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A. D. 57. Apostles had once a Notion of Christ as of a temporal a Mmarch, a Meffiah born and circumcised a f Jew, to

reign for the Glory and Splendor of our particular Nation. But we have now quite other Apprehensions of him and his Religion.

17. Therefore if a. 17. The main Thing therefore ny man be in Chrift, that makes a true Christian, is he is a new creature : the Reformation of his Mind and old things are paft a. Practices according to the Rules way, behold all things of the Gospel. The old Notion are become new.

of being the Seed of Abraham, is not the Case, but a new Faith, and a new Life.

18. And all things 18 & 19. This is the Condiare of God, who hath tion God has now appointed for reconciled us to him.

our obtaining the Benefits of his self by Jesus Chrift, Sufferings for the Sins of the and hath given to us whole World, Gentiles as well as the ministry of recon- Jews. Thus extensive is the Gofciliation; 19. To wit

, that pel Covenant, and God has orGod was in Chrift

, dained us his Apostles thus to dereconciling the world clare and preach it to all Manunto himself, not im- kind. puting their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation.

20. Now then we 20. All that we pretend to are ambassadors for therefore is, to be Chriit's AmChrist, as though God bassadors and Representatives, to did beseech you by exhort and persuade Men in the us: we pray you in Name of God, and of Jesus Chrift, Christs stead, 'be ye to come in and embrace these reconciled to God *.

gracious Terms of Pardon and Reconciliation to him.

21. For he hath 21. Gracious indeed beyond all made him to be fin for Expreffion! Since God has given us, who knew no fin; up the innocent and unspotted that we might be made Son of his Bosom to be a Sacrifice the righteousness of for our Sins ; by the Atonement God in him.

whereof we are put into a perfect Capacity of eternal Pardon and Salvation. CH AP.

• Ver.20. Be ye reconciled to God. Katannagnle 1 sqMake your Peace with God. See Marib. v. 28.


"WE then as

C H A P. VI.

The CONTENI S. By the Warnings given in the 14th Verse, &c. the Apostle plainly seems to address himself to the Gentile Converts of the Corinthian Church in this Chapter. Wherein (having before own'd and proved them to be true Members of the Christian Church as well as the Jewish ones, Chap. v.) 'he now exhorts them to live worthy of their Profession; proposing to them the Example of his own Purity, Constancy, and Patience. Expresses his Love and Regard toward their whole Church. Warns them to forbear the Freedoms they took in partaking of idolatrous Entertainments, from the Danger and Inconsistency of such Practices with the Christian Faith and Worship: And from some Passages of the Old Testament,


San Apostle of Christ, and A. D. 57. workers to

a Minister under him, In gether with bim, beearnestly exhort you Gentile Confeech you also, that ye verts, since you have obtain'd the receive not the grace Favour of being the true Memof God in vain.

bers of his Church, to take all Care to live worthy of so holy a Profession. 2. (For he saith, I

2. (Remember those words of have heard thee in a the Prophet (Ifai. xlix. 8.) Wheretime accepted, and in in God 'the Father declares his Acthe day of salvation ceptance of the Gentile World, as have I fuccoured thee; his Church, in Christ the Meffiah; behold, now is the

and that this promise is now fulaccepted time; behold, now is the day

fill?d by our preaching and conof salvation.) verting you to the Christian Faith.

Now is the Time for your Acceptance with him.)

3. Giving no of- 3. Which Office I endeavour fence in any thing, to perform with the utmost Care that the miniltry be and Caution, so as not to give the not blamed.

least Occasion to any Persons to be prejudiced against it, or lose the good Effects of it.

4 & 5.



A. D. 57: 4. But in all things 4 & 5. But striving to recom

approving our selves mend myself and my Doctrine, as the ministers of

as a worthy Minister of God, by God, in much pati- patiently suffering the worst caence, in affictions, in lamities that can befal me, and necessities, in diftres- with the Exercise of the severest

5. In fripes, in Mortification and Self-Denial. imprisonments, in tumults, in labours, in watchings, in faftings,

6. By pureness, by 6. By Purity of Conversation, knowledge, by long- by the due Improvement of my suffering, by kindness, Knowledge of divine Mysteries, by the holy Ghost, by by Long-suffering and Forgivelove unfeigned. ness of all Provocations ; by the diligent and proper Use of the various Gifts of the Holy Spirit, for the real Good and Benefit of Mankind. 7. By the word of

7. By preaching the pure Word truth, by the power of God, and confirming it with of God, by the ar- Miracles; arming myself, like a mour of righteousness true Soldier, with Innocence and on the right hand and Righteousness, as a fure Guard on the left,

from Assaults on either * Side, whether of Prosperity or Adversity.

