The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq, 8. köide

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J. and P. Knapton, 1751

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Page 26 - ... radiations; and when you have a mind to light it up, it affords you a very different scene. It is finished with...
Page 8 - ... as a kind of hint of the order of time in which they are to be taken.
Page 75 - Spencer ; and I will take care to make good in every respect what I said to him when living ; particularly as to the triplet he wrote for his own epitaph ; which, while we were in good terms, I promised him should never appear on his tomb while I was dean of Westminster.
Page 208 - Hear this, and tremble ! you who 'scape the laws. Yes, while I live, no rich or noble knave Shall walk the world, in credit, to his grave.
Page 164 - ... have not been able to attain that one quality peculiar to a great man, of forgetting every thing but injuries. Of this I am a living witnefs againft you ; for being the moft infignificant of all your old humble fervants, you were fo cruel as never to...
Page 26 - The bottom is paved with simple pebble, as is also the adjoining walk up the wilderness to the temple, in the natural taste, agreeing not ill with the little dripping murmur, and the aquatic idea of the whole place.
Page 113 - THE only news that you can expedl to have from me here, is news from heaven, for I am quite out of the world, and there is fcarce any thing can reach me except the noife of thunder, which undoubtedly you have heard too.
Page 96 - ... utterly forgetful of that world from which we are gone, and ripening for that to which we are to go. If you retain any memory of the past...
Page 165 - Europe ; and an admiral on account of your skill in maritime affairs : whereas, according to the usual method of court proceedings, I should have been at the head of the army, and you of the church, or rather a curate under the dean of St. Patrick's.
Page 97 - Remember it was at such a time, that the greatest lights of antiquity dazzled and blazed the most, in their retreat, in their exile, or in their death. But why do I talk of dazzling or blazing ? it was then that they did good, that they gave light, and that they became guides to mankind.