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Should no unforeseen circumstance prevent, the Bulletins will continue to be issued at convenient irregular intervals, as material may come to band; the strictly serial character of the publication being maintained. The actual date of issue is given on the temporary cover of each, as it is important to fix with precision the appearance of the successive numbers of a periodical in which so many new genera and species are described.

This publication, answering so fully the special purpose for which it was established, is regarded as one of the most important means to the main ends which the Survey bas in view. It has already acquired a character and standing which render it favorably comparable to the regular “Proceedings" or other similar pablications of any of the learned bodies of this country or Europe. Its scope includes the whole range of the subjects for the investigation of which the Survey is conducted, and the appearance of which in this connection does not in any way restrict the plan of the formal Reports of the Survey. The volumes already issued contain articles upon Arcbæology, Ethnography, Linguistics, Geology, Topograpby, Geography, Palæontology, and Natural History in general, suitably illustrated with plates, cuts, and maps; and no effort will be spared in the future to maintain the high standard which the present volume so conspicuously illustrates.

The thanks of the Survey are due to Dr. Elliott Coues, U. S. A., for his careful and able conduct of the periodical.

F. V. HAYDEN, United States Geologist.


BULLETIN No. 1.- February 5, 1878.


I.-Notes on the Ornithology of the Lower Rio Grande of Texas, from ob-

servations made during the season of 1877. By George B. Sennett.

Edited, with anuotations, by Dr. Elliott Coues, U. S. A......


II.-Descriptions of Fishes from the Cretaceous ond Tertiary Deposits

west of the Mississippi River. By E. D. Cope......


III.—Descriptions of New Tineina from Texas, and others from more

northern localities. By V. T. Chambers ....


IV.-Tineina and their Food-Plants. By V. T. Chambers.....


V.-Index to the Described Tineina of the United States and Cavada. By

V. T. Chambers.....


VI.—Descriptions of Noctuidæ, chiefly from California. By A. R. Grote.. 169

VII.-A Synopsis of the North American Species of the Genus Alpheus. By

J. S. Kingsley....


VIII.-Notes on the Mammals of Fort Sisseton, Dakota. By C. E. McChes-

ney, M. D., Acting Assistant Surgeop, U. S. A. Annotated by Dr.

Elliott Coues, U. S. A.......


IX.-Studies of the American Herodiones. Part I.--Synopsis of the Ameri-

can Genera of Ardeidæ and Ciconiidæ ; including Descriptions of

Three New Genera, and a Monograph of the American Species of

the Genus Ardea, Linn. By Robert Rigway...


X.-Notice of the Butterflies collected by Dr. Edward Palmer in the Arid

Regions of Southern Utab and Northern Arizona during the summer

of 1877. By Samuel H. Scudder...


XI.-Notes on the Herpetology of Dakota and Montana. By Drs. Elliott

Coues and H. C. Yarrow......


XII.-On Consolidation of the Hoofs in the Virginian Deer. By Dr. Elliott

Coues, U. S. A.......


XIII.-On a Breed of Solid-Hoofed Pigs apparently establisbed in Texas. By

Dr. Elliott Coues, U. S. A ........


XIV.-Professor Owen on the Pythonomorpha. By E. D. Copo....


BULLETIN No. 2.—May 3, 1878.

BULLETIN No. 3.July 29, 1878.

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Pl. I.–Palæospiza bella......

Fig. —Tail of Euxenura maguari.
Fig. -Solid hoof of Sus scrofa..
Fig. 1.-Neuration in Epipaschia..
Fig. 2.- Negration in Mochlocera..
Fig. 3.-Neuration in Cacozelia..
Fig. 4.-Neuration in Toripalpus..
Fig. 5.—Neuration in Tetralopha.
Fig. 6.—Neuration in Acrobasis..
Fig. 7.-Neuration in Salebria..
Fig. 8.-Neuration in Pempelia..
Fig. 9.-Neuration in Nephopteryx
Fig. 10.--Netration in Pinipestis
Fig. 11.-Neuration in Honora..
Fig. 12.-Neuration in Dakruma..
Fig. 13.-Neuration in Homeosoma.
Fig. 14.-Neuration in Anerastia.

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