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7 And hig nefdon nan bearn. forpam de 3 And thei hadden no child, for Elizabeth Elizabeth pæs unberende. I hy on hŷná dagum was bareyn and bothe weren of greet oge in her butu fond-eudun::

dayes. 8 Soðlice pæs geponden þa Zacharias hýr 4 And it bifel that whanoe Zacarye fchould sacendhades breac on his geprixler ende- do the office of presthod in the ordir of his course býndnefse beforan Csode.

to fore God. 9 Æften gepunın þer sacerdhades hloter. 5 Aftir the custom of the presthod, he wente he eude he his offnunge sette. Ja he on forth by lot and entride into the temple to Ludes Tempeleede.

censen. 10 Eall per d hæs folces per ute gebid- 6 And at the multitude of the puple was dende on pæne offnunje timan; •

without forth and preyede in the hour of en

cenlying. 11 Đa Ptypse him Dnhcner en el can- 7 And an aungel of the Lord app:eride to deede on Þes peopodes spitran healfe. him : and stood on the right half of the auter of

encente. 13 Đa Peanb Zachanar seenereo + ge- 8 And Zacarye seynge was afrayed: and drede seonde. I him ege onhreas ::

fel upon him. 3 Đa crvồ re ente! him to. Ne ondred And the aungel fayde to him, Zacarye drede þu de Zacharias. fonpam þın ben is gehyped. thou not: for thy preier is herd, and Elizabeth

bin pis Elizabeth be runu cenð. and þu thi wif schil bere to thee a fone : and his name nemst hýs naman lohannes.

schal be clepid Jon. 14 y be býð þe to gepean 7 to blissd. 10 And joye and gladyng schal be to thee : maneza on hýr a enrednerse gefagnað:. and manye schulen have joye in his natyvyte.

15 Soðlice he býð mare beforan Đpihtne. u For he schal be great bifore the Lord : and he ne opircd pin ne bror. y he bidgefylled and he schal not drinke wyn ne sydyr, and he on eolizum Laste. þoone zýt of his mudor schal be fultild with the holy goft yit of his moincode

dr wombe. 16 And manez. Isnahela bearna he gecyrð 12 And he schal convert mange of the chilto Đpihene hýna [ ide.

dren of Ifrael to her Lord God. 17 And he get toforan him on gaste y 13 And he schal go bifore in the spiryte and Chas mihte $ he fædera heoptan to hyra vertu of Helye: and he schaleurne the heartis bearnum gecypre. J ungeleaffulle to piht. of the fadris to the fonis, and men out of bepisna gleapscype. Đpuhtne Fulfnemed folcleeve: 10 the prudence of just men, to make regegeenpian :

dy to prefer puple to the Lord. 18 Da cpat Zachan as to bam engele. Dpa- 14 And Zacarye leyde to the aungel: wherenum patic þis. se eom nu eald. and min p!f of schal Y wyle this for Y am old : and my on hyne daguin fondeode :

wyf hach gon fer in hir dayes. 19 Đa anorPanode htm re ergel. Ic com 15 And the avngel answerde and seyde to Labriel. ic be staude beforan tode, and ic bim, for Y am Gabriel that stonde nygh before com asend pig þestrecan. I be bis bodian. God, and Y am sent to thce to speke and to e

vangelise to thee these thingis, and lo chou schalt

be dourbe. 20 And nu şu base sup!gende. J þu rrne- 16 And thou schalt not mowe speke, til into can ne miht of bone diy be þar biz gepur- the day in which these thingis schulen be den. #ad. For ham bu minum pordum né gelyftest. for thou hast nou beleved my to wordis, whiche þa beod on hýra timan gefyllede ::

schulen be fulfild in her eyme. 21 And to folc par Rachariam ge-arbidi- 17 And the puple was abidynge Zacarye : and gende. and punor don p be on þani Temple thzi wondriden that he laryede in the temple. lze pæs:

22 Da he ut-eode ne mihte he him to. 18 And he gede out and myghte not speke to sprecan. 7 higoncheopon he on bam temple hem: and thei knewen that he hadde seyn 2 rume geriheda gepeah. I he per bicniende visioun in the temple, and he bekende co hem : hým. j damb punipunele.

and he dwellide fille doumbe. 23 Da pas jependen þa his þenunga dagar 19 And it was don whanne the days of his GCFyllede pænon he gende to his hure: ofice werea fulhlid: he wente into his hous.

24 Soðlice after dagum Clizabeth his pif 20 And aftir these dayes Elizabeth his wif zeeacncde. and heo bediglude hig fif monjar. Conleyvede and hidde hír fyve monethis and

fe yde. 25 Bedlice me Drihten geejee bus on pam 2. For so the Lorde dide to me in the daye in Sajam pe be gesexh ininne lopp betpux man- whiche he biheld to take away my reprof among munafynnan.

