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Several coaches of the nobility, each The ambassador then made a fort dawn by lix horses, closed the proces speech to his majekty, which was infon.

terpreted to h's majesy, by Signor In this order the proceffion moved Perlianni; and his majesty was plealed on from Chelsta college to the gate of to answer the same in Loglift, his maSt. James's Park, adjoining the queen's jelly's answer being in se preted in the houle, and proceeded up Conftitution Turkish language to Mr. Lufignans his Hill, aloog Piccadilly and St. James's. mesty's icter reter. {treet, to the palace, where his excel The araba mor, in the course of his lency arrived, at half past twelve, and harrigue to his maje'ly, tok from alighting at the palace-gate, was re- ihe secretary of the cm Ily his letter ceived by Hugh Bofcawen, clq. the ot credence, and killing the same preknight marshall (having his baton oi In ed it to his nafcity who imme. ofice in hand), and the ma íhal of the wately d-li ered it to lord Grenville ; Ceremonies.

and, after his majefy's reply to the The foot-guards on duty were drawn ambasador, he presented to his maop in the court yard, and their officere jrly the secretary of the embassy and laluted the ambassador as he passed on the prin inal perions of his fuire, all to the little council chamber, where of whom were received most glaciouly Dotice being given by one of his majes. by his majesty. ty's gentlemen ushers that his majelly The amballadors then retired, make was ready, the procession moved for ing again three reverences to his maward to the audience in the great coun- jefty as he withdrew from the auclience, cil chamber (where on each fide, were and was reconducted with the farne tanged the band of gentlemen pension ceremony to the little council chamber, $76) the gentlemen of the privy came to relt hinself till he majesty was ber going before the conducting carl, ready to receive him ; of which notice and the principal persons of the ambal-being given by one of her majelty's fador's fuite before his excellency, the gentlemen ulers, the amballidor proconducting earl being on the ambassa- ceeded to the queei's apartments, and dor's right hand, and the mafier of was received at the door of her majes. the ceremonies on his left. His excel y's guard chamber by William Price, lency was received at the door of the eq. her majelly's vice chamberlain, and guard chamber in the absence of the at the door of the room of audience by tari of Ayiesford, captain of the yeo. the earl of Morton, lord chamberlain Men if the guard, by James Roberts, to her majesly, and to conducted up to esq. lieutenant yeoman of the guard, her majesty ly the earl of Morton, who conducted'the ambassador to the William Price, elq. and fir Clement door of the privy chamber, where his Cortrell Dormer. excellency was received by viscount The ambassador, after his audience Falmouth, captain of the band of gen of the Queen, went to the drawingtlemen pensioners, who conducted his room to pay his court to their majefexcellency to the door of the great ties; and having freviously defired that council chamber.

the royal coaches might not be kept At the door of the great council waiting to carry him back to his own chamber his excellency was received by house, returned home after the draw. the marquis of Salisbury, lord chamber- ing room in his own coach: lain of his majelty's household, who 30. A frelh order has been sent from taking the right hand of the amballa- the admiralty-ofice to all the dock. dor, and the earl of Jersey, with fir yards, to exclude all frangers of every Cement Cottrell Dormer, taking the description. The same is to be oblervo leht, his excellency, dressed in his habit edrin private yards, where government of Cremony, and wearing the turban contracts are executing. called (zor flini (which is only worn Another guardship is ordered to be by the nuvoiliers of the Sublime l'orie) immediately itationed in Sea Reach, as was conduced up to the throne, mak. well for the further security of the ing three profound reserences, whichThames, as to receive men previous hu inajeity was pleased to return in the to their being distributed on board ships .

of war.

31. Thursday

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35. Thursday the judges met in lord fort Place. The fum, 7000 guineas ; Kenyon's chamber, Westminster- hall. a fair and equitable price on both sides. and chose their circuits for the ensuing It is to be converted into harracks, and spring, affizes as follow, viz.

will kold two regiments in peace, and Northern. Right hon. lord Kenyon holders it will be a great relief, as the

one in war, with ease. To the Innand hon. Mr. Justice Heath. Norfolk, Right hon. lord chief justice in time of war is very great.

burthen of fo many foldiers at this port Eyre, and hon. Mr. Baron Perryn.

A: Sir Sydney Smith attended a Midland. Right hon. the lord chief

council yesterday morning, and ar baron and hon. Mr. Justice Rooke. Home. Hon. Mr. Juftice Alhurst and for Woolwich, to give directions re

three in the afternoon took post chaise hon. Mr. Baron Hotham. Weftern. Hon. Mr. Juttice Buller and {pecting the gun-boats now preparing

to be moored off the several crècks and hon. Mr. Justice Lawrence.

