verted, and own and declare

your made manifest ; and Religion to be undoubtedly true. so falling down on bis face, he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.

26. How is it then, 26. In fine, therefore, to pre-
brethren ? when ye vent all Inconveniences, and to
come together, every attain the true Ends of your spi-
one of you hath a ritual Endowments, I advise you,
psalm, hath a doc- that when you assemble together,
trine, hath a tongue, one prepared with one Kind of

an interpretation. Let Gift, another with another, you

do not exercise them in a con-
all things be done to

fused or vain-glorious Manner

but observe the particular Rules I now give you, viz.

27. If any man 27. Let not above two or three speak in an unknown Perfons speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by Language at one Meeting ; let (wo, or at the most them speak each in his Turn, by three, and that by and each have an Interpreter to course; and let one explain his Meaning to the Coninterpret.


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28. And

A. D. 57. 28. But if there be 28. And he that has Nobody

no interpreter, let him present able to interpret his Lankeep filence in the guage for him, ought to be silent church ; and let him for that Time ; let him utter speak to himself and himself privately between God to God.

and himself. 29. Let the pro- 29. Of such as are inspired to phets speak two or expound any prophetical Passages, Three, and let the o- let not above two or three exther judge.

pound at one Meeting; and let the rest that are so inspired, fit to judge and examine what they say

30. If any thing be 30. And if any of them be inrevealed to another spired with a still more full and that fitteth by, let the compleat Sense of the Passage the for it hold his

peace. Preacher is speaking upon ; yet let him stay * till the other has finished his Discourse.

31. And thus you may all reprophesie one by one, gularly take your Turns, and the that all may learn, and Church will lose none of your all may be comforted. Instructions and Exhortations.

32. And the spirits 32. A Method you may easily of the prophets are conform to; for the Inspirations subject to the pro- of the Holy Ghost are not like phets.

those diabolical Poffeffions of the Heathen Priests, raging, enthusiastick, and ungovern

but calm and sober, and capable of a regular Restraint by such as are aétuated by them,

33. For God is not 33. (For the Spirit that inspires the author of confufi.

you, is the Spirit of that God who on, but of peace, as is the God of Peace and Order, in all churches of the but never the Author of Confufaints.

fion) and that you may exercise his Gifts in this orderly Manner, is plain from the like Ex

31. For

ye may all

able ;


* Ver. 30. 'O 7010 orgalw, Let the forf bold bis Peace, i. e. Let him finish before the nese Prophet begin. _Which seems a much more agreeable Sense than what our Translation feens to fuggeft to the Reader. And the following Verse confirms it.

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ercise of them in all other * Christian Churches, as I A. D. 57.
have accordingly appointed them to do.

34. Let your wo- 34. Let your Women be per-
men keep filence in mitted only to + sing inspired
the churches : for it Hymns, or utter inspired Prayers
is not permitted unto in the Assemblies of Worship,
them to speak; but and not preach or dispute with a-
they are commanded to
be under
obedience, ny Body there by way of Instruc-

tion; for that is not agreeable to
as also saith the law.

their State of Subjection by the Law of I God and Nature.

I Gen. iii. 35. And if they 35. And if they have a Mind 16. will learn any thing to argue upon any Thing that is let them ask their spoken in publick, for their furhusbands at home :. ther Information, let them do it for it is a shame for with their Husbands or Teachers

to speak in the church.

at home, for it is very indecent

for a Woman to usurp the Office
of Men in the publick Congregation.

36. What ? came 36. And I would have those
the word of God out among you that practise contrary
from you ? or came it to these my Injunctions, and to
unto you only ? the Methods of other Churches,
remember they are no Standards to the rest of the
Christian World; the rest of the Churches were not
beholden to Corinthian Teachers for their Christianity,
but they to some of them, viz. to the Churches of
37. If any man think

37. Let all your Teachers there-
himself to be a pro- fore that pretend to spiritual Gifts,



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* Ver. 33. Ως ά πάσαις ταις εκκλησίαις, Αι in all Churches of the Saints, i. e. as may be seen (viz. That God is the God of Order) in all Churches or else, Thus į appoint in all orber Churches. I chuse the second rather than the firft ; but I chuse to express both in the Paraphrase. And if the former be the Sense, 'tis moft natural to refer it to the 32d Verse, and include the first Branch of chis Verse in a Paren. the fis.