26 08lice on þam ryxran monde pas asend 22 But in the fixte monethe the aungel Ga. Labriel re engel fram Pubtne on Lahlca briel was sent from God: into a cytee of GaliGuastre. bere gana pae; Nazareth.

lee whos game was Nazareth.

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17 To bepcododne femnan anum pere.

23 To a maydun weddid to a man: whos

bat sama þar losep. of Dauides huse. ]

name was Joseph of the hous of Dauith, and the

bere çamnan nama pzs Maria,

name of the maydun was Marye.
:: Da cput se engel ingangende. Dal per

24 And the aungel entride to hir, and sayde,
bu mud gyfe gefylled Drihten mid be. ðu heil ful of grace the Lord be with thee: bienlid
eart gebletrud on pisom:.

be chou amorg wymomen.
19 Ma peang beo on his srnece getrefed. 25 And whanne sche hadde herd: fche was
uud pehte bpzt seo zreting pare.

troublid in his word, and thoughte wbat manner

falutacioun this was.

30 De prð se engel. Ne ondrzd þu de 26 And the aungel seid to hir, ne drede not
Papua. soðlice bu göre mid Lode gemeitest. thou Marye: for thou haft founden grace agencis


31 Sublice au þu un ionode ze eacnast. 27 Lo thou schalt conseyve in wombe, and
ad suou cesst. and hie naman Dzlend schale bere a lone: and thou schalt clepe his


namne Jhelus,

32 Se hið mine. I bes behrtın sunu ye- 28 This shall be gret: and he schall be clepid

and him rýið Dritten Lot his the fone of higheste, and the Lord God schal

sader Dauiter setl

geve to him the feete of Davith his fadir.

33 And he nicsað on ecnesse on lacobes 29 And he schal regne in the hous of Jacob

buse. I hos rices eade ce bit:

withouten ende, and of his rewme schal be

noon ende.

34 Da cpz8 Papia to pam engle, hugepynt 30 And Marye seyde to the aungel, on what

br. sunbam ic pere de oncoape :

maner schal this thing be don? for Y knowe

35 Đa and note hyre ze engel Se halga 31 And the aungel answerde and seyde to

Last oa be becýind j Þes beahsban muht hir, the holy Gort fchal come fro above into
be oferriead.8. and Fönbam $ halige Þe os thee: and the vertu of the higheste schal ouer
e aceated bið. big Godes sunu genemned. schado we thee: and thei fore that holy thing that

fchal be borun of thee: fchal be clepide the fone

of God.

36 Add ou. Elizabeth þın mage suou on 32 And to Elizabeth thi cosyn, and fche allo

bine vide gescnode, and bef monað is höre hach conleyved a lone in bir eelde, and this

Tjiti. Teo is unberende genemned

monethe is the fixte to hir that is clepid bareya.

37 Foppam ais aulc pord mid Gode upmı- 33 For every word schal not be impoilyble

anentis God.

i Dacpzd Maria. Den is Drihtnes Þinen. 34 And Marye seide to the hond maydun of

Jepande me after binum ponde: And se the Lord : be it doon to me aftir chi word; and

Egel hyre Fram-gepat ::

aungel departide fro hir.

39 60 Jlice on bam dagum aras Maria y 35 And Marye roos up in tho dayes and

gende on muotland mid Ofste. on ludeiscré wente with halte into the mountaynes into a


citee of Judee.

40 7 code into Zacharias huse. J Grette 36 And fche entride into the hous of Za-


carye and grette Elizabeth.

41 Da pas zeponden ba Elizabeth gehörde 37 And it was don as Elizabeth herde the sa-

l'arian gnetinge. da gesagnude palo on lutacioun of Marye the young childe in hir

bire 100oJe. :od pa pearš ēdzabete balijum wombe gladide, and Elizabeth was fulfild with

Inste gefylled.

the holy Goit.

beo clypode micelne stefne.

and 38 And cryede with a gret voice and seyde,

77. Dueart berpux pişmx gebletsud. and bleflid be chou among wymmen and bleilid be
gebetsudis pines innodes pesti,

the fruyt of thy wombe.
13 ) bpanun is me pır. þmines Drihtees 39 And wherof is this thing to me, that the

medor to me come:

modir of my lord come to me?

44 Sona spa binne gretinge stero on mi- 40 For lo as the vois of thy falutacioun was

nem earum geponden pås. þa fahnute (in maad in myn eeris: the yong child glülide in

vladare) in a d on minum inn


joye in my wombe.

