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Sect. 30. Justification and excuse : Compulsion. 31. Compulsion of husband. 32. No conspiracy between husband and wife alone. 33. Offences by partners ard members of companies with respect to partner.

ship or corporate property. 34. Liability of husband and wife for offences committed by either with

respect to the other's property. 35. Application of rules.


CHAPTER VI.-Treason and other Offences against the Sovereign's Authority. 36. Treason. 37. Instigating invasion of Protectorate. 38. Concealment of treason. 39. Treasonable crimes. 40. Promoting native war. 41. Time for proceeding in cases of treason, concealment of treason, or

promoting native war: Two witnesses necessary. 42. Inciting to mutiny. 43. Aiding and inciting to mutinous acts, disobedience, &c. 44. Inducing to desert. 45. Effect of proceeding under sections 42 and 43, of the Code. 46. Assisting escape of prisoners of war. 47. Overt act.

CHAPTER VII.-Seditione.

48. Definition of seditious intention.
49. Innocent intentions.
50. Definition of seditious enterprises, &c.
51. Unlawful oaths to commit capital offences.
52. Other unlawful oaths to commit offences.
53. Compulsion, how far a defence.
54. Effect of prosecution.
55. Unlawful drilling.
56. Sedition.
57. Defamation of foreign Princes.

CHAPTER VIII.-Offences against the Executive Power58. Interference with High Commissioner.

CHAPTER IX.—Unlawful Assemblies : Breaches of the Peace. 59. Definitions. 60. Punishment of unlawful assembly. 61. Punishment of riot. 62. Making Proclamation for rioters to disperse: 63. Dispersion of rioters after Proclamation made. 64. Rioting after Proclamation. 65. Preventing or obstructing making of Proclamation.. 66. Rioters demolishing buildings, &c. 67. Rioters injuring building, machinery, &c. 68. Smuggling or rescuing goods under arms. 69. Smuggling under arms or in disguise. 70. Going armed so as to cause fear. 71. Forcible entry. 72. Forcible detainer. 73. Affray. 74. Challenge to fight a duel.

75. Prize fight.
76. Threatening violence.
77. Assembling for the purpose of smuggling.
78. Unlawful processions.



CHAPTER X.Disclosing Official Secrets. 79. Disclosure of secrets relating to defences by public officer. 80. Obtaining disclosure of secrets relating to defences. 81. Disclosure of other official secrets. 82. Restriction on prosecution.

CHAPTER XI.-Corruption and Abuse of Office. 83. Official corruption. 84. Extortion by public officers. 84A. Public officers receiving property to show favour. 85. Public officers interested in contracts. 86. Officers charged with administration of property of a special character

or with special duties. 87. False claims by officials. 88. Abuse of office. 89. False certificates by public officers. 90. Administering extra-judicial oaths. 91. False assumption of authority. 92. Personating public officers. 93. Personating soldiers or police.

CHAPTER XII.-Selling and Trafficking in Offices. 94. Bargaining for offices in public service.

CHAPTER XIII.Offences relating to the Administration of Justice. 95. Definition of judicial proceeding. 96. Judicial corruption. 97. Corruption of members of native courts. 98. Official corruption not judicial but relating to offences. 99. Perjury. 100. Punishment of perjury. 101. Evidence on charge of perjury. 102. Fabricating evidence. 103. Corruption of witnesses. 104. Deceiving witnesses. 105. Destroying evidence. 106. Preventing witnesses from attending. 107. Conspiracy to bring false accusation. 108. Conspiracy to defeat justice. 109. Compounding crimes. 110. Compounding penal actions. 111. Advertising a reward for the return of stolen property, &c. 112. Delay to take person arrested before magistrate. 113. Bringing fictitious action on penal statute. 114. Inserting advertisement without authority of Court. 115. Attempting to pervert justice.

