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"HAving therefore 1.


The first Verse concludes the Argument of the latter Part

of the foregoing Chapter. He then desires the good Opi-
nion of their whole Church. Expresses his favourable
Thoughts and Love toward them. Rejoyceth at their
ready Compliance with the Orders of his former Epistle,
and in the good Effects it had on many of them; as he
understood by Titus, whose honourable Reception among
them, gave him great Satisfaction.
these promises

W Haffurance of your being

Herefore having such full A. D. 57. (dearly beloved) let the true * Church and People of "Chap. vi. us cleanse our felves GOD, and intitled to all the 16,17,18, from all filthiness of Blessings and Promises of Christ's the flesh and spirit, Religion ; confider, dear Breperfecting holiness in

thren, how much it concerns you the fear of God.

to keep yourselves perfectly clear of all heathenish Vices and Impurities, and to improve in all the Duties of your most holy Profession.

2. Receive us, we 2. Let me again + request of have wronged no man, all Parties among you, to enterwe have corrupted no tain and continue an Opinion of we have de

me as your true Apostle. I have frauded no man.

given no Occasion for any to do otherwise. I have wronged and over-reached none of you in my Dealings; nor corrupted and imposed upon any, in Principles or Doctrine, as some of your false Teachers have done.

3. I speak not this 3. I do not repeat this anew as to condemn you: for if I condemned or suspected you, I have said before, that the well-affected Part of the Corinyou are in our hearts, thian Church, of any ill Thoughts to die and live with you.

+ Ver. 2. See Chap. iii. 1, &c. and Chap. iv. I, &c. # Ib. We bave wronged n0 Man, &c. dritllar Tüs feud arosónss. Here he Rings at their falje Teachers. Cbryfoft. in Luc.


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A. D. 57. of me. For as I have all along * professed, I have fo

just a Sense of your Respect for me, that I could live and die with you.

4. Great is my 4. 'Tis this Esteem of you that boldness of speech to makes me express myself thus wards you, great is plainly and roundly to your whole my glorying of you, Church. In you I glory, and un1 am filled with com- der all my Reproaches and Aftlicfort, I am exceeding- tions, comfort myself with the ly, joyful in all our Thoughts and Hopes of you. tribulation.

5. For when we 5. My Concern for you suffiwere come into Ma. ciently discovered itself at my cedonia, our fleth had first Arrival in Macedonia, when no rest, but we were I lay under the utmost Uneafitroubled on every ness; partly from the Opposition fide; without were I met with against my Doctrine, fightings, within were and more especially from the fears.

Dread I had that your false Teachers should still pervert you, and gain Credit in your Church.

6. Nevertheless, God 6. But GOD, the Comforter that comforteth those of the Afflicted, relievd me from that are cast down, those Fears by the Account that comforted us by the Titus gave me of you, at his Arcoming of Titus.

rival there. 7. And not by his 7. For it was not his Presence coming only, but by only that rejoyced me, but the the consolation where comfortable Account he gave of with he was comfort

ders committed among you, and told us your earnest

the earnest Regard you had to my desire, your mourn

Advices and Representations.
ing, your fervent mind
toward me; so that I rejoyced the more.

8. For tho' I made 8. Though it might regret me you sorry with a let- to write such a severe Epistle to ter, I do not repent, you as I did, yet the Effects of it tho' I did repent: for are so happy, that notwithstandI perceive that the ing the present Concern it put same


ed in you, when he your pious Concern at the Dilor

l'er. 3. See Chap. iji. j. and Vorfe 12.

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fame epifle made you you into, I have no Reason to re- A. D. 57.
forry, though it were pent the Severities of it.
but for a feason.

9. Now I rejoyce, 9. Nay, I heartily rejoyce that
not that ye were made it so troubled you, as to make se-
forry, but that ye sor- veral of your factious Members
rowed to repentance: repent and reform their Irregula-
for ye were made for- rities. Indeed, I desire to raise
ry after a godly man-

none but such Kind of Trouble ner, that ye might

in receive damage by us

your Minds; and you have no in nothing.

Reason to think so pious a Con

cern could do you any Harm.
10. For godly for- 10. For while an anxious and
row worketh repen- immoderate Grief, at the Loss of
tance to salvation not worldly Things, is a moft foolish
to be repented of: but and hurtful Paffion: This Surrow
the sorrow of the for our Miscarriages, that brings
world worketh death.

us to Repentance as the Means
and Condition of Salvation, is a Trouble a Man can
never repent him of, but will feel an eternal Good and
Benefit from it.

