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Instead of the short account of the lives of the Painters by Mr. GRAHAM, which has been annexed to the later Editions of Mr. DRYDEN's translation, I have thought proper to insert, at the conclusion of this work, the following Chronological List drawn up by the late Mr. GRAY, when in Italy, for his own use, and which I found fairly transcribed amongst

those papers which his friendship bequeathed to me. Mr. Gray was as diligent in his researches as correct in his judgement; and has here employed both these talents to point out in one column the places where the principal works of each master are to be found, and in another the different


of the art in which his own taste led him to think that they severally excelled. * It is presumed, therefore, that these two additions to the names and dates will render this little work more useful than any thing of the catalogue kind hitherto printed on the subject. For more copious Biographical information,

, the reader is referred to Mr. PILKINGTON'S Dictionary.


* See Memoirs of Mr. Giay, Note on Letter XIV. Sect. II,

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Studied under

Excelled in

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Glovanni Cimabue certain Greeks

first revived Paint.

ing Andrea Taffi

Apollonius, a Greek revived Mosaic Giotto


quitted the stiff

manner of the

Greeks Buonamico Buffalmacco Andrea Taffi 5 Ambrogio Lorenzetti Giotto

Pietro Cavallini Giotto

Simon Memmi

Andrea Orgagna -limitated Giotto

Tomaso Giottino imitated Giotto 10 Paolo Uccello Antonio Venetiano first who studied

perspective • Massolino

Lorenzo Ghiberti and gave more grace
Gher. Starnina to his figures

and drapery Masaccio

Fra. Giov. Angelico da Giottino


Antonella da Messina John Van Eyck introduced oil Pa.

inting into Italy 15 Fra. Filippo Lippi Masaccio

began to Paint

figures larger

than life Andrea del Castagno, Domenico Venetiano painted in oil first detto Degl' Impiccati

at Florence Gentile del Fabriano Giovanni da Fiesole

Giacomo Bellini


Gentile del Fabriano
Giacomo their fa.

Gentile Bellini 20 Giovanni Bellini


Cosmo Rosselli
Domenico Ghillandaio Alessand. Baldovi- lively colouring


genteel designing Andrea Verocchio Giacomo Squarcione and good airs

observation of perAndrea Mantegna



Country, Place, and
Year of their Death.


Principal Works are at

History Florence, Flor. 1300 60 almost all perished.
History Florence

1294 81 unknown, History Florence 1336 60 Rome, St. Peter's, Arezzo


1350 83

History Florence 1340 78 Pisa, Campo-Santo. 5 History Sienna History Rome

1364 85 Rome, St. Paolo furor della

Portraits Sienna, Florence1345 60
History Florence 1389 60 Florence, the Dome.
History Florence

jo Birds, Florence
some His.
History Florence 1418 37


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1432 83

History Florence

1443 24 Hist. Mi- Florence, Rome 1455 68 Florence, the Palace, in the niatures

Apartments of the old

Pictures. History Messina

1475 149

15 History Florence, Rome 1488 69 Florence, the Palace.

History Florence

1480 71 History Verona

1412 80 Rome, S. Giov. Laterano,

S. Mar. Maggiore. History Venice

1470 History Venice 1501 80 Venice, in some Cabinets. 20 History Venice

1512 90 History Florence, Rome 1484 68 Rome, Capella Sistina. History Florence 1493 44 Florence, Palace, Closet of

Madama, History Florence 1488 56

History Padua, Mantua 1517 66 Florence, Rome, Apart. louring Innocenzo Francuzzi, Francesco Francia correct drawing


Studied under

Excelled in

Filippo Lippi Fra. Philippo his fa.

ther, and Sandro

Pietro Perugino Andrea Verocchio
Bernardino Pinturic. Pietro Perugino


Francesco Francia Marco Zoppo first considerable

Master of the Bo

lognese School Bartolomeo Ramenghi, Francesco Francia soft and fleshy co. detto Il Bagnacavallo

detto da Imola Francesco Turbido, • Giorgione

detto Il Mauro Luca Signorelli Pietro della Francesca * Lionardo da Vinci

exquis. designing


10 * Giorgio Giorgione imitated Lionardo's management of the


colouring * Antonio da Correggio

divine colouring

and morbidezza of his flesh; ana gelical grace & joyous airs of his figures and clair-obscure


Mariotto Albertinelli Cosmo Roselli
Baccio, detto Fra. Bar- Cosmo Roselli

tolomeo di S. Marco
Pietro di Cosimo Cosmo Roselli

15 Raphaelino del Garbo Filippo Lippi

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History Rnesia, Rome 152478 Rome, Pal. Borghese, &c.
History Florence, Sienna 1513159 Sienna, Library of the Dome,

Rome, Santa Croce in
Gierusalemme ; Madonna

dell Popolo, &c. History Bologna 1518 68 Bologna, in severalChurches,

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lections ;

History Cortona
Hist.and Milan, Paris 1317 75 Milan the Dominicans, the

Academy; Florence, Pal.
Pitti; Rome, Pal. Bor-

ghese, Barberini. 10 Hist.and Castle Franco nel 33 Venice; Florence, Pal. Pitti; Portraits Trevigiano, Venice, Rome, Pal. Pamphili.

1511 Hist.and Correggio nel Reg- 40 Modena, the Duke's ColPortraits giano 1534

Parma, the Dome, Saint Antonio Abbate, S. Giovanni del monte, san Sepulcro; Florence, the Palace; Paris, the Palais Royal, &c. Naples, the King's

History Florence

History Florence

151748 Grotesq. Florence

& monst. 15 History Florence

1529 58

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