45 And eadef þa eart bu be gelyfoest. $ 41 Aad bleflid be thou that hast beleeved:

feipnemede sjat pa þing Þe pe fram Druhtne for thike thingis that ben seid of the Lord to

gerade sönd:

thee Ichulen be parfylly don.

46 Đi cylồ Pania, a rarel mớpruồ 42 And Marye seyde, my soul magnifieth


the Lord.

47 ] mic fast geblissude on Gode minum 43 And my spiryt hath gladide in God myn


48 Forbam be bo zeseah his binene ead. 44 For he hath behulden the mekene Te of

D-desse. Sodice hegnum-fond me eadigo his handmayden : for lo this alle generations
regid ealle cneonessa.

ichulen feye chat l aro biu.

49 Fon.

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49 Forbam þe me mýcele þing dyde se de 45 For he that is mighti hath don to me grete miher's !r. 7 his nama is halig.

thingis, and his name is holy. 50 i nis mild her rtres of creonerre on 46 And his merly is fro kyndrede into kyocoeorrere hire onen edendum ::

dredis to men that dreden him. 51 se popite magne on his earme. he to- 47 He made myght in his arm, he scateride delde þa cres-midan on mode hipa heoptan proude men with the thoughte of his here.

52 De a jeang ba pican of set.e. and þa 48 He let down myghty men fro feete and ead me dan upahof.

enhaunside meke men. 53 Dingnigend he mid godum gefylte. 49 He hath fulfillid hungry men with goodis, ofenmode idele forlet.

and he has left riche men voide. 54 De afeng Irrabel hs cniht. ] gemunde 50 He havynge mynde of his mercy, took up his mild-tegrtnesre.

Ifrael his child. 55 Spa he rinæc to vrum fædenum. Ab- 51 As he hath [pokun to our fadris, to Abranahame and his sade on a peoruid: :

ham, and to his feed into worldis. 56 Sodlice Maria punude mid hype spylce 52 And Marye dwellide with bir as it were bný mondas. Jgepende þa to hyne huse :: thre monethis and turned again into his hous.

57. Đa pas zerýlled Elizabethe ceaning-tid. 53 But the tyme of beringe child was fulfillid and heo sunu ceride.

to Elizabeth, and iche bar a fon. 58 7 hyne nehcheburas. I hyre cuðan $ 54 And the neyghbouris and cofyns of bir gehyndon. ☆ Đrihten his mild-becronesse herden that the Lord hadde magnyfied his mercy mit hyre marsute ] hig mid hyne blsridon: with hir, and thei thankiden him.

59 Đa on pam cheoỒan da c hr comon 55 And it was doon in the eightithe day thei fuld ýmtsniðan, and nemdon hine his fæder camen to circumlide the child, and thei clepiden naman Zachariam ::

him Zacarye by the name of his fadir. 60 Đa andsypanode his mod r. Ne se sodes. 56 And his modir aniweride and seide, nay; ac he hið lohannes genemned ::

but he shall be clepid Jon. 61 Đa crabon ho co hỏne. Nir nan on Piche 57 And chei leiden to hir, for no man is in mægðe þýrsum naman genemned:

thei kyndrede that is clepid this name. 6: Đi benobon hi Co hir teen hyst he 58 And chei bikenyden to his fadir, what he pelde hsre genemnedne heon ::

wolde that he were clepid. 63 Ha prat he gebedenum pex-brede. 59 And he axinge a poyntel wroot seiynge, lohanneris his nama. Da punonodon his ealle: Jon is his name, and alle men wodriden.

64 Đa peang rona his mud 7 his tunge 60 And anoon his mouth was openyd and ge-openod., he sinxe. Đrihten bletrizende. his tunge, and he spak and blesside God.

65 Đa Peanồ che repongen ren calle hyn 61 And drede was maad on all hir neighbouris, nehcheburas. ard afen ealle ludea munt-land and all the wordis weren publiichid on alle che paron þar pond gepidma psode.

mounteynes of Judee. 66 j calle pa de hit zebyndon. on hýra 62 And alle men that herden puttiden in her heoptan settun y cpadon. Þense du hrat herte, and leiden what manner child scal this be, býð þer cnapa. pitoolice Erintres hand pas for the hond of the Lord was with him. mid him:

67 And Zacharias his fader prs mid 63 And Zacarye his fadir was fulfillid with halegum Laste gefylled. ; he pitegode and the holy Gost, and profeciede and seide.

68 Eclecrub tỷ Đạten Innahela Trob. 64 Bleflid be the Lord God of Israel, for he Forbam be he geneorude. I his folces has visitid and maad redempcioun of his puple. alýrednesse dyde.