CHAPTER XIV.-Escapes : Rescues : Obstructing Officers of Courts. Sect. 116. Rescue. 117. Escape. 118. Aiding prisoners to escape.. 119. Permitting escape. 120. Negligent escape. 121. Prison officers accessory to breaches of discipline. 122. Taking prohibited things into or out of prison. 123. Interfering with convicts at work. 124. Harbouring escaped prisoners, 125. Rescuing insane persons. 126. Removing, &c., property under lawful seizure. 127. Obstructing officers of Courts of Justice.

CHAPTER XV.-Offences Relating to the Coin. 128. Definitions. 129. Counterfeiting gold and silver coin. 130. Preparation for coining gold and silver coin. 131. Clipping. 132. Possession of clippings. 133. Uttering counterfeit

gold or silver coin. 134. Repeated uttering of counterfeit current gold or silver coin, or possession

of several such coins. 135. Offences after previous conviction. 136. Counterfeit copper coin. 137. Uttering base copper coin. 138. Defacing coin by stamping words thereon: 139. Uttering foreign coin, medals, &c., as current coin with intent.

to defraud. 140. Exporting counterfeit coin. 141. Having possession of more than five pieces of counterfeit foreign coin 142. Tender of defaced coin not legal tender : Penalty for uttering.

CHAPTER XVI.-Offences relating to Posts and Telegraphs. 143. Stopping mails. 144. Intercepting things sent by post or telegraph. 145. Tampering with things sent by post or telegraph. 146. Wilful mis-delivery of things sent by post or telegraph.. 147. Obtaining letters by false pretences: 148. Secreting letters. 149. Fraudulent issue of money orders and postal notes.. 150. Fraudulent messages respecting money orders. 151. Unlawful franking of letters. 152. Sending dangerous or obscene things by post. 153. Retarding delivery of mails, &c. 154. Obstructing mails. 155. Penalty on loitering, carelessness in delivery of mails, &c. 156. Fraudulently removing stamps. 157. Fraudulent evasion of postal laws. 158. Carrying letters otherwise than by post. 159. Illegally making postal envelopes or setting up post office or office for

sale of stamps, or obstructing post office. 160. Destroying or damaging letter receivers. 161. Placing injurious substances in or against letter boxes. 162. Defacing post office or letter box. 163 Obstructing post and telegraph offices. 164. Obstructing post and telegraph officers in the execution of duty.



CHAPTER XX.-Nuisances : Misconduct relating to Corpses : Publishing

False News. Sect. 209. Common nuisances. 210. Bawdy houses. 211. Gaming houses. 212. Betting houses. 213. Lotteries. 214. Acting as keeper of bawdy houses, gaming houses, betting houses, and

lotteries. 215. Misconduct with regard to corpses. 216. Publishing false news.

CHAPTER XXI.Offences against Public Health. 217. Exposing for sale things unfit for food or drink. 218. Dealing in diseased meat. 219. Adulteration of food or drink intended for sale. 220. Fouling water. 221. Burials in houses. 222. Noxious acts.



CHAPTER XXII.- Assaults and Violence to the Person Generally: Justifica

tion and Excuse. 223. Definition of assault. 224. Assaults unlawful. 225. Execution of sentences. 226. Execution of process. 227. Execution of warrants. 228. Erroneous sentence or process or warrant. 229. Sentence or process or warrant without jurisdiction. 230. Arrest of wrong person. 231. Irregular process or warrant. 232. Force used in executing process or in arrest. 233. Duty of persons arresting to have warrant or give notice. 234. Arrest without warrant generally. 235. Arrest without warrant in special cases. 236. Arrest of persons found committing offences, 237. Arrest of person committing felony or misdemeanour by night, 238. Arrest during flight. 239. Arrest of persons offering stolen property for sale. 240. Duty of person arresting to bring person arrested before judicial

officer. 241. Peace officer preventing escape from arrest. 242. Other cases of preventing escape from arrest. 243. Preventing escape or rescue after arrest. 244. Examination of person of accused persons in custody. 245. Preventing a breach of peace. 246. Suppression of riot. 247. Suppression of riot by peace officers. 248. Suppression of riot by person acting under lawful orders. 249. Suppression of riot by person acting without order in

case of

, emergency

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