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4. D. 57. me. left I should be Emissaries of Satan, lay hold of

exalted above mea- as Occasions (though very unjust

ones) to reproach and despise me,
and render my Ministry contemptible. A Thing fuffi-
cient to humble and keep me within due Thoughts of

8. For this thing I 8. And from whence I have besought the Lord found such Inconveniences, in thrice, that it might the Course of my Ministry, that depart from me.

in three folemn Prayers, I begged
of Jesus Christ to deliver me from them, for the Be-
nefit and freer Progress of his Gospel.

9. And he said unto 9. But his Answer was, That
me, My * grace is suf- the miraculous * Powers and A-
ficient for thee: for bilities of the Holy Spirit he had
iny strength is made conferred on me, were the most
perfect in weakness.
Molt gladly therefore proper and fufficient Arguments
will I rather glory in to convince Men of the Truth
my infirmities, that and Excellency of my Doctrine
the power of Christ and Ministry; and that the more
may reft upon me.

infirm and weak the Instrument

was, the more plain and illustri-
ous was his divine Power that wrought by it. Upon
which Consideration I am, for the future, so far from
being ashamed of these Infirmities, that I glory in them,
as more conspicuous Demonftrations of those divine En-
dowments Christ has conferred on me.
10. Therefore I take

10. Wherefore I patiently en-
pleasure in infirmities, dure all the Scoffs and Reproaches
in reproaches, in ne- of my obstinate Opposers, all the
ceflities, in perfecuti Diftrefles and Persecutions raised
ons, in distresses for against me for Christ's Sake, look-
Christs sake: for when

ing upon that divine Power and
I am weak, then am

Providence that supports me in,
I strong.

and carries me through them,
the most absolute Argument of the Truth and Excel-
lency of my Cause.

II. Whate'

Ver. 9. My Grace, &c. ji xágos 448. My Gift, i. e. the Gift of the Spirit, for demonftrating the Truth of his Doctrine by Miracles.

11. I am become a 11. Whatever Lengths there- A. D. 57. fool in glorying, ye fore I have run in my own Comhave compelled me: mendation and Defence, they are for 1 ought to have owing to you ; to stop the Mouths been commended of of your falfe Boafters, and preyou: for in nothing serve you from being seduced by am I behind the very them.' It was your Part indeed chiefest apostles, tho' I be nothing

to have vindicated and commend

ed me, and taken that Work out of my Hands; who, though I attribute nothing to my self, am yet, by the miraculous Gifts and Favours of God, upon the Level with any other Apostle whatever.

12. Truly the signs 12. For the Truth whereof, I of an apostle were need only appeal to that Patience wrought among you, and Constancy with which I in all patience, in preached to your Church, and signs and wonders, those miraculous and successful and mighty deeds.

Performances by which I wrought your Conversion to the Gospel. 13. For what is it

13. What spiritual Endowwherein ye were infe- ments that any other Churches rior to other churches, have, were denied to you; or except it be that I my wherein was I wanting to you? self was burdensome to you forgive me did the best of them, excepting

I used you in all Respects, as I this wrong.

that indeed I had Maintenance from them, but none from you. And I hope I am to be pardoned for doing you a Favour. 14. Behold, the

14. I took none of


the first third time I am ready Time I was personally preaching to come to you; and among you, nor intended it at I will not be burdenfome to you: for I my second Coming; which your

continued Disorders * kept me seek not yours, but you: for the children from; and I shall hold the same

Resolution. I look upon you as
ought not to lay up
for the parents, but my spiritual Children, and thall
the parents for the provide for you, without expect-

ing any Thing from you.
H h 2

15. And,


Ver. 14. See Chap. i. 23, to the End.

A. D. 57:

15. And I will ve- 15. And, as such a Father to nry gladly spend and you all, am I free to bestow all

be spent for you, tho' my Instructions on you, nay to the more abundantly lay out all my Strength in Labours I love you, the less I for your Good ; tho' the Returns be loved.

I have from some of you be only to be sighted and undervalued for my Pains.

16. But be it so, I 16. Some of your designing did not burden you: Teachers indeed, maliciously sugnevertheless being gest, that tho' I did not take any crafty, I caught you Thing of you myself, 'twas only with guile.

a cunning Fetch to draw the more from you by other people.