harbours in the North Channel. Oxford. Hon. Mr. luftice Grose and

5. In the house of lords, the royal bon. Mr. Baron Thomson.

assent was given by commission to the Feb. 2. Arrived at Plymouth, the Habeas Corpus suspension bill. The Carysfort, of 28 guns, captain Laforey, commisfioners were the archbishop of from Lisbon : she has brought in with Canterbury, the lord Chancellor, and her the American fhip Sophia, of Phi: lord Euwkeybury. ladelphia, laden with wool, bound An experiment with the telegraph, from St. Andero in Spain, to Poole : under the direct on of a Saxon gentleand the fhip Princess Royal of London, man, who had frequently witnelled its from Smyrna, laden with silks, &c. effects in France and the Netherlands, bound to London : both those Mips was tried at the Half-Moon battery at had been taken by a French man of Whitby. It fully answered the expecwar, of 74 guns, and were in polle Montations of the gentlemen present ; as of the French about a fortnight, when it was clearly proved, that, were prothe Carystort fell in with and re-cap. per stations appointed, intelligence tured both of them ; the whole are might be conveyed from thence to subject to the rettraint of quarantine, London witnin half an hour. having had communication with the 7. A comınittee of the wholesale and Princess Royal; the Carysfort is at retail dealers had an interview with Mr. anchor in Cawand Bay.

Pitt, at his house in Downing-street, From the report of captain Barwis, on account of the variety of basc cain of the Daphne cutter, arrived at Wey. now in circulation, as halfpence and mouth from Jersey, we learn, that the farthings ; and the result is said to be French fleet have put into L'Orient, a re:olution to put an immediate ftop having suffereel confiderable damage, thereto. The brewers and diftillers feveral of the shijs being dismalled. begin, by refusing to take them in pay

The 7th regiment, under the com. ment from the publicms. mand of his royal highness prince Ed. Edinburgh, Feb. 7. The herring ward, with the reirainder of the troops fiMery continues in the Frith of Forth from Canada and Nova Scotia, are ar- as brisk as ever. Vefsels from all parts rived at Martinique.

of Scot and have made their appear| 3. The Portland canal, from the ance, and filed with such succese, Westward to Marybone, is to term- that many thousand barrels have been mate in a large reservoir : and, in order carried through the canal for foreign to carry of the surplus water, a large consumption ; and although the ex. oval upright arch is to be built from port has been su great, it has not a affeea thence :o the Thames, to prevent any ed our home market, where poor and intermediare mischief which might rich are supplied at 14 and 16 a penny. otherwise arise from inundation.

Chatham, Feb. 8. Orders are Plymoutt, Feb. 3. General de Lancy, ceived here to use every exertion pofli on the part of government, compleated ble for haliening the fhips now fittiug the bargain for the purchase of those for sea at this port The works of the large and extensive buildings, the pro- Ville de Paris, of 120 guns, and Temeperty of M: Sf. Shephard, Becknell, and raire, of 9o, hoth building in this dock. Co. muate on the north fide of Frank. 'yard, art vruered to be expedited with







the utmost dispatch ; in consequence of' | turbances they daily witnelied, that which, the shipwrights, &c. are now they wrote to the governor of Surinam, using every exertion by task work, and to send for them, and that they would the Ville de Paris is expected to be ready join the troops they desired him to dis. to launch in May.

patch to effect the reduction of the co10. Instructions have been sent down lony ; the only condition they made to all the dock-yards, for the ship- was, not to be sent back to France. it wrights, caulkers, riggers, &c. to use is said the governor answered, he had the most unremitting exertions in finith- no order to meddle in their concerns. ing the several thips of war under re- This circumstance defolates a colony pair, and wanted for immediate service. that would be glad to surrender to the Admiral Sir John Jefyis, K. B. is

firit comer. to go out again on the Welt-India ftation.

BIRTHS. 11. The royal bridemaids appointed to princess Caroline of Brunswick, on Jan. 22. The lady of John Corn. her approaching nuptials, are, lady Ca. wall, jun. of Broad-Nreet, esq. of a roline Spencer, eldest daughter of the fon. duke of Marlborough ; lady Mary Feb. 16. The lady of Francis Freeling, Henrietta Juliana Osborne, only daugh- of the General Poft Office, esq. of a ter of the duke of Leeds ; lady Char- daughter. lorte Legge, daughter of the earl of The viscountess Fielding, of a daughDartmouth ; and lady Caroline Vil. liers, daughter of the earl of Jersey.

MARRIAGES. 12. The first convoy of the troops coming from Gibraltar put in at Bar- Yan. 14. Capt. Clitherow, of the badnes, and landed at Martinique on Suitex Militia, only son of John Clithethe 23d and 26th of laft December. The row, of Boston-House, Middlesex, ela. general expects the remainder every to mils Snow, daughter of John Snow,

of Langton, esq. Fortunately, admiral Nielly has not Janies Galbraith, of Sackville-street, as yet made his appearance. Were he Dulilin, esq. to miss Rehecca Dorothea to arrive, it is likely the English might Hamilton, daughter of John Hamilton, lose their conquefts at present : any late of Castlefia, county of Donnegal, enterprize would prove useless. If he efq. has not proceeded to St. Domingo, he 17. Lorenzo Frederick Gorges, of has probably gone to the Cape of Good Bloomfield, near Dublin, esq. to miss Hope. He had been preceded by a Maguire, eldest daughter of Daniel squadron that ruined and destroyed, all Maguire, of Dublin, eiq. along the coall of Africa, the English 18. Walter Lennon, esq. captain of factories.

