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7 dolls.-FEMALE BIOGRAPHY; or memoirs of illustrious and celebrated women, of all ages and countries, by Mary Hays, 3 vols. 7 50.-WoyDERS OF NATURE AND ART, 14 vols. 17 50.-Domestic ENCYCLOPEDIA, 5 vols. 15 dolls.-WARREN'S AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 3 vols. 7 50 --GIBBON's ROMAN EMPIRE, 8 vols. 22 dclls.-BUCHAN'S DoMES TIC MEDICINE, 2 dolls. do. with Advice to Mothers, 3 dolls.-Rol. LIN'S ANCIENT HISTORY,8 vols. 10 dolls.-PLUTARCH's LIVES, 6 vols. 7 dolls.-MEASE's GEOLOGICAL ACCOUNT OF THE UNITED STATES, with plates, 1 50.-BURK ON THE SUBLIME, 1 25.-GORDON'S AMERICAN WAR, 3 vols. 6 dolls.---Locke's ESSAYS, 3 vols. 3 50.-Only one sett of Barr's BUFFOON, with a great number of plates, 15 vols. for 30 dollars.--Hawie's CHURCH HIS CORY, 2 vols. 5 dolls.


BUCL's viiSCELLANIES. Containing, Anecdotes, religions, moral, and entertaining, alphabetically arranged, and interspersed with a variety of useful information ;-Religious Experience;-Advice to young Christians, &c. 3 vols. price 3 dolis, very entertaining and edifying.

PROPOSALS ARE ISSUED, For publishing the following exceedingly scarce and valuable work, EXPOSITION OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS,

Critical, Doctrinal, and Practical.

BY THE REV. JOHN GILL, D. D. The European edition is nearly out of print, and cannot be imported and sold in America under two hundred dollars. An American edition, much superior, can be printed by subscription for sixty dollars. Recom. mendations are strong and very respectable.

TERMS OF PUBLISHING: 1. To be printed in ten handsome quarto volumes, on excellent paper. Price to sul scribers before the first volume is pistel. 6 dollars neat sheep binding, 7 dollars calf, 5 25 in boards, payable or duivery ot' each volume.

II. On delivery of the winth volume, the terith must be paid for in advance, and it is presurned this is but a reasonable and indispensable demand.

11. For every ninth copy subscribed for, and security given for the payment, a tenth set shall be delivered gratis, or ten per cent. deducted fiom ali above four subscrived for, which will at least lessen the expense of a copy to those who wish to have the work.

IV. To non-subscribers when the work is completed, the price will be great.y advan. ced if any are left unsubscribed for, as thi publisher is deterinined to priot no more than what he conceives may be engaged when it is completed. After the volume first is puulished a rise in the subscrip:ion may be expecred.

V. The publisher is happy to inform the public, that as he has obtained a coinplete set of the work, he will not be delayed for want of copy; but can proceed as soon as a subscription of 800 names are received to warrant the undertaking-and he expects. when he begins, to compite the New Testament in three landsome quarto volumes in one vear, and the Old Testament in two years after. VI. Those persons who live at a ctistance wili please to recollect that

payment of

postage will be indispensable, and it is requisite that they appoint an agent in the city to pay for, and take the volumes as they are publishers.

VII. It is understood that those who subscribe for the whole work, will engage to take the New Testameist should not the patronage be sutkient for publishing the Oid. But little, if any doubt remains, but the whole will be published if a part is undertaken.

VIII. The voiuines will be delivered in Philadelphia to orders, and the greatest at. tention will be paid to packing and securing the books from injury, either by water or land carriage ; and as it is customary, the subscribers at a distance inust pay, ainongthena selves, the expenses of freight, carriage and boxes-This, when divided, will be trifling to each person.

IX. As the New Testament will first make its appearance, the subscribers for that will please to forward their names, before the 1st of January next, as they will be printed in the last volume; and those for the whole work printed in the last volume of the Old Testament. The publisher wishes to know the result of the subscriptions as early as possible.

Recommendations are very respectable and ruinerous.--Sec the subscription papers.

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