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have seen with what art, and care in cona ivance, the Sages of the GENTILE World ired, by the intervention of the MYSTERIES, it the memory of THE FIRST CAUSE of all 'm being totally obliterated from the minds of ile the perverse constitution of the National

prevented the true God's being received PUBLIC Worship. To the SECRET of the it was, that these Pseudo-Evangelists inmore capable Disciples, awfully admonishgive heed unto it, as unto a light shining place. For it was no more than such a , till the rising of the day-star of the Goshearts of the Faithful. ie late noble Author of THE FIRST Philo. 'rves credit; all this care was as absurd as

of the Mysteries imparted this d only solid foundation of RECAUSE was, - in their ideas, a ndeed was incomprehensible, well moral as natural, disco

Such a God was wanted R 2


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