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No. 1. Prisoner to main prize. No officer shall seize the Goods of a Prisoner Act 40 G. 3, until he be attainted.' c. 2.

3 Henry 7, ch. 3. “Justices of the Peace may let Prisoners to bail. The Sheriff shall certify the names of all his Prisoners at the Gaol delivery."*

3 Henry 7, ch. 4. “ All deeds of Gift made to defraud Creditors, shall be void.”

3 Henry 7, ch. 10. “Costs, &c., awarded to the Plaintiff, where the Defendant sueth Writ of Error.”

4 Henry 7, ch. 12. “All Justices of the Peace shall execute their commission, redress injuries, and maintain the Laws.”

4 Henry 7, ch. 20. “Actions popular, prosecuted by collusion, shall be no bar to those which be pursued with good faith.”

4 Henry 7, ch. 24. “How often a fine levied in the Common Pleas shall be read and proclaimed, and who then shall be bound thereby."

11 Henry 7, ch. 12. “A mean to help and speed poor persons in their suits.”

11 Henry 7, ch. 20. “ Certain alienations made by the Wife, of the Lands of her deceased husband, shall be void."

23 Henry 8, ch. 5. “ An Act that the plaintiff being nonsuited, shall yield damages to the defendants in actions personal, by the discretion of the Justices,”

24 Henry 8, ch. 5. “ That a man killing a Thief in his defence, shall not forfeit his Goods.”

27 Henry 8, ch. 4. “ For Pirates and Robbers on the Sea."
27 Henry 8, ch. 10. “ An Act concerning Uses and Wills."
28 Henry 8, ch. 15. “For Pirates."
31 Henry 8, ch. 1. “For joint tenants and tenants in common.'
32 Henry 8, ch. 2. “ The Act of limitation with a proviso.”
32 Henry 8, ch. 9. “The Bill of Bracery and buying of Titles.”

32 Henry 8, ch, 28. “Lessees to enjoy the farm against
tenants in tail.”
32 Henry 8, ch. 30. “Mispleadings, Jeofails."

* 32 Henry 8, ch. 32. “ Joint tenants for term of life, or years." 32 Henry 8, ch. 33. “An Act that wrongful disseisen is no

. descent in law."

32 Henry 8, ch. 36. “For the exposition of the Statute of Fines.”

32 Henry 8, ch. 37. “For recovery of arrearages of rents, by executors, of tenants in fee simple.”

32 Henry 8, ch. 38. "For Marriages to stand notwithstanding pre-contracts.

1 Edward 6, ch. 7. “ The continuations of Actions after the death of any King."

1 Mary, Sess. 2, ch. 7. “ An Act touching proclamations upon fines.”

5 Elizabeth, ch. 9. “An Act for punishment of such as shall procure or commit any wilful perjury.

8 Elizabeth, ch. 2. “ An Act for avoiding of wrongful vexation touching the writ of latitat.

13 Elizabeth, ch. 5. “An Act against fraudulent deeds, alienations," &c.


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* So much of these Statutes as relate to mainprize and bail are suspended. See Act of Assembly, 4 William 4, ch. 25, post.

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c. 2.

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13 Elizabeth, ch. 6. “An Act that the exemplification, or

No. 1. constat of Letters Patent, shall be as good and available, as the Act 40 G. 3, Letters Patent themselves."

18 Elizabeth, ch. 5. “ An Act to redress disorders in common informers.”

18 Elizabeth, ch. 14. " An Act for reformation of Jeofails."

27 Elizabeth, ch. 4. “An Act against covinous and fraudulent conveyances.”

27 Elizabeth, ch. 5. “ An Act for furtherance of justice in case of demurrer and pleadings."

31 Elizabeth, ch. 2. “An Act for abridging of Proclamations upon fines to be levied at the Common Law.

43 Elizabeth, ch. 8. An Act against fraudulent administration of Intestate's Goods."

4 James 1, ch. 3. “An Act to give costs to the defendant, upon a non-suit of the plaintiff, or verdict against him.”

7 James 1, ch. 12. “ An Act to avoid the double payment of debts."

21 James 1, ch. 4. " An Act for the ease of the subject concerning information upon penal Statutes."

21 James 1, ch. 13. “An Act for the further reformation of Jeofails.”

21 James 1, ch, 14. “ An Act to admit the subject to plead the general issue in information of intrusions brought on the behalf of the King's Majesty, and retain his possession till trial.”

21 James 1, ch. 15. * An Act to enable Judges and Justices of the Peace to give restitution of possession in certain cases.”

21 James 1, ch. 16. “An Act for limitation of actions, and for avoiding of suits in law."

21 James 1, ch. 24. An Act for the relief of Creditors against such persons as die in execution.”

13 Charles 2, statute 2, ch. 2. “ An Act for the prevention of vexations and oppressions by arrests, and of delays in suits of law.”

16 Charles 2, ch. 7. “An Act against deceitful, disorderly, and excessive gaming."

16 & 17 Charles 2, ch. 8. “An Act to prevent arrests in judgment, and superseding executions."