Engineers of the Madras eltablishment, At Barbadoes and here, are emigrants to miss Emily Saunders, daughter of from Cayenne. Some others have fled the right. hon. lady Martha Saunders, to Surinam; others to North America. of Gardiners' Place, Dublis. The decree that grants liberty to the 30. Francis lord Downe, eldest for negroes was .published there in June of the earl of Moray, to miss Lucy lalt. All wished to take the benefit of Scott, second daughter of the late mait, and the whites were compelled to jor general John Scort, of Bellevue. fly, or surrender to their mercy. Let. Deliber Walker, of Bromyard, Hereters from that colony, dated September fordshire, io miss Meliora Sandon. last, are consolatory enough. --The ne- Feb. 3. The hon. Simon Butler, of groes were come back to their maf. L', to miss Eliza Lynch, daughter ters, with terms though severe, yet, of Edward Lynch, of Hampitead, elq. according to circumstances, pretty to- The earl of Barrymore, to mils lerable.

Coghlan, daughter of -Coghlan, There remain out of the whole regi. of Ardo, in the county of Waterford, ment of Cayenne only 400 mnen, alm esq. all Germans, but not a single officer. Robert W’illoughby,juo. of Litchfield, Tkefe were so dilgufted with the dil. cfq. ffirit coufin tu lord Wixlovgł by),



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to miss Jane Gramma Grellya (a near 20. Paul Methuen, of Grosvenora relation to fir Nigel Bowyer Grefly, street, esq. bart.)

23. Edward lord Harewood, Jolio Phillips, of the Inner Temple, Sir John Hynde Cotton, of Maddingefq. to Mrs. Sneyd, of Hooly Park, ly, near Cambridge, bart. Şurry.

Feb. 2. James Richards, of Sulhane John Mackintosh, of Harpur-street, House, near Reading, BerkB. esq. efq. to miss Hett, of Great Ruffels The countess dowager of Carlisle. Street, niece to John Hetl, esq. late one The hon. mifs S. M. Fitzroy, eldest of the maliers in Chancery.

daughter of lord Southampton. Kent, of Freemans' Court, G. W. Hardyman, efq. captain and Cornhill, esq. to Mrs. Mellish, widow pay master of his majesty's 13th regiof the late William Mellih, esg. ment of foot.

The hon. Edward Mailey, second David Anftruthet, esq. late captain fon to the late lord Malley, to miss in the 42d regiment of foot. Villiers, daughter of Jojin Villiers, of The rev. Ralph Barlow, vicar of Limerick, efq.

Boxeat cum Strixton, NorthamptonJohn Wood, of Henfield, Sussex, fire. co to mils Smith, of Illington.

The lady of the late William Cotton, The rev. George Treveiyan, son of of Laurence Poultney-lane, Cannonfir John Treve!yan, bart. to miss Neave, street, esq. daughter of Richad Neave, of Dagnam 4. Lieutenant-general Douglas, coPark, Elex, efq.

lonel of the 99th regiment of foot. 12. R. Benden Buller, esq. nephew Henry Barber, of Romford, Elfex, to the bishop of Gloucester, to miss esq. Anne Poole, of Stowey.

The rev. Richard Thompson, one of Capt. Thomas Clayton, of the royal the prebendaries of York Cathedral, and nivy, to miss Falkingham, daughter of rector of Kirk Deighton in the West Edward Falkingham, esq. of the Navy Riding of that county. Office.

Johr Stables, of Wenham, Surry, John Thomas Groves, of New Pa- efq. lace Yard, esq. to miss Chapman, Thomas Lloyd, of Great Jamesdaughter of Frederick Chapman, of Atreet, Bedford-row, esq. Sioane-firect, cla.

The earl of Edgecumbe.

9. The earl of Macclesfield. DE A TH S.

William Frye, of Wallington, Sur

rey, eiq. Fan. 14. The hon. Charles Brode- John Webb, of Mortimer-street, rick, under secretary of itate.

esq. M. P. of the city of Gloucester, Charles Bowles, of East Sheene, esq. Sir John Duntze, of Rockburn Jate sheriff of the county of Surrey. House, Devon, bart. M. P. for Tiver

Adam Hamilton, clq. son of capten. Hamnd' on of Dumfries.

James Dewar, of Clapham, esq. Colonel William Dandas, brother James Powell, of Cheriton, Gla.. of the right. hon. Henry Dundas. morgau Mire, esq.

18. The rev. Dr. Balguy, archdea- The rer. John Woodhouse, A. M. con of Winchester, and one of the rector of Luckington, Wilts. prebendaries of that cathedral.

William Cody, of the High-street, 19. Capt. Johu Bligh, of the Navy, in the Borough, esq. brother of rear admiral Bligh.

Sir James Langham, of Cotte fon Lady Vane, of Long Newton, near Oke, Northamptonshire, bart. one of Darlington, relict of the late ür Henry the representatives of that county in Vane, bart.

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