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my fty.

ful sigh ;

The lady replied, why thould I one

She figh’d, and dropp'd the pearly buy,

fhow'r, Since in you, fir, I see an inmate for And rear’d her pleading arms on high;

But what avails to haughty pow'r.

The humble maiden's pleading figh?

Still at the nod of ruthlefs pride,
The widow-making cannon roars,

And torn from Nelly's faithful Ale
NELLY'S COMPLAINT. Her Willy seeks the hostile fhores.

On the marcb of a detachment of

S O N N E T.
Guards from the Tower, to join the
Army in Flanders.

HEN the heart fickens with its la.

tent woe,
(From Poems written during a close
Confinement in the Tower and New-

And the foft tear stands trembling in

the cye : gate.]

When care and forrow cloud the anxious By J. TuELWALL.


And keen reflections force the painWHEN Willy firft, by wars alarms,

Was summoned to the hoftilc Then should my friend, with fefielt fhores;

feelings bleft, Keen forrow dimm'd young Nelly's

Refuse to sympathise in misery's charms,

gloom, And thus the nymph her fate de. With cold indifference fleel her tender plores :


And view with calmness my afilidlive « Ah, foul befal the wicked wights,

doom ; Who plunge the world in endless trife; Then would th’ çmborum'd grief prey Which Love's delightful harvest

on my heart, blights,

Corrode the springs of life, and point And blafts each tender joy of life.

Death's fatal dart.
Muft Willy, from his country torn,
A ftranger's doubtful cause fustain ;

And leave his faithful maid to mourn
O'er vows of love return'd in vain !

VERSES Muft he the weary march sustain, And reft on the unshelter'd ground; On visiting the GRAVE of an AMIWhile ruthlefs winds and pelting ABLE Youth in Hammerfnith, rain,

Church zard. And countless dangers rage around !

WHEN Cynthia sheds her peaceful Must he the graceful form expose,

ray, That early won my virgin heart,

And gives to earth a paler day; Where cannon, plac'd in murd'rous By Solitude and Friendship led rows,

To these lone mansions of the deady At once a thousand deaths impart !

I come, the tribute of clicem to pay. AH! yet, se great ones ! pause and

What tho' no monument is seen,

Yet forrow's tree, tor ever greer,
Let Peace dispel these dire alarms. The yew erects its wayward head,

Ah! dry the widow's, virgin's tear, To thew the friend thy cariy bed,
Nor tear my Willy from un arms ! And folemnize the mclancholy scene.



Into which by command, a fom'd, Ř E E

their dead

at the

Each early grace of heart and mind, And also the place (as in feripture In thee, blest youth, we saw combin'd

shown,) A form and temper near divine ; The tear of sympathy was thine,

phet' was thrown. The virtues of a man with youth were join'd.

These rightly connected, they cle:

ly will tell, Dear comrade of my happiest hours !

The name of the town where at prefc
And one of nature's fairelt flow'rs !

I dwell.
My verse fhall wail thy early doom,
And Friendship's tears bedew thy

Aided by Sensibility's soft powers.


Roman youth, expert in arms, But why lament !-his fpirit reigns Who rais'd in Pompey's break In Heav'ns immortal blissful plains,

alarms ; Above the reach of human care Before whose sword Metellus scamOf dire disease, or fell despair,

per'd, Beyond the grasp of mortal joys or

When he molt piteously was hamper'd;

Till treachery oppreisid the man,
P. COURTIER. Whom heroes till attack'd in vain.,

Jove's winged llave, who us'd to go,
Where'er he chose to send him to ;

A river which through Athens flow'd,
Answer to W. F.'s RIDDLE in the
Magazine for Auguft.

And form'd itself a rocky road,

To fertilize a ftony mould, OSES in fcripture explains the

Which as they tell you, was as old creation,


As Time itself, or, to be bolder,

Than Time itself, a twelvemonth older; Atlas bearing the globe, is a fabled

The veteran warrior who fubdued Rhadamanthus resides in the regions below,

The haughty fons of Asia's brood

On Salamin's auspicious fhore, York is the line, whose kings caus'd

And Main'd the sea with Persian gore ; blood to flow.