17 Charles 2, ch. 7. “ An Act for a more speedy and effectual proceeding upon distresses and avowries for rent.”

17 Charles 2, ch. 8. “ An Act for avoiding unnecessary suits and delays."

19 Charles 2, ch. 6. “ An Act for redress of inconveniences by want of proof of the decease of persons beyond the seas, or absenting themselves, upon whose lives estates do depend.”

22 & 23 Charles 2, ch. 10. “ An Act for the better settling of intestate estates.”

29 Charles 2, ch. 3. “An Act for prevention of frauds and perjuries."*

29 Charles 2, ch. 5. “An Act for taking affidavits in the country, to be made use of in the Court of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer."

Repealed in part by Act of Par. 1 Vic. ch. 26, extended by Act of Assembly, 4 Vic. ch. 23, and 11 Vic. ch. 1.

c. 2.

No. 1. 29 Charles 2, ch. 7. “An Act for the better observation of the Act 40 G. 3, Lord's Day, commonly called Sunday."

30 Charles 2, ch. 7. “An Act to enable Creditors to recover their debts of the Executors, and Administrators of Executors, in their own wrong.”

31 Charles 2, ch. 2. “An Act for the better securing the liberty of the subject, and for the prevention of the imprisonment beyond the seas.

3 W. & M., ch. 14. “ An Act for the relief of Creditors against fraudulent devices.”

4 W. & M., ch. 4. “ An Act for taking special bail in the country upon actions and suits depending in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer at Westminster."

4 & 5 W. & M., ch. 16. “An Act to prevent frauds by clandestine mortgages."

4 & 5 W. & M., ch. 20. “An Act for the better discovery of judgments in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer at Westminster.”

4 & 5 W. & M., ch. 21. “An Act for delivering declarations to Prisoners.”

7 Wm. 3, ch. 3. “An Act for regulating of trials in cases of Treason and misprision of Treason."

7 & 8 Wm. 3, ch. 34. “ An Act that the solemn affirmation and declaration of the people, called Quakers, shall be accepted, instead of an oath in the usual form.”

8 & 9 Wm. 3, ch. 11. “An Act for the better preventing frivolous and vexatious suits.”

8 & 9 Wm. 3, ch. 31. “ An Act for the easier obtaining partition of land in copartenary, joint tenancy, and tenancy in common.

9 & 10 Wm. 3, ch. 15. “ An Act for determination of differences by arbitration.”

9 & 10 Wm. 3, ch. 17. “ An Act for the better payment of inland Bills of Exchange.”

10 & 11 Wm. 3, ch. 16. “An Act to enable posthumous Children to take estates, as if born in their father's lifetime.”

1 Anne, ch. 6, statute 2. “ An Act for the better preventing escapes out of the Queen's Bench and Fleet Prison.”

3 & 4 Anne, ch. 9. “ An Act for giving liko remedy upon Promissory Notes, as is now used upon Bills of Exchange, and for the better payment of the Inland Bills of Exchange.”

4 Anne, ch. 16. “ An Act for the amendment of the Law, and the better advancement of justice."

5 Anne, ch. 9. “An Act for rendering more effectual an Act passed in the first year of Her Majesty's Reign, intituled an Act for the better preventing escapes out of the Queen's Bench and Fleet Prisons."

6 Anne, ch. 18. “An Act for the more effectual discovery of the death of persons pretended to be alive, to the prejudice of those who claim estates after their deaths."

8 Anne, ch. 14. “An Act for the better security of rents, and to prevent frauds committed by tenants.”

9 Anne, ch. 14. “ An Act for the better preventing of excessive and deceitful gaming.”

12 Anne, statute 2, ch. 18. “An Act for the preserving all such ships and goods theroof, which shall happen to be forced on

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c. 2.

shore, or stranded upon the Coasts of this kingdom, or any other of No. 1. ller Majesty's Dominions."

Act 40 G.3, 5 Geo. 1, ch. 13. “An Act for the amendment of writs of error, and for the further preventing the arresting or reversing of judgments after verdict."

2 Geo. 2, ch. 21. " An Act for the trial of murders in cases where either the stroke, or death, only happens within that part of Great Britain called England.”

2 Geo. 2, ch. 25. “ An Act for the more effectual preventing and further punishment of forgery, perjury, and subornation of perjury, and to make it felony to steal bonds, notes, or other securities for payment of money.”+

4 Geo. 2, ch. 10. “An Act to enable idiots and lunatics, who are seized or possessed of estates in fee, or for lives, or for terms of years, in trust, or by way of mortgage, to make conveyances, surrenders or assignments of such estates.'

4 Geo. 2, ch. 28. “ An Act for the more effectual preventing frands committed by tenants, and for the more easy recovery of rents and renewal of leases."

5 Geo. 2, ch. 25. “An Act for making process in Courts of Equity effectual against persons who abscond and cannot be served therewith, or who refuse to appear.”

7 Geo. 2, ch. 15. “ An Act to settle how far owners of ships shall be answerable for the acts of the Masters or Mariners.”