11. Forbehold, this II. And of this kind of Grief felf-fame thing that is that which the Reproofs of my ye sorrowed after a Letter have wrought in you ; as godly sort, what care appears by your diligent Conforfulness it wrought in mity to my Directions; the earnyou, yea, what clear- eft Endeavours of the sound and ing of your felves: fober Part of you, to clear youryea, wbát indignati- felves of all Guilt

, by the Cen-
on, yea, what fear,
yea, wbat vehement fures I prescribed upon the guilty
desire, yea, wbat zeal, Person *; by your zealous Desire • Ver. 11
yea, wbat revenge: of rectifying what was amiss, and and 12.
in all things ye have fear of such notorious Offences See 1 Cor.
approved your felves for the future ; whereby you have v.
to be clear in this vindicated yourselves, and appear

to be a well-disposed People.
12. Wherefore tho' 12. I am soon reconcil'd. For
I wrote unto you, I the Severity I express’d in my E-
did it not for his cause pistle, proceeded not from any
that had done the Delight 'I took in punishing the
wrong, nor for his incestuous * Offender, nor any




A. D 57. cause that suffered partial Kindness for the Person

wrong, but that our injur'd by him; but from my fin-
care for you in the cere Concern for the Credit and
fight of God might Good of your whole Church.
appear unto you.
13. Therefore we

13. This it was that made the
were comforted in Account Titus gave me of the
your comfort, yea, Reformation my Epistle had made
and exceedingly the

among you, so exceeding com-
more joyed we

the joy of Titus, be- fortable to me, as indeed it was

to him to find it so, and acquaint
cause his spirit was
refreshed by you all.

me with it.
14. For if I have 14. Whatever Commendations
boafted any thing to therefore I have formerly given
him of you, I am not of you to Titus, I find are now
alhamed; but as we verify'd. And as I have always
{pake all things to you preached the Truth to you, fo I
boafting which I made am glad to say I have said nothing
before Titus, is found but Truth of you.
a truth.

15. And his inward 15. And I must tell you, the
affe&tion is more a- respectful Manner you receiv'd
bundantly toward you, him in, and the Regard you paid
whilft he remembreth to the Orders he brought from
the obedience of you me, have very much endeared
all, how with fear and

trembling you receive you to him.

ed him.

16. I rejoyce there- 16. Thus the Assurance I give fore that I have con- myself from this Instance, how fidence in you in all much Respect I shall alway find things.

from you, is Matter of unspeakable Satisfaction to me.


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Moreover bre.


He exhorts them to a large and speedy Contribution for the

poor Christians of Judea, and excites them to it from the
generous Example of the Macedonian Churches. Com-
mends the Bearers of this Epistle to them.

I : 4. D. 57 thren, we do thren, to haften your chayou to wit of the ritable * Collections for the poor grace of God bestow, and suffering Christians of Judea. ed on the churches of And to render them the more Macedonia : .

large and speedy, I think it proper to acquaint you with the great t and exemplary Liberality lately shewn to them by the Christians of Macedonia, and the neighbouring # Parts. 2. How that in a

2 & 3. Namely that, under the great trial of affliction, most afflicting and narrow Cirthe abundance of their cumstances, they have been most joy, and their deep po- bountiful to their fellow-suffering verty abounded unto

Brethren; indeed beyond what the riches of their li- they could well spare, and with berality.

3. For to their pow. the utmost Freedom and Heartier (I bear record) yea

ness. and beyond their power, they were willing of themselves.

4. Praying us with 4. They did it without any much intreaty, that Solicitations; and instead of my we would receive the intreating them, they begged of



Ver. 1. See 1 Cor. xvi. 1, GC.

# Ibid. Tin xasin 78 , The Grace of God. The Liberality 77 Oct of God, i. e. The great Liberality. The Name of God joined to any Thing, in the Hebrew Language, is put to magnify it to the highest Degree. So the Cedars of God are the tallest Cedars, Plal. Ixxx. 10. Moses was fair before God, i. e. exceeding fair. Acts vii. 20. and Chap. x. 4. of this Epistle, The Weapons of our Warfare are duvala tão esq, powerful to God, i.e. most powerful.

Ibid, Viz. Philippi, Thesalonica, Beres.

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