The Quarterly Journal of Science, 11. köide

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John Churchill and Sons, 1874

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Page 528 - WORLDS THAN OURS ; The Plurality of Worlds Studied under the Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
Page 115 - NATURE SERIES. THE SPECTROSCOPE AND ITS APPLICATIONS. By J. NORMAN LOCKYER, FRS With Coloured Plate and numerous Illustrations. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. y. 6d. THE ORIGIN AND METAMORPHOSES OF INSECTS.
Page 140 - EVENINGS AT THE MICROSCOPE ; or, Researches among the Minuter Organs and Forms of Animal Life.
Page 101 - ... without a parallel elsewhere: and this willingness requires but wise direction to enable you effectually to wipe away the reproach of De Tocqueville. Your most difficult problem will be not to build institutions but to discover men. You may erect laboratories and endow them; you may furnish them with all the appliances needed for...
Page 235 - ... •If we could view the universe as a candle not lit, then it is perhaps conceivable to regard it as having been always in existence ; but if we regard it rather as a candle that has been lit, we become absolutely certain that it cannot have been burning from eternity, and that a time will com* when it will cease to burn.
Page 83 - At a very early stage of the enquiry, it was seen that the power producing the phenomena was not merely a blind force, but was associated with or governed by intelligence; thus the sounds to which I have just alluded will be repeated a definite number of times; they will come loud or faint; and in different places, at request and by a pre-arranged code of signals, questions are answered, and messages given with more or less accuracy.
Page 86 - Wynne — their most minute accounts of what took place. To reject the recorded evidence on this subject is to reject all human testimony whatever ; for no fact in sacred or profane history is supported by a stronger array of proofs
Page 275 - The pump was then worked until the gauge had risen to 5 millims. of the barometric height. On arranging the ball above the spiral (and making contact with the battery), the attraction was still strong, drawing the ball downwards a distance of 2 millims. The pump continuing to work, the gauge rose until it was within I millim.
Page 83 - I have had these sounds proceeding from the floor, walls, &c., when the medium's hands and feet were held— when she was standing on a chair — when she was suspended in a swing from the ceiling — when she was enclosed in a wire cage — and when she had fallen fainting on a sofa. I have heard them on a glass harmonicon — I have felt them on my own shoulder and under my own hands. I have heard them on a sheet of paper, held between the fingers by a piece of thread passed through -one corner....

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