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E. SPETTIGUE, Printer, 6: Chancery Lane.


The present Act is founded on the recommendations contained in the Third and Fourth Reports of the Real Property Commissioners, and in the General Report of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; and in these reports the best explanation of its provisions will be found. The chief objects of the new act (which extends only to wills executed after the 1st of January, 1838) are the following:

1. The former acts relating to wills are repealed. 2. All property whatever, real or personal, contingent or vested, may be devised, including rights of entry and real estate acquired by the testator after the execution of his will. 3. No will made by a person under twenty-one shall be valid. 4. One settled rule as to the execution of all wills is established. 5. The necessity of the publication of a will is done away. 6. A settlement of the rules which relate to the credibility of the witnesses of a will. 7. The prescribing what shall be a revocation of a will. 8. The rendering the law uniform as to the time when a will shall speak. 9. The settling certain doubtful points in the construction of wills,

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