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tagious disease; and whereas the practice of inoculating by matter No. 6. taken from the body of a patient labouring under small-pox has Ord. No. 21, been by law prohibited in Great Britain ; Be it enacted, that it 1860. shall not be lawful for any one, either during the prevalence of an epidemic of small-pox or at any other time, to inoculate any person with variolous matter under any pretence whatever, and any person so offending shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding Five pounds.

VIII. It shall be lawful for the Board of Health, and they are hereby empowered to take the necessary steps for procuring, as often as may be required, a supply of genuine vaccine virus; and from time to time to issue the same to the parties authorized, as aforesaid, to perform vaccinations under this Ordinance, and the necessary expenses connected therewith shall be defrayed out of the Public Treasury by warrant in the usual manner. IX. It shall be the duty of the Board of Health to prepare

and have printed a set of instructions for the information and guidance of Magistrates, or other non-professional persons who may be appointed public vaccinators, a copy of which instruction shall be forwarded by the Colonial Secretary to such persons; and it shall be the duty of every such non-professional vaccinator carefully to conform to the principles and practice therein contained.

X. That a sufficient number of forms for the registry of vaccinations according to the form in the Schedule to this Ordinance annexed, shall, from time to time, be procured at the public expense, and furnished to such vaccinators from the office of the Colonial Secretary.

XI. All penalties by this Ordinance imposed shall be recoverable before any one or more of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, and shall be reserved to the use of Her Majesty, her heirs, and successors, and be paid into the Treasury of these islands in aid of the public revenue of the colony.


1860. Ord. No. 21,

No. 6.


LIST of Persons Vaccinated in the District of

during the six months ending


No. When Vaccinated.

Name, if any.



Name of Parent

or Guardian.

When Inspected.

ResultSuccessful or not.

Signature of


RE-VACCINATION.—When the letter “R” is prefixed to a case, it is intended to show that the operation had been previously
unsuccessfully performed.
I hereby certify that the above persons enumerated in the column headed " successful," numbering

have been successfully vaccinated by me.

Public Vaccinator.






c. 48.

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No.1.-4 Geo. 4, ch. 48. An Act for enabling Courts to abstain from No. 1.

pronouncing Sentence of Death in certain Capital Felonies. Act 4 G. 4,

(4th July, 1823.)
HEREAS it is expedient that in all cases of felony not within

the benefit of clergy, except murder, the Court before which the offender or offender shall be convicted shall be authorized to abstain from pronouncing judgment of death whenever such Court shall be of opinion that, under the particular circumstances of any case, the offender or offenders is or are a fit and proper subject or fit and proper subjects to be recommended for the Royal mercy; Be it therefore enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, That from and after the passing of this Court may Act, whenever any person shall be convicted of any felony, except abstain from murder, and shall by law be excluded the benefit of clergy in pronouncing

Sentence of respect thereof, and the Court before which such offender shall be

Death on convicted shall be of opinion that, under the particular circum- persons constances of the case, such offender is a fit and proper subject to be victed of any recommended for the Royal mercy, it shall and may be lawful for felonies, except such Court, if it shall think fit so to do, to direct the proper officer, then being present in Court, to require and ask, whereupon such . officer shall require and ask, if such offender hath or knoweth anything to say why judgment of death should not be recorded against such offender;. and in case such offender shall not allege any matter or thing sufficient in law to arrest or bar such judgment, the Court shall and may, and is hereby authorized to abstain from pronouncing judgment of death upon such offender; and instead of pronouncing such judgment, to order the same to be entered of record, and thereupon such proper officer, as aforesaid, shall and may, and is hereby authorized to enter judgment of death on record against such offender in the usual and accustomed form, and in such and the same manner as is now used, and as if judgment of death had actually been pronounced in open Court against such offender by the Court before which such offender shall have been convicted.

II. And be it further enacted, That a record of every such Record of judgment, so entered as aforesaid, shall have the like effect to all Judgment to

have the same intents and purposes, and be followed by all the same consequences effect as it as if such judgment had actually been pronounced in open Court, pronoun cod. and the offender had been reprieved by the Court.


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