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4. D. 57 gift, and take upon us me very earnestly to receive their

the fellowship of the Collections, and be one of them miniftring to the that should take Care to convey Saints.

them to thofe poor Christians. 5. And this they 5. They have perfectly outdid, not as we hoped, done my Expectation, not only bat first gave their in so readily embracing the Gospel own selves to the

at first, but in so generously reLord, and unto us by figning themselves to my Direction the will of God,

ever since their Conversion, to do whatever I judged to be well-pleasing to GOD.

6. Insomuch that 6. This noble Example of we desired Titus, that theirs, put me upon ordering Tias he had begun, so tus, during his Stay with you, to he would also finih in use it as a proper Argument to you the same grace quicken and enlarge your Collecallo.

tions for the same Purpose. 7. Therefore as ye 9. And I now accordingly inabound in every thing, treat of you, fince you are bein faith, in utterance,

come so eminent in all other Gofand knowledge, and pel-Virtues, and spiritual Endowin all diligence, and

ments * ; and in other Things in your love to us :

have shown me so much Regard, see that ye abound in

not to fail in this admirable Virthis grace also.

tue of Christian Liberality, but to be especially bountiful at this Time.

8. I speak not by 8. I do not indeed command it commandment, but by absolutely from you, nor prescribe occasion of the for- how much you shall give, but wardness of others, only recommend it to you

from and to prove the fin the generous Examples of other cerity of your love.

Churches, and out of a Desire you should demonstrate yourselves to be of as bounteous a Temper as any other Christians, 9. For ye know the

9. Nor need you any other Argrace

of our Lord Je- gument to excite you to it, if sus Christ, that tho' you well consider the infinite he was rich, yet for Bounty and Love of Jesus Chrift your fakes he became



* Ver. 7. See 1 Cor. i. 4, 5, 6, 7. and xii. 8, 9, 10

your Abilities.

poor, that ye through our great Lord and Example ; A. D. 57. his poverty might be who though he was the son of rich.

God, and Heir of all Things, yet condescended to live the mean and poor Life of Man, to procure us the Inheritance of true and eternal Riches. 10. And herein I

10. I must advertise you too, give my advice: for that it concerns you now to do it this is expedient for effectually, as being expected from you who have begun you, because last Year * before, not only to fessed to set about it, and thewed

you pro do, but also to be for

a considerable Zeal and Earnestward a year ago. ness in it. II. Now therefore

II. By all Means therefore be perform the doing of as good as your Word, and anit; that as there was swer your first Pretences with the a readiness to will, fo utmost Chearfulness and Freethere may be a perfor. dom, according to the best of mance also out of that which you have.

12. For if there be 12. According to every one's firft a willing mind, Abilities, I say : For the least chait is accepted accord- ritable Beneficence, if it be but ing to that a man proportionable to a Man's Power, hach, and not accordo and from a hearty Principle, is ing to that he hath accepted of GOD as well as the

largeft. 13. For I mean not

13 & 14. And I have no Design that other Men be to streighten and oppress you, in cased, and you bur- order to ease other People ; but dened:

only desire, that what you can 14. But by an equa- afford may keep them from prelity, that now at this fent and absolute Want; in Hope

abundance may be a Supply for and Assurance, that, in another their want, that their Turn, they may do you the same abundance also may Kindness, and' so you may be be a fupply for your equally beholden to the Love and want, that there may Bounty of each other. be equality, 15. As it is written,

15. And may be all provided He ihat bad gathered for as fully as the Israelites were much,


time your


Ver. 10. See i Cori xvi, 2.

A. D. 57. much, had nothing o. when they gathered their Manna

ver; and he that bad (Exod. xvi. 18.) when he that ga-
gathered little, had no thered much had nothing over, and

he that gathered little had no lack.
16. But thanks be 16 & 17. And therefore I could
to God, which put not but esteem it a Bleffing, and
the same earnest care am thankful to God for it, to
into the heart of Ti- find Titus so ready and willing to
tus for you.

come and exhort you to so good
17. For indeed he

a Work; for I perceive I need
acceptech the exhor-
tation, but being more not have much intreated him to
forward, of his own undertake what he had so much
accord he went unto