69 And he us hule horn ap.tnde on 65 And he has rered to us an horn of helthe Dauites huse his cnhter.

in the hous of Dauith his child. 72 Spa he rpræc burh hır halegna pitegena 66 As he spak by the mouth of hise holy promuð. þa de of ponides fným de spræcon. phetis that weren fro the world.

71.] he alýsde us of urum feondum, and 67 Helth fro oure enemyes, and from the hond of ealna þana handa þe us hatedon.

of alle men that hariden us. 72 Dild heortnesse to pyrcenne midorum 68 To do merly with oure fadris, and to have faderum y gemunan his halegan cyðnesse. mynde of his holy testament.

73 Dýne Þý to rýllenne bone að be he 69 The grete ooth that he swoor to Abraham urum fiden Abrahame spor.

our fadir. 74 Dat pe butan ege. os upe feonda handa 70 To geve himself to us. that we without alysede. him beopian.

drede delyvered fro the hond of oure enemyes

serve to him. 75 On halignesse beforan hım eallum unum 71 In holinesle and righewisnesse before him, Saguin:

in all our dayes. 76 And þu ccapa bist þ.es tehstan piteza 72 And thou child schalt be clepid the progenemred bufase beperinn:htnes ansyne. fete of the higheste, for thou schalt go before the bir pegar geangan.

face of the Lord to make redy hile weyes.

ср 5.

si poets.

77 To pyllene his folce hæle gepit oo hýna 73 To gève science of heelth to his puple iaTjian ponyfnesse.

to remiflioun of her syones. 18 Dans innoðar unes Lodes mild heo- 74 By the inwardeness of the mersy of onre plaetse on þam be us geneosude of eastdele God, in the which he springyog up fro on high

hath visited us. prinogende.

79 Onlybzın bam be os börtrom y on 75 To geve light to them that fiten in derkdades sceade sittað. wpe fee to gereccenne nefsis, and in schadowe of deech, to dresse oure on pbbe reg:

feet in the weye of pees; 80 boðlce se cnapa peox. 7 pes on garte 76 And the child wexide, and was confortid tetonacz 8 7 päs on pertenum of bone in spiryt, and was in desert placis til to the day day být ztýpednessum on isnahe! :: of his schewing to Ysrael.

Of tbe Sexs poetry some specimen is neces- De Deð al ☆ his pille is, fary, tboogh our ignorance of the laws of their On sea and ec on londe. pretre and the quantities of their fyllables, which De is ord albuten onde, I would be very difficuls, perhaps impoflible, to And ende albuten ende. recover, excludes us from that pleasure which De one is eure on eche stede, the old bards undoubtedly gave to their contem- Wende per du pende. poraries.

De is bouen us and bine den, The frı poetry of the Soxers was without Bluoren and ec bihind. shume, and consequently must have depended Se man Þ godes pille ded, upon the quantity of their fyllables ; but they Die mai bine ashpan uinde. began in time to imitate their neighbours, and Eche rune he iherd, dose their series with correspondent founds.

And pot eche dede. The two passages, which I have selected, De Gurh rigd echer Wanç, contain apparently the rudiments of our present Wat hpat sel us so nede. Lyrik melures, and the writers may be justly Se man neure nele don god, mochidered as the genuine ancestors of the En. Ne neure god lif leden.

En ded, dom come to his dure,

De mai hım sore adreden. Be pa hem rere adneden,

Dunger 7 Hurst hete 7 cheld, Dat te danne one bidde de mugen,

Eege and all unhelfe. l'art erlanged lore.

Duph deð com on dis mideland, De it post bit and bote

And oder unselde Aud bet bruoren dome.

Ne mai non hente hit ibenche, Dead con on dis mideland

Ne no tunge telle. In dzs defles onde,

De muchele pinum and hu uele, Asd sense and sorge and is pinc,

Bieg inne helle. On re and on londe.

Louie God mid ure hierte. li at elder Japne ic pes,

And mid all ure mihte. Aretre y ec a Icre.

And ure emcristene spo us selfi I ealdi one Jaane ic dede,

Spo us lereð druhte. pit ochte to bi more.

Sume fen habbeð lesre mergde,
Se bine selue uonget,

And sume der habbet more. [con piue oper uor childe.

Ech efter dan ß he dede, Be sal comen on evele stede,

Efter p be rpanc sore. bate z d him ti milde.

Ne sel der bi bred ne pin,
Ne hopie Pif to hire pere,

Ne open kennes este.
Ne pere to his prue.

