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By the kind permission of Messrs Macmillan Ego Go

and W. Aldis Wright, Esq., the text here
used is that of the "s Cambridge" Edition.


First Edition of this issue of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark" printed August 1895.

Second Edition, July 1896.

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OTHERS abide our question. Thou art free,
We ask and ask -- Thou smilest and art still,
Out-topping knowledge. For the loftiest hill,
Who to the stars uncrowns his majesty,

Planting his steadfast footsteps in the sea,
Making the heaven of heavens his dwelling-place,
Spares but the cloudy border of his base
To the foild searching of mortality :

And thou, who didst the stars and sunbeams know, Self-school'd, self-scanned, self-honour'd, self-secure, Didst tread on earth ungnessed-at.-Better so!

All pains the immortal spirit must endure,
All weakness which impairs, all griefs which bow,
Find their sole speech in that victorious brow.


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