An English admiral whole glory, Venus for amours and charms is re

Gibraltar places plump before you, nown'd,

[resound. Who taught the sons of Gaul to bow Edward, in France, made his clarion's Before the conquering British prow, Narcissus, fond youth, pin’d, languilh’d, And bids the threat'ning thunders roll, and died ;

Which rule the sea from pole to pole.
Adam sure is the man, when rightly

Now join th' initials, then at hand,
Babylon's walls were a wonder, 'tis said, You'll have a nymph in Welmoreland i
Lethe's a river, i'the realms of the dead; Of Brackenburgh, where fill Mhe reigns
England's an illand keeps Europe in Triumphant in her lover's pains ;

[its law.

Whose beauty far outshines the graces,
Seas are the cause why it wide spreads And quite eclipses other faces,
This Acrostic, your riddle will render

Juit as the sun's meridian light
molt clear,

Obscures the wand'rers of the night.
MARY VENABLES sure is the nymph

you revere.



TO (he head of a hundred, add do.

MY goods are loft, my house is burnt,

And yet, cxpon my life,
No great misfortune lave I met,
For in't was burnt my wife.

thing, and then To them jon the doub:e of half number



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E W S.

Leyden, December 21. they could pass over it, and were

enabled to attack our posts in the rear SINCE the attempt made by the and flank: this they accordingly did,

French on the futh to pass the and our troops were, in consequence, Wal, nothing but tranquillity has compelled to fall back, in order to reigned on its borders ; it however apo avoid being entirely cut off. pears they have not abandoned their In this manner the enemy got pofproject--they are erecting, opposite seffion of the Canton of Boinnel, and Fort St. André, a very large mortar

a body of our troops who viere near battery to bombard this fort, which was Bradnal were obliged to fall back in the their principal obje&t of attack on the night, as they would on both sides have sith, as it commands the most import- been cut off from Gorinchen. The ant pals of the river.

other troops in the Canton of Bommel The number of killed left behind by retired to Loevestein, leaving behind the French is 280. General du Busche them a few hundred men. was buried at Arnheim, on thç 14th ; Hague, Jan. 1. Accounts from he had his right hand shot off previous Francfort by yesterday's mail say, to the ball entering his belly.

that the negociations for a peace with Ar Manheim and its environs, as France are already in some degree of allo on the Rhine, all is tranquil, but forwardness; and that major Mezerink, the French are busy in erecting forti- general Molendorf's adjutant, lately fications, seemingly with a design to returned as a courier from Berlin, is keep up a chain of posts and a line of now at Bafle, and has had several concommunication all along this river. ferences with the French deputies there.

Rarifoon, Dec. 23. Yesterday the Paris, Jan 1. The son of Louis operations of the diet, concerning the XVI. is treated very mildly since the denegociations for peace, were brought to fruction of the system of terror. The a conclufion. In consequence of which committee of general safety havs it appears, that whilst the preparations assigned to him three commillioners, for the next campaign are continuing, who are said to be men of strict princi a negociation shall be begun for a rea-ples and integrity; two of them are fonable and acceptable peace.

charged with his education, and the That the emperor is to be requested, third takes care that he is fupplied with in co-operation with ite king of Pruskia, all proper neceffaries. to do their best endeavours for obtaining Horses are so scarce in the interior an armistice, which would lead to the of France, that oxen only are now emmaking of a peace that will be confiftent ployed in land carriage and the ploagh. with the conflitution of the emperor, Paris, Jan. 2. The convention has and the peace of Westphalia.

divided Flanders into seven districts, Hague, Dec. 23. A courier who ar- of which Ghent, Biuges, Oftend, rived here yesterday morning early, Nieuport, Dixmude, Courtray, Oude brought intelligence, of which the fol- narde, Menin, Aloft, St. Nicholas, and loving is the bulletin :

Tournay, are the chief places. By advices of the 27th, we learn, Flanders. Brabant, an. Liege, are that the French on that day made a ge- finally united to the French republic. neral attack on all the points of our Deputies from those retirective counfrontiers, in wbich they succeeded the tries now represent them in the national more easily, as the ice on the rivers and convention. Brabant has seen divided inuodations and been rendered fo thick into four diftri&ts, of which Brusleis, by the fevere and inceffant froft, that 'Louvain, Antwerp, Nivelles, are the VOL XXVI.

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