An Essay on the Life and Genius of Calderon: With Translations from His Life's a Dream and Great Theatre of the World

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Macmillan, 1880 - 229 pages

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Page 225 - Church History. Being the Substance of Lectures delivered at Queen's College, London. Second Edition. 8vo, 12s. English, Past and Present.
Page 142 - The law that rules his else eccentric action. So he that's in himself insensible Of love's sweet influence, misjudges him Who moves according to love's melody : And knowing not that all these sighs and tears, Ejaculations, and impatiences, Are necessary changes of a measure, Which the divine musician plays, may call The lover crazy; which he would not do Did he within his own heart hear the tune Play'd by the great musician of the world.
Page 225 - ... Mount. An Exposition drawn from the Writings of St. Augustine, with an Essay on his Merits as an Interpreter of Holy Scripture. Fourth Edition, Enlarged.
Page 178 - ... idos, sombras, que fingís hoy a mis sentidos muertos cuerpo y voz, siendo verdad que ni tenéis voz ni cuerpo; que no quiero majestades fingidas, pompas no quiero fantásticas, ilusiones que al soplo menos ligero del aura han de deshacerse, bien como el florido almendro, que por madrugar sus flores, sin aviso y sin consejo, al primer soplo se apagan, marchitando y desluciendo de sus rosados capillos belleza, luz y ornamento.
Page 126 - A florecer las rosas madrugaron y para envejecerse florecieron: cuna y sepulcro en un botón hallaron. Tales los hombres sus fortunas vieron: en un día nacieron y expiraron, que, pasados los siglos, horas fueron.
Page 92 - Greek mythology, we shall have the usual dramatis personce of these religious plays. The bare enumeration is alone sufficient to present ample material of ridicule to one unable or unwilling to plant himself in a region of art altogether new, and alien from all those in which he may hitherto have moved.* But one who is able to plant himself there, and who cares to make closer acquaintance with these poems, will very soon be filled with quite other feelings, as this acquaintance increases.
Page 153 - Child of ooze and ocean weed ; Scarce a finny bark of speed To the surface brought, and lo ! In vast circuits to and fro Measures it on every side All the waste of ocean wide, Its illimitable home ; While with greater will to roam I that freedom am denied. Born the streamlet was, a snake, Which unwinds the flowers...
Page 30 - Still more have to do with the heroic martyrdoms and other legends of Christian antiquity, the victories of the Cross of Christ over all the fleshly and spiritual wickednesses of the ancient heathen world. To this theme, which is one almost undrawn upon in our Elizabethan drama, — Massinger's Virgin Martyr is the only example I remember, — he returns continually, and he has elaborated these plays with peculiar care. Of these The Wonderworking...
Page 76 - ... course this is not to be pushed on either side too far ; Shakespeare often interests with his plots ; to Calderon was by no means denied the power of drawing characters. Of the drama of Shakespeare it has been said, " The soul of man is the subject of its delineation ; the action and the circumstances of the piece are entirely subordinate and subservient to the displaying of the passions and affections of the persons represented. The interest of the piece, though sometimes most skilfully maintained,...
Page 125 - Árbol, donde el cielo quiso dar el fruto verdadero contra el bocado primero, flor del nuevo paraíso, arco de luz, cuyo aviso en piélago más profundo la paz publicó del mundo, planta hermosa, fértil vid, arpa del nuevo David, tabla del Moisés segundo: pecador soy, tus favores pido por justicia yo; pues Dios en ti padeció sólo por los pecadores.

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