17. Did I make a 17. Now, who do those maltgain of you by any of cious People mean? Did any one them whom I sent Person I employ'd in your Church unto you?

take a Farthing of any one of you? 18. I desired Titus, 18. I sent Titus, for Instance, and with him I sent a and another Christian Brother brother : did Titus with him ; did either of them make a gain of you? do it? Did they not exactly folwalked we not in the low my Example, and maintain same spirit ? walked themselves without the least Prewe noi in the same sent or Contribution from your steps ?

Church? 19. Again, think you 19. And let no Insinuations that we excuse our make you think I am not sincere felves unto you? we in what I now fay, or that I sent 1peak before God in them, because * I would shift off Chrift: but we do all things, dearly belov. my own Journey to you. As God

is true, and as I am an Apostle of ed, for your edifying. Christ and his Gospel, there is no such Thing. I did that, as I do every Thing else, to win most upon you, and do you the most good.

20. For I fear, left 20. I deferred my coming in when I come, I Mall Hopes of the Reformation of not find you such as I your notorious Offenders, by my would, and sbat I shall Clemency toward them: For I be


• Ver, 19. Chap. i. 23, 24. ii. 1:

be found unto you dreaded, that if I came at that such as ye would not: Time, I should be obliged to be left there be debates, very severe upon several of those envyings, wraths , proud, quarrelsome, and factious Arifes, back-bitings, Persons. An Extremity I am loth whisperings, swel.

to come to, and that would renlings, tumults:

der our Meeting but very unpleafant to one another.

21. And left when I 21. I justly feared, that God, come again, my God for their Obstinacy, had still left will humble me a

those unclean * People in their * 1 Cor.v. mong you, and that I unrepented Uncleanness ;

and 1, 2. shall bewail many that I should have the Sorrow and which have finned already, and have not

Mortification of reducing them repented of the on: by Methods of Sharpness and Secleanness, and forni- verity. cation, and lasciviousness which they have committed.

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He threatens to punish his obftinate Opposers, at his next

coming among them. In the mean Time, exhorts them
earnestly to a Reformation, and professes he should be
right glad to find no Occasion to show the Power he has
to vindicate himself and punish them. The Saluta-
tions, and Conclusion.
is the third

Emember then I make A. D. 57. "THIS time I am com

you a third Promise to ing to you : in the come and visit you at Corinth ; mouth of two or three and my thus repeating my Enwitnesses shall every gagements

, ought as fully to faword be established.

tisfy you of the Certainty of my Performance, as the Testimony of two or three Witnesses carries a Cause in any Court.

2. I told you before, 2. And let your unreformed and and foretel you as if I scandalous Transgressors know, were present the se. 'That having thus repeated my cond



A. D. 57. cond time, and being Threats upon them; if I should

absent, now I write to come and find them in no better them which hereto- Mind, I shall certainly be as good fore have linned, and as my Word, and be hard upon to all other, that if I them, be they as many as they come again I will not

will. spare.

3. Since ye seek a 3. And since some of your false proof of Christ speak. Teachers have been so arrogant, ing in me, which to

as to challenge me to give fuffiyou ward is not weak, cient Evidences and Characters of but is mighty in you. my Apoftolical Commission, they shall find, to their Coit, what Power and Authority Christ has invested me with.

4. For tho' he was 4. For as Christ himself, by the

crucified thro' weak. Infirmities of his human Nature, * 1 Pet. üj, ness *, yet he liveth

was liable to Sufferings, and ac18.

by the power of God. tually suffered upon the Cross ;
For we also are weak but by the divine Power dwelling
in him, but we

with him by the in him, was raised to an endless power of God toward and immortal Glory; fo I that

am his true Apostle, as weak and you.

afflicted as I am at present, have yet those divine Powers conferred upon me that are abundantly sufficient to vindicate me, and convince them.

5. Examine your 5. Let those busy and factious selves, whether ye be Examiners of me and my

Miniin the faith; prove Ary, look into, and try themselves your selves : "firit, whether they be true Chrifknow ye not your tians themselves. They know the own felves, box that Rule whereby to try themselves t Jesus Christ is in you, and their Doctrine'; or else they except ye be reprobates ? are but bad Chriftians indeed.

6. As


+ Ver. 5. Know ge not that Jesus Christ is in you? He speaks either to the false Teachers, as in the Paraphrase; or else to the Corinthian Christians in general; and then the Sense is, That if they were not convinced, be bad preached the trụe Christian Dietrine among them, they must be very ignoyant Cbrißians indeed, and could give but a bad Account of their Rcligion.


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