God one sel bi eches lif, Bu son hom selue eurich man,

And bliste and eche reste.
Danple be bied aliue.

Ne sal dar bi scete ne rcrud,
Eurich man med to be haud,

Ne porides pele none. f's beggen ben riche.

Ac si merg be fi mes us bihat, & Seleseyse de mone,

All sall ben god one.
Dare aiden iliche.

Ne mai no mengbe bi spo muchel,
Dewene and ende he ouersied,

Spois godes isibče
Drezden bið fuibruht.

Dius sob sune and briht, brine y money abie sterren,

And dai bute nihte.
Bu tistre on his litte.

Đen • pele buce pape,
Depothpet denched and hpet dob, And reste buten is pinche.

Set mat and nele Jeder come,
NT to lovend spich is xist,

Sore hit seluontenche
Ne so king spich is orihte.

Đen is bliste buten trege,
Deueste jente j all dat is,

And lif buten deage
on lus hoode,

Bet cire sullon punue fer,


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Blixe nu bleb and eade.

diden heom in quarterne bar nadres y Denis geuge pe buten elde,

soaker , pabes pi-roa inne. j naped heom And elde buter unhelpe.

rpa. Sume hidden in crucet hus. Risin Nis fer fopgene son non,

an ceste $ par scope ) nareu. 7 uo-dep. ] Ne non uniselle.

dide scarpe rtuner ben inne. Z brengde be Den me rei an:hten sen,

man þær inne p hibpæcon alle be liiner. In Spoase he is midipirre.

man of be caseler pænon lof gni. Þ De one mai and sel al bien,

pærún sachentages prpa oder pre men had Engles and mannes blisce.

Sen onoh to bäron onne Pyar spa maced p ir To Sape blisce us bring god,

fæstned to an beom. į diden an scanpinen aDet rixe buten ende.

buton þa marces brote 7 his hals. P he ne Danne he une saula unbint.

mihte nopiderparder ne sitten ne lien. ne Of lichainlice bend.

slepen. oc bæpon al Þ inan. Wanı þuren hi [nise geue us lede spich lify

drapen mid hungar. J ne canne. I ne mai And habbe spicbne ende,

tellen alie be bundes. ne alle be pines © Det pe moten didin cumen,

hi didten precce men on his land. $ lastede Danne pe hennes pende.

þa XIX. pintre pile Stephne par king. ]

zure it par uuense and uuense. Di JæidenAbout the year 1150, the Saxon began to gæildes on be tunes zureu pile. I clepeden take a form in which the beginning of the pre- it tenserie. þa þe precce men ne hadden fent English may be plainly difcovered, this change nan more to žiuen. þa ræueden hı and feers not to have been the effect of the Normen brendon alle be tunes.' pel þa mihter conquest, for very few French words are found faren all adæis fare sculdest þu neureto have been introduced in the firit hundred years finden man in tune sittende. ne land tiled. aiter it; the language mult theretore have been Đa par corn däre. 7 flec. y cæse. J butene. altered by caules like those which, not withstand- for nan ne pæs o beland. Wrecce men sturing the care of writers and societies instituted to ven of hunger sume jeden on ælmer þe obviate them, are even now daily inaking in- paren sum pile rice men. sum flugen ut novations in every living language. I have ex of lande. Wer næure gæt mare preccehed hibited a specimen of the language of this age on land. ne næure huden men perse ne diden from the year 1135 to 1140 of the Saxon chro- þan hi diden. For ouer sidon ne for-haren hi nicle, of which the latter part was apparently nouden circe. ne cynce-værd. oc nam al þe written near the tiine to which it relates.

god ß Þan jone par. I brenden rýðen þe

cynce j altegedere. Ne hi ne for-baren Đis gerefin be king Stephoe ofen se to biscoperi land, ne abbotes. ne preoster. ac Normar.di. j per pes under farigen. fondi p neueden munecis clenekes. j auric man hi penden $ he sculte ben alsuic alse pe eom oder be ouer myhte. Lif tpa men oder pes. J for he hadde get his trosor ac he to- bre comaanidend to an tun. al be tunscipe deid it y rcat ned sorlice. Micel hadde Denni flugæn fon heun. penden † hi peron ræuener. king gidipedzy syiuen and na gid ne dide Đe bircoper les men heom cunrede me for his saule pan of D. be king Stephne zure oc pas heom nahe bar of for hi pzto Engla-land com ha macud he his gauiring ron all for-curræd y for surren i forloren æt Oxene fond, y ban he nam be biscop Roger War sa me tilede be ende ne bar corn. of Siper.beni. j Alexander biscop of Lincoln. For pe land pas all fon-don mid suilce dader.

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