Preliminary Report of the Field Work of the U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories for the Season of 1877

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1877 - 35 pages

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Page 31 - Coleoptera and Orthoptera, especially in the higher regions. They made large collections of recent insects at different points along the railways from Pueblo to Cheyenne and from Cheyenne to Salt Lake, as well as at Lakin, Kans., Garland and Georgetown, Colo., and in various parts of the South Park and surrounding region.
Page 30 - River were the equivalent of the lignitic formation, as it exists along the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and of the Bitter Creek series west of the mountains ; also that it was probable that the brackish-water beds on the upper Missouri must be correlated with the Laramie, and that the Wasatch group, as then defined, and the Fort Union group were identical as a whole, or in part, at least.
Page 28 - THE necessity of a careful examination of the various •*• geological formations in the field, and a review by a practical paleontologist of the various districts that have from year to year been surveyed by the different geologists of this and other surveys, has been long felt. Such a work, indeed, was imperatively necessary, before a consistent and comprehensive classification of the formations could be established. This duty was assigned to Dr. C. A. White, the...
Page 30 - Range, crossing at its junction with the Wasatch Range over into the valley of Great Salt Lake. Recrossing the Wasatch to the north side of the Uintah Range, he continued his examinations of the Cretaceous and Tertiary strata into and entirely across the great Green River Basin, leaving the field at the close of the season 'at Rawlins Station, on the Union Pacific Railroad. A general statement of the results of the season's work has been given in a previous paragraph, but the following additional...
Page 12 - Moraines, covering many square miles, often a thousand feet in thickness, extend downward through narrow valleys, now containing rushing streams. Striation, grooving and mirror-like polish of rock in situ denote the course taken by the moving ice-fields that have left these marks of their former existence. From all appearance the cessation of glacial activity must have occurred within a comparatively recent time. Scarcely any vegetation has sprung up on the light glacial soil, and the characteristic...
Page 30 - Powell have been referred to the base of the Wasatch group, also belong to the Laramie group and not to the Wasatch. He has reached this later conclusion not merely because there is a similarity of type in the fossils obtained from the various strata of the Laramie group with those that were before in question, but by the specific identity of many fossils that range from the base of the Laramie group up into and through the strata that were formerly referred to the base of the Wasatch. Furthermore,...
Page 32 - ... spent at Green river and vicinity in examining the Tertiary strata for fossil insects, with but poor results; the Tertiary beds of the South Park yielded but a single determinable insect, but near Florissant the Tertiary basin, described by Dr.

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