Inclination to

18. And we have 18 & 19. With whom I have
sent with him the bro- fent that Brother * and Fellow-
ther, whose praise is Traveller of mine, so much famed
in the gospel, through- for his Labours in the Gospel; and
out all the churches :

one whom the Churches of Ma-
19. (And not ibat cedonia have pitched upon to ac-
only, but who was
also chosen of the company me with their Collecti-
churches travel ons to Jerusalem ; a Service I
with us with this undertake purely for the Honour
grace which is admi- of Christ and his Religion, and
niftred by us to the by it shall be able to show my
glory of the same tand your generous and charitable
Lord, and declaration Inclinations.
of your ready mind)

20. Avoiding this, 20. Indeed I never intended to
that no man should take the Charge of so great a




* Ver. 18. The Brother. Whom some take to have been Mark, others Silas, but most Luke. Of the two latter (espe. cially Luke) it is certain they attended St. Paul in this his Voyage to Jerusalem, as appears from Afts xx and xxi.

† Ver. 19. My own. For some Copies read it apo Juuias sizõv. It may be also render'd—To recommend your free Chasiry, and make it acceptable. And probably one of the chief Reasons of St. Paul's going with it, might be, to obviate the Prejudices of the Christians of Judea, who might disdain to receive Alms of the Gentile Christians thic were never sira cumcised.


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blame us in this abun Sum upon my self alone, but re- A. D. 57. dance, which is admi- solved to have some Partners joinnistred by us : ed with me, to prevent my Adversaries from all Possibility of Suspicion, that I appropriated any of it to my own private Advantage. 21. Providing for

21. It being my utmost Care honest things not only to give all Testimonies of a sinin the fight of the cere and undefigning Behaviour, Lord, but also in the not only to God, but to the World fight of men.

too, 22. And we have 22. Along with them I send my sent with them our Brother Apollos, that diligent and brother, whom we active Man, who tho' he did not have oftentimes prov. think fit to bring my last * Letter ed diligent in many things, but now much

to you, yet was ever ready to vimore diligent, upon

sit and serve you ; but especially the great confidence now, upon the Satisfaction I have which I bave in you. given him of your more unani

mous Temper and Disposition. 23. Whether any do 23. And if any of your difafenquire of Titus, be is fected Teachers make any further my partner, and fel- Enquiries about Titus, who and low - helper concern

what he is, let them know he is ing you: or our bre. thren be enquired of, my Partner in the Ministry. And

as to the two fore-mentioned Bree tbey are the meffen. gers of the churches, thren, they are the two Truftees and the glory of of the Macedonian † Churches, + Sce Vcr: Chrift.

and most eminent Ministers of 19. and Christ.

Phil. ii. 24. Wherefore thew 24. Wherefore give the Church

25. ye to them, and be

es that employ them a due Testifore the churches, the mony of your Christian Respect, proof of your love, and show them all what just Reaand of our boasting son I had to applaud and comon your


mend you.


C H A P.

* Ver. 22. See 1 Cor. xvi. 12.


Further Exhortations and Encouragements to their charita-

ble Contributions ; again advising that they be generous,
Speedy, and chearful in them.

OR 1 & 2. 4. D. 57: "FOR as touching


have been giving * Cb. viii. to the saints, it is su- you, to get your Collections for

perfluous for me to the poor Christians of Judea rea-
write to you.
2. For I know the failing in it; for I am so well fa-

dy, carry no Suspicion of your
forwardness of your
mind, for which I tisfy'd of your Forwardness to it,
boast of you to them that I have boasted of it to the
of Macedonia, that Macedonian Churches, and en-
Achaia was ready a gaged for your Performance, by
year ago; and your the Assurances you gave me lait
zeal hath provoked Year. And your Example has
very many.

excited many of them to be very

liberal. 3. Yet have I sent

3 & 4. So that the Design of + See Ch. the brethren, left our sending these Brethren † to you viii. 18, boasting of you should about it now, is only to advertise

half; that, as I said, you of the Time it should be rea-
half; that, as I said, dy at; for fear, if the Macedo-
ye may be ready.
4. Left haply if they

nian Christians, that come along of Macedonia come

should find


had not with me, and find you finished it, they should say I boastunprepared, we (ihat ed too soon, and it should turn we say not, you) to the Discredit of us both. should be ashamed in this same confident boasting.

5. Therefore I 5. I thought it requisite therethought it necessary fore to send them with this preto exhort the bre- vious Notice ; which if you carethren, that they would fully observe, your † Charity will go


19, 22.

# Ver. 5. Tily suregian úuõv, Your Bounty. This Word hath this Sense peculiarly in the sacred Writings; it answers

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