+ Ver. 34. See Chap. xi. 5, 13. which is reconciled to this Place by the Paraphrase.

are the

A. D. 57. phet, or spiritual, let and would prefer themselves to

him acknowledge that others, be tried by this Rule, Whe-
the things that I write ther or no they will own my Advice
unto you,

to be the true Will of Christ.
commandments of
the Lord.

38. But if any man 38. He that will not, I have be ignorant, let him no more to say to him; let him be ignorant.

take the Effects of his obstinate and wilful Ignorance. 39. Wherefore, bre

39. To conclude my Argument thren, covet to pro- then. Remember that though I phefie, and forbid not value all spiritual Gifts very much, to speak with tongues. and this of speaking divers Languages among the rest; yet, I say, the only way to make it useful is, to explain and interpret your

Dircourses to the People,

40. Let all things 40. Take my Advice, and perbe done decently, and form all your publick Offices with in order.

Decency, Order, and Regularity.


The next Query, concerning the absolute Certainty of the

future State, and of the Resurrection of the Body.
Some Jewish Converts were perplexed with Objections
against the former by their Teachers, that had been of
the Sadducaical Part. The Gentile Converts were
attacked with Difficulties about the latter, by the Specu-
lations of their philosophical Teachers. The Apostle
establishes tbe Truth of both these Points upon the Fact
of Christ's Resurrection, laying down the Evidences
that prove it. The Dishelief of a future State, utterly
inconsistent with the Belief of Christ's Resurrection,
and with the Nature and Design of our Baptismal Pro-
fillion; and disannuls the Faith, and frustrates all the
Sufferings of Christian People. This against the Sad-
ducaical Chrifrians, to Verse 35. Then he answers




" Moreover, bre

the philosophical Objections against the Resurrection
the Body, to Verse 45. where he turns to the Jewish
Objectors again, Mewing the Necesity of believing this
Point, from the Analogy between the first and second
Adam, to Verse 51. Then declares the glorious Change
the Bodies of good Christians fall undergo at the Refur-
rection, in order to qualify them for the heavenly and
immortal State.


S to the Disputes among 4. D. 57 thren, I de

you about the Certainty clare unto you the of the future State, and the Regospel which I preach- furrection of the Body, I must ed unto you, which desire you to recollect and consialso you have receiv. der the main Points of Christiaed, and wherein ye nity I first instructed you in, on stand;

thé Proof whereof you were at
first converted, and must yet rely upon for Salvation.

2. By which also ye 2. Which if you have forgot-
are saved, if ye keep ten, or now disbelieve, you have
in memory what I lost the chief Foundation of your
preached unto your Christian Faith.
unless * have be-
lieved in vain.

3. For I delivered 3 & 4. Now those chief + Ar-
unto you first t of all, ticles were those of the Death of
that which I also Chrift for our Redemption from
received, how that Sin and Death; his Burial and
Christ died for
fins according to the Resurrection according to the


ture Prophecies concerning the

4. And that he was
buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the
Scriptures :

5. And that he was 5 & 6. For Demonstration of
feen of Cephas, then which last Article, I appealed to
of the twelve.

those Eye-Witnesses that saw him 6. After

after • Ver. 2. Unlefs ye have believed in vain. 'ExJos ei uyBut if not, ye have believed in vain.

† 'Ey mgóloss, First of all, or as the chief and principal

I Ver. 4. The third Day according to the Scriptures. See
Bilhop Chandler's Defence of Christianity, &c. Page 370.



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