7 Geo. 2, ch. 20. “ An Act for the more easy redemption and foreclosure of mortgages.”

11 Geo. 2, ch. 19. “An Act for the more effectual securing the payment of rents, and preventing frauds by tenants.”

14 Geo. 2, ch. 17. “ An Act to prevent inconveniences arising from delays of causes, after issue joined.”

15 Geo. 2, ch. 30. “An Act to prevent the marriage of lunatics.”

19 Geo. 2, ch. 21. “An Act more effectually to prevent profane cursing and swearing."

20 Geo. 2, ch. 19. “ An Act for the better adjusting and more easy recovery of the wages of certain servants, and for the better regulation of such Servants, and of certain apprentices."

20 Geo. 2, ch. 30. “ An Act for allowing persons impeached of high treason, whereby any corruption of blood may be made, or for misprision of such treason, to make their full defence by Counsel.”

23 Geo. 2, ch. 11. “An Act to render prosecutions for perjury, and subornation of perjury more easy and effectual.”

26 Geo. 2, ch. 19. “An Act for enforcing the law, against persons who shall steal, or detain, shipwrecked goods, and for relief of persons suffering losses thereby." I

27 Geo. 2, ch. 3. “An Act for the better securing to Con


* So much of this Act as relates “to any person upon whom Goods stolen or carried off from any Vessel in distress, shall be found, and to the several offences touching Vessels in distress," is suspended by Act of Assembly, 5 William 4, ch. 11, & 2 Vic, ch, 5.

† This Act, except so far as relates to “ Perjury, or subornation of Perjury," is repealed by Act of Assembly, 4 Vic. ch. 31.

I So much of this Act as relates “ to any of the Felonies therein mentioned and to Search Warrants, and to property belonging to any vessel lost, stranded, or cast on shore, being found in any place, or in the possession of any person, and to any person offering, or exposing to sale, any such property, as is therein respectively mentioned, is suspended by 5 Wm. 4, ch. ii, & 2 Vic. ch. 5.

No. 1.


stables and others, the expenses of conveying offenders to Jail, and Act 40 G. 3, for allowing the charges of poor persons bound to give evidence 2. against Felons."

III. That all and every the Acts and Statutes, and parts of Acts Acts of Parlia

and Statutes, of the Parliament of England, or of Great Britain, ment relative

which relate to the prerogatives of the Crown, or to the allegiance to prerogatives of the Crown

of the people; also, such as require certain oaths (commonly called declared in the State Oaths) and tests to be taken, or subscribed by the people force.

of Great Britain ; also, such as declare the rights, liberties, and privileges of the subject, are, and of right ought to be, of full force and virtue within this colony, as the same would be if the Bahama Islands were therein expressly named, or as if the aforesaid Acts and Statutes had been made and enacted by the Legis

lative Council of these Islands. Certain con- IV. That all deeds, conveyances, and settlements of lands, veyances of

tenements, and hereditaments, heretofore made within these Islands, Real Estate declared valid.

by lease and release, shall be good and valid, to all intents and purposes in the Law whatsoever, as if the Statute for transferring uses into possession had been declared to be in force at the time of

the making of such deeds, conveyances, and settlements. 12 Charles 2, V. That so much of a Statute made in the twelfth year of King ch. 24, in part Charles the Second, entitled, “ An Act for taking away the Court extended to the

of wards and liveries, and tenures in capite, and by Knight's service Colony.

and purveyance, and for settling a revenue upon His Majesty in lieu thereof,” whereby it is enacted, that all tenures of any honours, manors, lands, tenaments, or hereditaments, or any estate at the common Law, held either of the King, or any other person or persons, are turned into free and common soccage, and that fathers may dispose of the custody of their unmarried children, under the age of twenty-one years, is and of right ought to be, in full force and virtue within this colony, as the same would be if the Turks and Caicos Islands were tberein expressly named, or as if the aforesaid Act had been made and enacted by the Legislative

Council of these Islands. Rule of Con- VI. Provided always, and it is hereby declared, That the several struction of Acts and Statutes hereby declared to be in force shall be taken, conextended Sta

strued, and executed liberally, and according to the substantial effect and meaning of the same: And provided also, That nothing hereincontained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to abridge, alter, or repeal any ordinance or ordinances of the Legislative Council of these Islands, or any article, clause, matter, or thing therein

contained. Penalties on VII. That all persons offending against any of the Acts, or persons offend- Statutes, which have hereby been declared to be in force within ing against ex- these Islands, shall suffer the same pains, penalties, and forfeitures tended Sta

as such persons would be liable to for such offence, if committed in England ; and that all fines, penalties, and forfeitures imposed by any of the aforesaid Acts, or Statutes, shall and lawfully may be prosecuted, sued for, imposed, recovered and levied in the Supreme Court of these Islands, or other Court of corresponding jurisdiction, mutatis mutandis, as the case may be.

VIII. That the President for the time being, together with

* So much of this Act as relates “ to the allowance of compensation to poor persons appearing on recognizance to give evidence against any one accused of Felony," is suspended by 4 Wm. A, ch. 23.



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