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self in the Lord, there is the true happiness of the

nortal spirit. Hear and read his word--that tells 12: labourer of satisfying joy, of the rest which remaineth 64. the people of God; there you have set before

you Wat which will afford you comfort and happiness in all

ur toils and sorrows. It is specially needful that Su should hear, and thus learn divine truth when you uz?n, for you have not time, nor opportunity, for much

Xudy, and deep learning; and therefore you should pÅ trail yourself of those advantages with which you are EAR'w favoured. In a Christian country you have, through

kind providence, ministers appointed to instruct you, Those special office it is to acquire divine knowledge for Biber our edification. In hearing a faithful and wise preacher,

ou have, in the short time of the delivery of a sermon, vidt he result of much study and prayer applied to your bis et particular necessities. By due attention to such serve demons, joined to your own reading of God's word, you

ise will increase in the knowledge of the Son of God, till you parte come to a perfect man, unto a measure of the stature of rin seen the fulness of Christ. Be not, by neglect of such w Chosz instruction, unhappy in both worlds. Hear, believe, egy biters and obey; and so shall you be blessed here and for


you are ashamed to appear for Chereport, want of clothes fit to come in ? but are you not ashamed they

of being away, when the eye of God márks you in your absence? Do you say there is no room? I reply, 0. that our churches were ordinarily crowded as they

might be! Be in good time, and you will find room. Die net die More churches would be built, if those that are erected

were more crowded.

Are you SERVANTS? you should not neglect to hear. Shut not yourselves out from so great a privilege, where you have permission to attend, and remain not in any



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family where you are excluded from hearing God's word. You have souls as precious as those of the highest monarch. You must be happy or miserable, and that for ever. Neglect not the grand ordinance ci God for your eternal salvation. The truths which you hear, received in a believing heart, will sweeten the bitterest service, will smooth the most rugged path, and infinitely heighten the comfort of the happiest condition How blessed is the portion of one, whom no outward circumstances can separate from the Father's love, the Saviour's redemption, the Holy Spirit's guidance, and the sure prospect of an eternal glory yet to be revealai and fully enjoyed.

To every human being we say-Neglect to hear, and you fall under the sentence of destruction; (Acts iii, 23. hear, and your souls shall live. Isa. lv. We set before you

life and death: choose you this day. Be wise for eternity. As far as you are concerned, let it no longer be the reproach of Christians that three-fourths of those called by the name of Christ, despise his word. Slight not your greatest interest. Believe in God. As He cannot deceive, so he will not be mocked. He invites now; but despised, he will arise to judge and condemn. O neglect not so great salvation.

We conclude all with the words of our Lord,





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2. lol on this con

that three

Page the ma' Address to different classes to attend to hearing

306 those in eminent şifuations

307 those in extensive business

308 parents and children

309 those in inferior situations

310 servants

312 !ch Sport Answers to objections against practical obedience

206 worldly interests may suffer

206 the expediency of delay

210 the fear of an odious name

211 the dislike of hypocrisy

213 the opposite opinions of men in general

214 Jestructii Antichrist, Bacon's view of

250 Antinomian, really rejects the doctrine of the cross

58 Augustine's writings, quoted

23, 32, 113, 134 Bacon, his application of Antichrist to the Pope

250 CONCETI, Barnard, Sir John, his practice

114 Barter's Catholic Theology referred to

82 Beveridge, quoted

76, 133, 145

33, 34, 112 despise s # Bingham's Christian Antiquities, quoted Blessedness of fuithful hearing,

287 faculties are employed aright

288 our advantages are improved

289 our knowledge is increased,

289 our calling is ascertained

293 conviction of sin is given

291 faith is bestowed justification is confirmed

Deliere is W be mackel etoja

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296 adoption is certified

296 election is secured

297 sanctification is promoted

298 spiritual comfort is advanced

299 souls are ripened for glory

300 perfect knowledge will be attained hereafter 301 Books, list of, for poor men

179 for private christians

179 Bradford, quoted, 35, and his works recommended 137 Bucer, quoted,

38 Bullinger, view of, trur prosperity,

24 Burnci's History of his own time, quoted

32 Campbell, Professor, quoted

ronde na




106, 108

things.* The time taken from religion is
the time given to it is not lost. How ma
occur of men in high stations so overwhe
selves with work, and so neglectful of hear
and misemploying the sabbath, and thene
of the comfort of that word, that in an be
sion, despondency prevails, and they d
selves! Such instances are beacons to
station, not to violate God's appointed ord
ever occupied, even if the violation had
ous influence on the present life. The
feel far higher motives : and such men a
Hale, and the late Mr. Hey of Leeds,
possible, even amid other multifarious
engagements, to find time for hearing the
there have been men faithfully dischargi
religion in all those precise situations of
ment wbich worldly men allege as a s
for neglect.

Are you IN EXTENSIVE BUSINESS of large mercantile transactions, and schemes and plans on every side, eit abroad? O, without the divine bless

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Cecil's remerks, in his sermon on Jer. xxi preferring their own notions and dreams to s truth, are striking—“ It pleases God to appe of the Gospel in a neighbourhood ; that is, h life in a dry and barren place. But one m though he lives in the neighbourhood, and his imaginations : he has dreamed! he is a So 2 bear the doctrines taught in the Church of E is a philosopher truly! he has turned his thou "and fitness of things, and cannot attend to th preaching of God's word, which calls bim to 1 is that religion which is acceptable to bimsel i E SE nations and reasonings, and be taught by his

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should bear si no has ; beteren Bow you will we perpetual

. Think of dues la care ai umets rob vnd sepse; on

emple; and No segue that enablenderth at hot-200 stat vil

je was found sabeth, starben your sod skal be rewed or vou?

g and asking word, the 20 shall I do? berzite vou earth ising, as that

er entered the » this petition,

g.” The way De violation board and te ontz tarta; bere

I overcome the

f God abide in seat lite. NES 200 true bDe na and soch nal alue? Hearter, der of Leen usia. Va arrapant ;

PIONS--Clerks, Doloferice at your stena iz triâmg; EPIL

actories in large or hearing te genul and sensite! TQ, de reus;

itions, where you

lose and constant l's dischary Visca and Carra; e her hoes ate Busz to sursa Bt 1 s LE

yourselves at liberty

and to spend it in care as a su me ze true: WIE te vom cunc mes serlered;

that the inducements BUSINESS cik ir bezel:

song, when, to adopt was, and cont inais for enden TETER ?

the winter is past, the je a tuals

rs appear on the earth,

birds is come, to neglect Je blessaram a Z V z Merusza slet i

hearing the sacred word; int, the delightful recrea, been shut up all the week

scenery of nature, and the appointer Gue-Bet

re air. Probably the necesla mot dui ut was

you no other day for such an and whyjud vil

jur earthly master would not, time for such a refreshment. obey him, lest your temporal But would you think it an act

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