8. By honour and 8. By bearing, with an equal dishonour, by evil re. Mind, the vile Reproaches of deport and good report : figning and prophane, as well as as deceivers, and yet the Commendations of sober and

confiderate Men. Patient to be csteemed a Deceiver by some, while I conscientiously dispense the Word of Truth to all.

9. As unknown, and 9. Contented to be called a yet well + known; as mean obscure Person by the uno dying, and beheld we thinking Pretenders to Wisdom, live; as chasened, while I perform those Works that and not killed ;


true :

* Ver. 7. On the Right hand and on the Left: Alluding perhaps to that Perfection of Soldiery which consisted in a manag: ing the Sword equally with right and left Hand. Such a onę was called upidigic and wegidigid among the Greeks.

† Ver. 9. Yet well knowon. Eriylywoxóusios, celebrated, cisarkable.


prove me to be divinely inspired. Being daily in the A. D. 57. very Sight of Death by my Sufferings and Persécutions, and yet as often miraculously or providentially deliver'd from it. 10. As forrowful,

10. By living a Condition fad yet alway rejoycing; and sorrowful to outward Apas peor, yet making pearance, but full of the Commany rich; as having forts of a good Conscience, and nothing, and get pof the joyous Hope of a future Hapfefling all things.

piness. Being poor and streight as to the Goods of the present Life, while I bestow upon others the truest Riches. Seeming, to the Lovers of this World, to have nothing, while I am in a sure Way of poffeffing all that is durable and eternally valuable.

11. Oye Corinthi- 11. I express myself thus freely ang, our mouth is o- and largely, to encourage you to pen unto you, our imitate my Example. Nor do I heart is enlarged. speak thus well of my self only ; but, my dear Corinthian Brethren, I think and speak well of you too, with a Heart full of good and kind Affections toward you.

are not strait-

12. You have a large Room in ned in us, but ye are my Heart; but what I have in ftraitned in your

yours, I fear, is much narrower. bowels.

13. Now for a re. 13. Now I intreat you with compence in the same the Tenderness of a spiritual Fa(I speak as unto my ther, be just in your Returns to children) be ye allo me, and treat me with filial Reenlarged.

spect and Love. 14. Be ye not une 14. Particularly let the Gentile qually yoked together Converts testify this Respect by with unbelievers; for complying with the Advices I what fellowship hath have given them, not to frequent righteousness with un- the idolatrous Feafts * of the Hearighteousness ? and

thens, nor do any Thing that has what communion hath

the least Shadow of a Participa. light with darkness?

tion in their superstitious Rites; nor intermarry * with any Infidels. For what Confir




tency See i Cor. viii. and x. and i Cor. vii. 39.

* Ver. 14.

1. D. 57. tency can there be between a holy and pure Religion,

and an impious and idolatrous Worship?

15. And what con- 15. The Kingdom of Chrif cord hath Christ with and that of the Devil are directly Belial? or what part opposite and destructive of each hath he that believ- other; and therefore there can eth, with an infidel?

be no religious Communion between a Christian and a Heathen.

16. And what a- 16. The Christian Church is greement hath the the Temple of God, in the most temple of God with eminent and proper Acceptation. idols ? for ye are the And those Promises of God, of temple of the living his living and dwelling among his God; as God hath said, 'I will dwell in People, hearing their Prayers, and them, and walk in giving his Blessing upon their serthem, and I will be vices, are now applicable to you their God, and they as Christians. fhall be my people.

17. Wherefore come 17 & 18. And those Promises out from among them, of God to his Church, wherein and be ye separate, he calls himself the Father * and faith the Lord, and Governor of his People, and them touch not the unclean his peculiar Children * and Serthing; and I will receive you :

vants, tho' immediately spoken to

the Jewish Church, are yet much 18. And will be a Father unto you, and

more compleatly and truly inye shall be my fons, tended to you the Church of Chrift and daughters, faith the Mefiah. Wherefore as this the Lord Almighty.

Privilege obliged the Jews to pre

serve themfelves from all Heathea Conversation, and from the Pollution of every unclean Thing; much more highly must it now oblige Christian People to separate from all impure and falle Worship, and cleave to him only as the sole Object of their Adosation and Happiness.

C H A P.

* Ver. 17 and 18. See Exod. xxix. 45, 46. Leo. xxvi. Ila 12. Ezek. xi. 20. xxxvi. 28. xxxvii. 27. Ijai. lii. !!.

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